Do you consider yourself an esports enthusiast who wants to learn more? The thrill of watching an esports match can be amplified by placing a wager on the outcome. But hold up! Knowing and understanding different types of esports betting odds might greatly boost your winning chances!

However, knowing where to begin cannot be easy because Singapore and Malaysia offer a wide variety of esports games you can bet on. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll discuss the various types of esports betting odds so that you can make educated decisions and win big. 

Get ready to take your esports betting to the next level by learning about the popular types of esports betting odds in Singapore and Malaysia.

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How does esports betting work?

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Esports betting! It’s an exciting and quickly growing area where fans can put their esports betting predictions and knowledge to the test. Imagine that your favorite traditional sports, like football or basketball, were played digitally with competitive types of esports games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or Dota 2.

How esport/ esports live betting works is similar to traditional sports betting. You can bet on the outcome of matches or specific events during games. These esports betting odds tell you how much you could win if your bet is successful.

Here’s where things get interesting. Esports live matches are often streamed live on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or sites just for streaming esports. So not only can you bet on the games, but you can also watch the action happen in real-time, which adds an extra level of excitement.

To start betting on esports, you’ll need to find a reliable online sportsbook or esports betting platform that has esports markets. Many well-known bookmakers now offer esports bets. Once you’ve signed up and put money in your account, you can look through the available esports events, choose the match or event you want to bet on, and then safely place your bet.

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Benefits of esport gaming in Singapore & Malaysia

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In recent years, esports has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of esports:

Enhanced Entertainment

Esports gaming odds increase the thrill of competitive encounters. Betting on alternative outcomes amps up the game’s excitement. Whether you’re a diehard fan, a stan, or new to esports, it enriches the viewing experience and develops a stronger emotional connection to the contests.

Decision Making

Esports betting demands intelligent decision-making. Team performance, individual data, and historical match results aid in making betting decisions. Esports gaming odds promote critical thinking and study, helping players comprehend the game’s complexities. It may be a satisfying intellectual activity that tests your ability to gauge probability and make calculated forecasts.

Financial Benefits

Esports gaming odds can make money. Successful bets convert your enthusiasm for esports into a profitable business. However, betting should be done properly and with knowledge of the risks and expectations.

Engaging the Community

Esports betting odds build communities. Odds, forecasts, and match outcomes spark social interactions online and offline. Sharing information and experiences with other esports fans creates a dynamic and supportive community.

Skill Development

Esports game chances demand ongoing learning and analysis. Researching teams, players, and their performances generates expertise. Learning the game’s complexities may improve your analytical and decision-making abilities, which can be useful in many areas of life.

Types of Esports Betting Odds

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Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of esports betting? Today, we will explore all the different types of esports betting odds available. 

From predicting match winners to placing wagers on specific maps or rounds, numerous ways exist to get in on the action. So, buckle up as we explore the thrilling realm of esports bets and discover the various types of esports betting odds you can explore. 

Get ready to fully immerse yourself in the world of competitive gaming and uncover the excitement that awaits with these types of esports betting odds!

Match Winner (Moneyline)

This one is quite easy to understand. You will place a wager on the squad that will emerge victorious from the competition. The odds on each team represent how likely it is for them to win, and you can bet on the squad that you think will come out on top.

Handicap (Spread)

A handicap, often known as a spread, is a type of wagering in which one team is assigned a virtual advantage or disadvantage to level the playing field. Let’s imagine Team A is playing with a handicap of -1.5. This indicates that they must win the match by a margin of at least two maps or rounds for your wager to succeed. If, on the other hand, Team B is playing with a handicap of +1.5, they must either win the match or lose it by a margin of no more than one map or round for your bet to be considered a winner.

Over/Under (Total Maps/Rounds)

Over/Under (Total Maps/Rounds): This type of wager requires predicting whether the total number of maps or rounds played in a match will be more or lower than a particular number established by the bookmaker. The bookmaker will choose a number between one and ten. You are the one who decides whether the real count will be higher or lower than that figure.

Map/Round Winner

Instead of concentrating on the result of the entire match, you may wager on the winner of certain maps or rounds. Thanks to this feature, you can delve into individual stretches of the game and make educated guesses as to which team will emerge triumphant in a given map or round.

First Blood

Predicting which team or individual will score the first kill or complete the first objective in a given match or round is the focus of the bet known as “First Blood.” As you bet on who will score first in the game, it brings additional excitement to the experience.

Map Handicap

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A handicap bet is quite similar to the map handicap, except that the map handicap assigns an advantage or disadvantage to one team. If a team has a “negative handicap,” it means that for your bet to be successful, it must win by a particular margin. A team that has a positive handicap, on the other hand, can either win or lose by a certain amount and still come out on top of the bet.

