Soccer or football is one of the world’s most popular sports. If you want to bet on your favorite game- there are various types of soccer bets to choose from. Although these options make betting on soccer so exciting, they can also be overwhelming for beginners. In this blog, we will talk about the most common types of bets.
Understanding different soccer bet types before diving into them will help you make the most of them. But with the betting industry on a roll, keeping up with different kinds of bets and choosing a reliable betting site can all seem a little too much.
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Understanding Different Types of Soccer Bets

Understanding three different types of bets on soccer

If you want to try different types of online soccer betting, you might have to start from the beginning. Choose a reliable betting site with a good reputation and customer support. Make sure you take your time and don’t decide in a hurry.
Once you know where you will bet, shift your focus towards how you can bet on soccer. Look for ways to increase your probability of winning, such as considering all important factors about the match.
We will discuss tips on increasing your chances of winning in the later half of the blog. Let us shed some light on major soccer bet types in Singapore first.

Three-Way Moneyline Soccer Bet Type

Three-way Moneyline is among the most common types of soccer bets. As the name suggests, this betting option breaks down the results into three possibilities. These options are 1. Team A wins, 2. Team B wins, 3. A draw. Three-way Moneyline is a common wager in soccer.
In this betting, you have three types of soccer betting odds. Keeping all the possible results in mind, you need to make a straight-up bet on the outcome with the most odds. For a beginner, Three-Way Moneyline is a perfect way to start betting on soccer.
Remember that if the match goes into the penalty, the result for the bet will be considered a draw because the odds are limited to the regulation time. Knowing these important rules can prove vital in your journey to be a successful soccer bettor in the long run.

Double Chance Soccer Bet

Another one of the most preferred types of soccer bets in an online casino in Singapore for you to know about is a double chance. If you want to make a low-risk bet, the double chance is a perfect way. In this bet, you get to pick two of the three outcomes possible and hence increase your chances of ending up with a win.
You could either pick:

  • Team A wins or Draw
  • Team B wins or Draw
  • Team A and Team B win.

For the third option, either Team A or Team B has to win the match for you to earn the profit. If the game ends up in a draw, you will lose the bet if you choose the third option.
Double chance allows you to have the result in your favor twice, which makes it popular among bettors. For some people, it is the best soccer bet type, and rightly so. You don’t have to pick a straight winner and have a higher chance of winning here.

Draw No Bet Soccer Bet Type Explained

types of online soccer betting and Draw No Bet Soccer Bet Type Explained

Draw no bet is a type of soccer bet with a twist. To begin with, the betting process for this one is standard. You either place your bet on Team A or Team B. If your team wins, you win the bet and vice-versa. But if the match is drawn, there comes the twist.
A draw can be considered a win even if your team doesn’t win because you will get a full refund. The other team has to win for you to lose money through Draw No Bet. And if they don’t, you either get the profit or have your money back with no loss.
To understand this soccer bet better, think of it as a toned-down version of Three-Way Moneyline. A draw is out of the winning equation in this bet and therefore is a rather simplified betting option than the two mentioned above.

Handicap or Asian Handicap SG Pools Soccer Bet Type

Handicap betting might not be one of the ideal types of soccer bets for beginners as it is relatively more complicated than other soccer bet types in the Singapore pool. In Asian Handicap betting, teams are allotted spreads based on their chances of winning. Here, a simple win and loss don’t define the bet.
For example, a team that is the favorite to win will have spreads such as -0.25, -0.50, -.075, and so on. At the same time, the team designated as the underdog will have spreads such as +0.25, +0.50, and +.075.
You can also bet “0” on an Asian Handicap. It is equivalent to your Draw No bet wager. It means if your team doesn’t win, you don’t win. But if the match is drawn, you get a refund with zero loss.
Please ensure you completely learn about handicap soccer betting and then go for it.

