Understanding soccer betting in Singapore is an important aspect of becoming a pro at betting. You can increase your chances of winning once you know how the system works and which team has better odds.

However, beginners are always at a big disadvantage since they are not aware of the rules and regulations set up by bookmakers. These rules and regulations can significantly influence the game and change the outcome of a certain bet. Thus, gamblers should always keep themselves updated with the latest trends on how to bet on soccer in Singapore and Malaysia online casinos.

Let’s take Stick a Correct Score wager on a cup match as an example of a bookmaker’s rule. Most people assume the bet is valid even if the match takes extra time. However, this isn’t the case with this rule since the validity of the bet ends as soon as the match time is over.

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What Is Online Soccer Betting In Singapore?

When it comes to online soccer betting in Singapore, the fundamentals usually remain the same as in other sports. However, some features of soccer can affect the way betting works. For instance, you can bet on soccer by betting on the game outcome, placing bets on the spread, betting over/under the total goal amount, or placing prop bets.

Normally, sportsbooks set the soccer bet odds by calculating the likelihood of the soccer event occurring. As such, the Singapore soccer betting odds meaning is the likelihood of the outcome to happen. Suppose you place a bet; you will need to calculate and see if the probability of the event will happen or not. That’s why having soccer betting odds in Singapore with a better value for the event is important.

If you are a seasonal soccer bettor, we highly recommend placing bets on multiple sites since it offers a better chance of winning. Moreover, each betting site offers its specialty regarding soccer betting in Singapore.

Soccer Betting Rules

Soccer betting strategies

1. Cap On Winning

Most offers usually come with a limit on how much you can earn from a promotion. As such, you should only bet on odds that have a significantly better chance of winning over the cap. For instance, if you feel you have better chances of winning a bet in soccer, then you should definitely place a bet since the cap on winning will not affect it.

2. Deposit Match

Normally, most soccer betting sites in Singapore will match 100% of your deposited amount. However, there are occasions when the percentage will be more or less than 100%. You should always check the percentage provided by the sportsbook or bookmakers.

3. Eligibility Markets

When qualifying for a bet or using a free bet, you must check the market type that suits the bet. Hence, it is very important to stipulate and understand which markets are favorable for the wager. Some soccer markets offer discounts and promotions, which can significantly improve your betting odds. On the contrary, some markets experience a lot of functions during betting time. We highly recommend avoiding such markets that place soccer bets since it can affect your chance of winning.

4. Expiry Period

what does mean in soccer betting

Suppose you receive a bonus as a free bet; there is a high chance of it having an expiry date. If the expiry date is more than seven days and you haven’t placed a free bet, the offer will automatically be expired. That’s why it is important to note down all expiry dates related to any bet. Before agreeing to any soccer bet, carefully research and read the terms and conditions.

5. Minimum Bet

You can place this minimum amount as the wager for any soccer betting site. If your betting amount is lower than this value, it will not be qualified for the offer. However, if your bet is more than the value, you will automatically be qualified for the offer. You can win the prize money if you win the minimum bet.

6. Minimum Deposits

Suppose the offers are based on the deposits, then there should be a minimum deposit that you have to add to your account, which allows you to be eligible for the bonuses provided by the sportsbook. Generally, qualifying a bet requires minimum odds to place the wager. For instance, the bet can have odds of 1.8 or higher to be considered qualified.

8. Wagering Requirements

After receiving the winning amount from the free bet or deposit bonus, you will notice some wagering requirements provided by the bookie. In that case, you will need to multiply the amount by a certain figure before you are allowed to withdraw the earning.

For instance, if the wagering requirement is X10 and the bonus amount is 600 SGD, you must bet on 6000 SGD before you can withdraw your total earnings.

9. Extra Time Soccer Betting Rule

Regarding soccer bets, all settlements on the results should be concluded within 90 minutes of the soccer match. This includes stoppage time unless the bookmakers specify it.

As such, any bet after 90 minutes will not be considered a bet for that particular match. For instance, if you place bets on 10 corners and at the end of the match, only 8 corners are taken, you will need three additional corners to win the bet in extra time.

Types Of Soccer Bets

soccer betting odds singapore

In this section, we will cover all the different types of soccer bets that are commonly used in Singapore betting sites and Malaysia online casinos:

1. Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is usually dependent on the outcome of a soccer match. But it would be best to consider the present margins while placing any handicap bet. As such, this type of bet makes a lot of sense when there is a favourite present in a soccer match. This allows bettors to place better odds and returns from the wagers.

2. Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed odds betting is the most common bet you can place with a bookmaker. In this case, the odds remain the same no matter what changes occur during the event of the soccer match. Similarly, later activities in the soccer market don’t affect this betting option. Thus, most bettors prefer this option since less risk is involved, and they don’t lose too much money.

3. Lay Betting

soccer bet meaning

You will find this betting mostly placed on a soccer betting exchange site. For instance, if a lay bet is placed, you must bet against the event’s occurrence. Click to know more about Betting Exchange

Suppose you want to bet SGD 6 and win; you will automatically win the SGD 6 and the return from that bet. This will give you a total of SGD 12.