Map Advantage

In this type of bet, one team will begin the play with a predefined map advantage over the other before the match even begins. For instance, if Team A enters the game with a map advantage of +1.5, they will start the match with a map advantage of +1.5. For Team A to win the bet, they must keep this edge regardless of who wins the game.


Bets placed on futures and outright events are concerned solely with the outcomes of the long term. You are making a wager on who will emerge victorious in a competition or league before it has even begun. It is a chance to put your foresight to the test and guess who will end up being the winner of a certain esports competition.

Live/In-play Betting

Live betting, sometimes known as “in-play” betting, is a kind of wagering in which bets can be placed while a game is still being played. You can perform live-action analysis, respond to the game’s events, and base your forecasts on those reactions. Bear in mind that the odds and betting alternatives that are now available could shift fluidly as the contest progresses.

Special Bets

Special Bets Bookmakers will occasionally provide one-of-a-kind or novelty bets to keep things interesting. Predicting the player with the greatest score, the first team to accomplish a given number of kills, or even the whole amount of time a match will last are all possible wagers. They provide a fresh perspective on betting on esports that is both entertaining and unique, which brings an additional element of excitement to the overall experience.


We hope this guide has been useful in providing a general overview of esports betting and the advantages of participating in this growing industry. You can make better decisions and increase your esports odds of winning by familiarizing yourself with the various wagers available. We also hope more people will get involved in the esports industry by highlighting the positive aspects of competitive video gaming. There has never been a better time to get into esports betting in Malaysia, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started. To find out what happens, why not give it a shot?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Esports Betting Malaysia & Esports Betting Singapore legal?

In Singapore and Malaysia, it is legal to bet on esports, but it is important to gamble legally and responsibly. ASAA88 is a licensed and regulated online sportsbook and betting platform with markets for esports betting in Singapore and esport betting in Malaysia. This makes sure that users can bet on esports safely and legally.

2. Where can I bet on esports in Singapore and Malaysia?

ASAA88 is a well-known and reliable online sportsbook/esports odds provider and betting platform in Singapore and Malaysia with esports markets. It is a licensed and regulated platform that ensures people can bet on esports safely and legally. ASAA88 has a lot of different esports events and markets, like League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO.

3. Does Understanding the Types of Esports Betting Odds Make a Difference?

That’s right! Knowing the different types of esports betting odds can enhance your betting experience. That’s right! Knowing the different kinds of Esports Betting Odds can help you understand how other bets work, which can help you make better decisions. Let’s delve into why this knowledge matters:

Better Decision-Making:
Knowing the esports betting odds- match winner, handicap, etc., can help you with the risks and rewards of each bet. This allows you to make more strategic and calculated choices based on your teams, players, and match dynamics analysis.

Tailored Betting Strategies:
Different types of odds offer unique opportunities for betting strategies. For instance, you might wager on the match-winner if you believe in a team’s superiority. If you expect a close game, handicap or over/under bets can help you capitalize on specific scenarios. Knowing these odds gives you the power to change your strategy based on your predictions and preferences.

Maximizing Potential Returns:
Each type of esports betting odds presents different payout potential. That’s right! Knowing how odds are calculated can help you find value bets where the odds may not represent reality properly. This knowledge allows you to spot favorable odds and maximize your returns.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes:
That’s right! It’s important to understand betting odds to avoid making costly mistakes. Now you will avoid falling into the common trap of overestimating a team’s chances or underestimating the impact of handicaps. Directly, you can approach betting with more reasonable expectations and reduce the likelihood of making rash wagers.

4.  Where to bet on esports?

ASAA88 is where you should always bet on Esports for a safe and hassle-free Esports betting experience.

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5. What kinds of esports games are there?

Here are some of the most popular esports games in Singapore and Malaysia:

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games:
These are team-based games where players control a single character and collaborate to destroy the enemy team’s base. League of Legends, Dota 2, and Need for Speed are all examples of games like this.

FPS (First-Person Shooter) games:
These are games in which players control a character and use weapons to eliminate opponents. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Call of Duty: Mobile are good examples.

Fighting games:
These are video games where players take control of a character and engage in character-on-character combat. Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Dragon Ball Fighter Z are good examples.
These games try to be like real sports, like football, basketball, and soccer. FIFA, NBA 2K, and Pro Evolution Soccer are all examples.

Racing games:
These games simulate racing with cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles. Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, and Need for Speed are a few examples.

Strategy games:
These are ones in which players take charge of armies or civilizations and try to beat other players. Starcraft II, Age of Empires II, and Civilization VI are good examples.

These are just a few of the many different kinds of esports games people in Singapore and Malaysia like to play. Each game has its rules, strategies, and communities, making esports in these countries a diverse and exciting industry.

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