If you’ve ever dabbled in betting, chances are you’ve found the draw no bet market among the available choices. Nevertheless, you may be uncertain about the meaning of draw no bet (DNB). Draw no bet is becoming increasingly well-liked among gamblers. By eliminating the chance of a draw, this betting market gives the bettor the option of placing a wager on either a home win or an away win, albeit at lower odds. The following provides a more thorough explanation of how and why this particular wager type functions.

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What is draw no bet in Singapore & Malaysia?

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A prominent sort of betting market in soccer betting is draw no bet (DNB). In this market, the bettor stakes money on one team to win the game. Nevertheless, if the score is a draw, the bet is worthless, and the bettor gets the money back.

Consider a scenario where a bettor makes a draw no bet on Team A to win a soccer game. If Team A triumphs in the game, the bettor wins the wager and gets money in accordance with the wager’s odds. In contrast, the bettor’s bet is void, and their stake is reimbursed if the game is a draw.

What does draw no bet mean?

With draw no bet, gamblers can only wager on a home or away win instead of the draw option.

If your pick wins, your wager will win. Similarly, if the game is a tie, your stake will be returned, meaning you will not win or lose. If the team you backed loses, your wager is a loss.

In comparison, your wager would be lost if you had placed it on the three-way market as opposed to the draw no bet and the game ended in a draw.

The odds on this particular market will be lower than those on the three-way market due to removing the draw option.

How does a draw no bet work?

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Now you have a basic understanding of what a draw no bet is, let’s look at how it works. Your stake is divided between a winning side and a tie resulting in this sort of wager.

Let’s use Admiralty CSC playing Kelantan United at home as an illustration. Although you might want Admiralty CSC to win, you can also think that a draw is possible. You would have been placing a wager on one of the three outcomes in the more traditional 1X2 (three-way betting) market: an Admiralty CSC win (1), a draw (X), or a Kelantan United win (2). If you gamble on Admiralty CSC winning the match, your bet will only be in your favour if the outcome of the event matches your prediction. If Kelantan United wins or the game is a draw, you will forfeit the wager and your stake.

DNB starts to become significant at this point. By placing a wager in this market, you get the added security of removing the possibility of a draw. Therefore:

  • If Admiralty CSC triumphs, you will be the winner of the bet.
  • In a draw, you receive your stake back (you neither win nor lose).
  • If Kelantan United triumphs, you lose your wager.

With a draw no bet, you can safeguard your investment from frustrating last-second equalizers, poor refereeing, and bad play in the crucial moments. DNB odds are typically lower than the conventional Full Time Outcome (1X2) markets. This is so due to the elimination of the “draw” option.

On the bright side, unlike three-way markets, you are still eligible to receive your wager if the game ends in a draw.

Draw no bet explained – Singapore & Malaysia

Let’s look at a soccer match between Admiralty CSC and Kelantan United. These are the 1X2 odds:

Admiralty CSC 5.00 New Kelantan United 1.70 Draw 3.60

In contrast, the odds for this bet are:

Admiralty CSC 3.50 Kelantan United 1.28

In this example, investing 100 MYR on Admiralty CSC will win you 250 MYR if you choose the draw no betting line. Your 100 MYR bet will be back if the game is a tie. But, if Kelantan United triumphs, you will lose your wager.

Calculating the draw no bet odds

5 card draw betting rules

Do you have any questions about how the bookmaker changed the 1X2 odds to the draw no bet odds? Let’s look at it.

They divide your 100 MYR wager by the chances of a draw to first account for a potential draw (3.60). As a result, your initial wager reduces by 27.78 MYR to reflect the likelihood of a draw. The sportsbook does this because your 100 MYR gets refunded from the 27.78 MYR. That was essentially paid out at 3.60 odds (27.78 x 3.60 = 100 MYR) if the game ends in a draw.

The remaining portion of your wager will now support the team of your choice. In our hypothetical case, we choose to wager on Toronto FC. This implies that the remaining 72.22 MYR will be bet on the team at 5.00 odds. There are potential winnings of 361.10 MYR as a result.

You may now divide the 361.10 MYR by your 100 MYR bet to determine the odds based on the 1X2 odds. This yields odds of 3.61, better than the odds for a draw no bet in our scenario. In this case, it would be wiser to place a 27.78 MYR wager on the Draw at 3.60 and a 72.22 MYR wager on Toronto FC at 5.00. If Toronto FC were to win the game, the reward would be 11 MYR greater due to this quick computation.

Draw no bet vs Asian handicap betting

The draw no bet definition is extremely similar, but not exactly the same as the Asian Handicap betting definition. The key resemblance between the two is that the draw is no longer an option. The stake is also returned in the event of a tie.

To calculate the Asian Handicap, evaluating each team’s skill level and the likelihood of victory is necessary. The odds are greater with Asian Handicap betting because there is a bigger likelihood that the game will conclude in a tie.

Last but not least, keep in mind that this betting strategy and the Asian Handicap approach could be equal in one way—a bet with an Asian Handicap of 0.0 is equivalent to a standard draw no bet.