Correct Score Bet Type

Correct score soccer bet is much more difficult than other soccer bets in Ghana. A bettor earns a profit in the correct score by betting on the exact score at the end of the game. Predicting the final score line is harder, so the betting site usually provides many options.
Unlike in most types of soccer bets, here you don’t have to choose the winning team but the winning margin. Correct score is one of the few soccer bets where the number of outcomes is too many. So, if you are new to online soccer betting, don’t start with this.
Different bettors have different opinions on the correct score bet type. Some don’t prefer it because the odds are quite low compared to other bet types. However, other bettors go for this bet because winning the profit they can earn is pretty decent.
Don’t forget to determine the pros and cons of a betting type before you opt for it.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning in Different Types of Soccer Bets

3 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning bet type soccer singapore pools

Now that you know the best type of soccer bet, it’s time to see how you might increase your winning possibilities. Here are a few tips that will guide you:

  1. To increase your odds of winning in sports betting in Malaysia, start by collecting and analyzing stats about the game, winning patterns, game situations, teams, and more. Gather all the information first, and then make your way forward.
  2. Always keep an eye on expert predictions to get a clear-cut idea of which team has a better chance to win. Many prediction sites have experts talking about the game and giving predictions that can help you bet smartly.
  3. Never bet with your heart on any type of soccer bet. Remember that betting is not about choosing your favorite team or player. Make calculated decisions by considering the above two tips. Bet where the odds are higher and keep your emotions out of it so you can succeed, especially when you are playing for higher stakes.

Wrapping Up

You must know the market well if you want to know more about different types of soccer bets or how to read different types of soccer betting odds. Betting on soccer is not a hard and fast rule. But you need to pay attention to detail to obtain the best results.
Go through the given soccer bet types and start betting on soccer at ASAA88. It is a comprehensive online sports betting site with many games. If you want to know more about betting strategies, we have many blogs on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions about Types of Soccer Bets

Which type of soccer bet is the safest?

The safest soccer bet type is the double chance. The reason is that the odds of you coming out as a winner in this one are higher. A double chance involves two events for you to get the bet right out of three. So, you always have a greater possibility of winning with your bet.
For bettors betting on double chance, the three available odds are either Team A wins or draws, Team B wins or draws the match, or both of these teams win. Going for the third drawn match will mean that you lost the bet.

How do I know if I chose a reliable betting site?

When searching for an online Singapore betting site for different types of soccer bets online, you must ensure a few things. These factors will ensure that you are betting on a reliable place to be stress-free. These factors are as follows:
– Consider their reputation in the betting market. Ask other bettors and get references before making a decision.
– Confirm the payment methods they use. They should have popularly used safe payment gateways so that you have zero threat to your account.
– Do they have a professional customer support team? Betting at sites with good customer service will make the process more convenient and result-driven for you.

Sign up for ASAA88, and you can start betting in peace. Our platform is secure, and we provide 24X7 online support. We have a wide variety of games you can choose from- and transactions are fast and easy.

How can I regularly win in different types of soccer bets?

If you want to minimize your loss in soccer betting:

1. Start by researching well.
2. Learn in detail about the market, which teams are winning more, which teams are not doing well, what the experts say, etc.
3. Make sure you have a quality soccer prediction site

Further, it would help if you regularly bet very smartly to win without much loss—play low-risk bets like double chance to get in the groove. Do not jump into the big league until you understand everything about the game and what different SG pool bet types in soccer demand.

What is a 2-Way bet in soccer?

A 2-way bet is a straightforward one that only covers the standard two outcomes, win or loss. In this type of soccer bet, you must pick the right one out of the two results. 2-way bet is a popular betting type in most sports where Draw is not an option, like basketball and tennis.
Betting in a two-way Moneyline can be done through Double Chance or Draw No Bet in soccer. The results are drawn depending on the 90 minutes of play. Hence, the extra time and penalties are not taken into consideration.

How valuable is a tipster service for different types of soccer bets?

A tipster service helps you bet wisely and with all the odds in your favor. You can find and hire a professional tipster to advise you as you place your bets in an online casino in Malaysia. Here are some reasons why a tipster service is valuable:
– They can help you gain long-term profits. Besides, these professionals have complete market knowledge and can guide you to get value for your money not just now but in the future.
– Whatever Singapore pools soccer bet type you are betting on, these tipsters can ensure you are headed in the right direction. They will understand your instincts and help you obtain data-driven outcomes.
– When you hire a trusted tipster service, you can notice significant growth in your earnings. Think of the tipster fees as a small investment you make to earn more through different soccer bet types SG pools.

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