4. Accumulator Betting

Recreational soccer bettors usually use accumulator or parlay betting since they want a better chance of getting lucky while betting. Moreover, this wager allows the bettors to choose multiple selections, which offers immense potential to win massive returns.

5. In-Play Betting

As the name suggests, this wager usually involves bettors placing a bet once the soccer game is in play. In fact, it offers bettors a better perspective of the bet’s outcome since they can watch the soccer match and make bets on the spot.

For instance, if a team has scored the first goal within 10 minutes of the match, the bettors can use an in-play betting option to place a wager on that team. This gives them more confidence about their wager and bets. Nowadays, you will find several betting systems on the market that fluctuate when the game is in-play. Therefore, bettors with skill and knowledge can take full advantage of this option and improve their chances of winning.

Conclusion: Soccer Betting In Singapore

With that, we have finally reached the end of this blog, and we hope you found it informative. As mentioned earlier, gamblers need to be familiar with the different types of soccer bets and the rules set by bookmakers if they want to win money through their bets.

A good way to familiarize yourself with the different soccer betting rules is by playing a couple of matches without placing any serious bets. You must first understand how the different teams perform and which has better odds of winning in soccer betting in Singapore. Moreover, research the rules and regulations the bookmaker bet and ensure no hidden conditions exist.

That said, you can always try your luck in football betting by placing a few bets on ASAA88.

Frequently Asked Questions On Soccer Betting In Singapore

1. How To Play Soccer Betting Singapore?

In a week, you can find more than thousands of soccer matches taking place simultaneously, and there are plenty of markets to place your bets. The bookmakers are usually found in these markets and offer various odds on different aspects of the match. After carefully analyzing a match’s odds, they will also provide a price for its outcome and events.

Besides that, various bookmakers provide special offers and extremely competitive odds that ensure the best-value betting experience for gamblers. After the outcomes of the various events have been declared and your bet turns out victorious, you will be offered the original stake and extra winnings from the odds.

Throughout the process, gamblers can choose between different types of bets. This also includes accumulators that combine various sections to create large prize money for the bet’s odds. You can find this bet available in the majority of soccer markets.

2. How Can I Find Value When Betting On Soccer?

When it comes to soccer betting in Singapore, you can never expect any certainty, and every gambler must keep this point in mind. For starters, you can do a lot of research and develop your knowledge of the game, but there will still be instances where you might get surprised or shocked.
As such, gamblers should carefully use their knowledge to place a bet on a soccer match. They can also opt for less risky bets like Draw No Bet.

On that note, you should always bet on a familiar market. This prevents you from losing much money whenever the bet doesn’t work. Two of the most important factors required to search for the value of a bet are knowledge and research.

Luckily, a wealth of statistics is available on different free sites that clearly understand the market and the outcomes of various events.

3. How Much Money Should I Bet On Soccer?

In simple terms, beginners in soccer betting should never try to risk all their money while placing a wager. However, this condition can differ from one person to another, so there is no fixed answer. Normally, the amount of money you can risk will depend on several factors, such as team performance, team reputation, the health of star players, etc.

As such, every bettor should establish a bankroll management plan to ensure they don’t lose too much money in the long run. By devising a structured program, you can determine the outcome of a wager at a particular point in time.

Bettors that don’t prepare proper bankroll management will likely blow up their bankrolls quickly.

4. What Is Shield Parlay In Soccer Betting?

Bettors usually use shield Parlay to prevent themselves from suffering heavy losses in money at once. If you plan to spend a lot of money on different teams, we recommend you make a small parlay for all the selected teams against yourself.

This way, if the worst-possible scenario turns into a reality and you lose every bet, you can recover some of the money for that single parlay. As such, you can minimize the loss significantly through this method.

5. What is In-Play Betting?

As the name suggests, in-play betting is when a person places a bet on the outcome of a particular event. For instance, backing up a team to score in the game while you watch the television.
Nowadays, bookmakers offer several types of markets, such as the next player to be shown a yellow card, the next corner, a throw-in, or the next goalscorer.

Also, there are plenty of available markets where you can follow in-play sites and place special prop bets to win more money. We highly recommend you research the sports betting odds before making an in-play bet.

6. What Does Handicap Mean In Soccer Betting?

When it comes to handicap betting in soccer, the team that is likely to win based on the odds is usually awarded the goal or referred to as the “favourite.” As such, favourites usually start with a handicap of -3,-2,-1, and many more.
On the other hand, three-way betting allows gamblers and bettors to place bets on handicap ties. Thus, bettors will need to select the handicap tie they would prefer to consider for handicap.

7. What Does 1X2 Mean In Soccer Betting?

1X2 soccer betting is a popular option in Singapore where bettors place a bet on an event of the match. As the name suggests, soccer betting 1X2 meaning has more than one layer of betting options. For instance, you can place bets on home wins, draws, away win, and many more.
1 signifies the ‘home win’ while 2 is the ‘away win’ and X is the ‘draw.’ As a bettor, you are given full freedom to choose either one of these options. 

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