The draw no bet tips

draw no bet in parlay

A well-liked betting market known as “draw no bet” does away with the draw option and provides higher odds of success. When placing this bet wager, keep the following in mind:

  • Examine the performance of the competing teams or players.
  • Search for groups or individuals who have a good chance of succeeding.
  • Examine the teams’ or players’ head-to-head record.
  • Take into account a team’s or player’s home advantage and away performance.
  • Analyze the teams’ or players’ most recent results and momentum.
  • Verify for any suspensions or injuries that could have an impact on the game’s outcome.
  • Search for value odds with a favourable risk-to-reward ratio.
  • To diversify the risk, think about making many wagers on various sporting events.
  • Set a budget for your betting activities and always wager within your means.
  • Keep a record of your bets to examine your performance and enhance your methods.


What does a draw no bet mean in terms of the money you wager, the bookmaker, and the beginner bettor? The draw no bet option is a well-liked way to gamble on a pick and take the chance of a draw out of the equation. We sincerely hope our blog has given you the self-assurance to start betting on specific choices or incorporating this bet in accumulators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does draw no bet mean in soccer betting?

The betting market known as “draw no bet” is frequently provided by bookmakers in football. With this kind of wager, the bettor chooses a team to win the game; in the event of a tie, the stake is returned.

Let’s take an example where Team A and Team B are playing, and Team A has “draw no bet” odds of 2.0. If a bettor wagers 10 MYR on Team A to win and the game is a draw, the bettor will receive their 10 MYR stake back.

But if Team A triumphs, the bettor will get 20 MYR (the initial 10 MYR risk plus the profits of 10 MYR).
For bettors who wish to lower their risk and prevent losing their stake if the game ends in a draw, this form of wager can be a suitable choice. Yet, because the bookmaker provides a smaller risk for the bettor, the odds for “draw no bet” are typically lower than those for a typical win-draw-win market.

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2. How does draw no bet work in a parlay?

A parlay (also known as an accumulator) with a “draw no bet” selection operates similarly to a conventional parlay, with the distinction that the “draw no bet” decision is handled as a push or void bet if the game is a draw.

Here’s an instance of how it functions:

Consider that you want to wager on two soccer games in a parlay. You choose Team A to win the opening game on a “draw no bet” market with odds of 1.5. You place your bet on Team B to win the second game at odds of 2.0 on a typical win-draw-win market.

If the teams you chose win both games, your parlay wager is successful, and you are paid out depending on the total odds of your two selections. In this case, the total chances are 1.5 x 2.0, which is 3.0. Hence, if you wagered 10 MYR on this parlay, you would receive 30 MYR (10 MYR initial wager + 20 MYR in winnings).

However, the “draw no bet” pick is classified as a push or void bet if the first game is a draw, in which case it is removed from the parlay, and the odds for the remaining selection are altered appropriately. In this case, 1.0 would be added to the odds for the second choice (since only one selection remains in the parlay). Your parlay bet will win if the second option wins, but the payout will be less than if both selections had won.

3. Is DNB a good option for reducing risk in soccer betting?

“Draw no bet” is a viable alternative for lowering risk while betting on football. With this form of wager, punters can select a team to win the game, and if it ends in a draw, they will get their stake back. This means bettors can keep their stakes if the game ends in a draw, which can be advantageous in sports where a draw is a frequent result.

It’s vital to remember that because the bookmaker presents a lower risk for the bettor, the odds for “draw no bet” are frequently lower than those for a typical win-draw-win market. This indicates that the odds of winning a “draw no bet” wager may be lower than those of a typical win-draw-win wager.

So, “draw no bet” may lower your chance of losing your wager. But it may also lower the possible payoff compared to a typical win-draw-win bet. As with any form of betting, weighing the advantages and dangers before making a wager is crucial.

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4. Are there other types of betting markets similar to DNB in soccer?

Certainly, other draw no bet soccer betting markets present a lower risk to punters. Here are a few instances:

I. Double Chance
With a double chance wager, you can select two of the three possible soccer game results. This means that if any of your chosen possibilities occurs, you win your bet.

II. Asian Handicap
To equalise the playing field, one of the teams becomes a handicap in this sort of wager. The team receiving the handicap must win the game (or draw) for your wager to be successful. The handicap appears as a goal or half goal.

IV. Both Teams to Score
With this sort of wager, you can wager on whether both teams will score at least one goal throughout the game. As long as both teams net at least one goal, it doesn’t matter which team prevails or if the game is a draw.

All of these bet kinds have lower risks than a typical win-draw-win market. Nevertheless, the chances for each market will change based on how likely each event is thought to be. It’s critical to do your homework on each form of wager.  Evaluating the odds is critical to decide which one best suits your betting philosophy.

5. Is DNB the same as “Double Chance”?

No, there are two kinds of football betting markets: “draw no bet” and “Double Chance.”
With “draw no bet,” you place a wager on either the home or away team to win the game. If the result is a draw, your stake is returned.

In “Double Chance,” you place a wager on two of the three possible game results. A home team victory or a tie, an away team victory or a home team victory (no draw). This means that whether you wagered on either the home or away team to win or draw, you will win the bet if the game is a draw.
Both “draw no bet” and “Double Chance” have a certain amount of risk reduction. Nevertheless, their methods of operation and odds and payout structures differ.

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