Are you tired of losing a sports betting game while playing at an online casino in Singapore and Malaysia? Don’t worry; we have an effective strategy to change your losses into victory. According to professional sports betters, one of the most efficient ways of being profitable in the long run is by calculating the value of a bet.

In simple terms, value betting is a well-designed approach that allows bettors to receive a higher percentage of return than they would usually expect. However, sporting a value bet can be tricky since the opposing players can use various strategies to offset your calculation.

As such, we at ASAA88 have compiled this blog to help you understand value betting and how it can help you win high returns in sports betting markets. If you’re new to sports betting, you may want to start by learning “how to find value in sports betting”.

What Is A Value Sports Betting?

Value betting is a systematic approach that players use to increase their chances of winning in sports betting. On that note, value bets have a better chance of getting a return from an expected risk.

Before placing any value bet, a player must first understand the difference between the odds of the bet and the chances of winning the game. The bookmaker decides the odds of the games when they set a price they are willing to pay to the player for winning.

For this purpose, the bookmaker calculates the player’s probability of winning the bet and sets the price accordingly. The bookmaker offers players with lower odds a higher price value and vice versa.

How To Find Value In Sports Betting?

calculate sports betting expected value

Most professional bettors prefer to use simple calculations and tricks to determine the value of sporting bets. In this section, we will cover how to find value in sports betting using three simple methods:

1. Calculating Expected Value In Sports Betting And Manual Search

Out of all the methods, manual searching is one of the most time-consuming processes to find expected value bets, but the results are fruitful. Moreover, this process is entirely free and helps the players understand the game more deeply.

In simple terms, players need to spend hours comparing the odds of a sharp bookmaker to those of a soft bookmaker. If the player notices that the soft bookmaker has higher odds than a sharp bookmaker,  then the chances of winning the bet are high.

This usually happens when the soft bookmaker is about to make a mistake, and the players exploit the error to make a profit. However, the only drawback of this method is that it requires a lot of time and patience to find the value bet for the game.

2. Free Value Sports Betting Software

Nowadays, most experts prefer to use free value sports betting software to find the value bet in online casinos in Singapore since it saves a lot of time and doesn’t require any complex calculation. This method uses algorithms and AI to compare odds for thousands and thousands of sports and matches.

As such, the bookmaker’s odd database is larger, and the players better understand the various odds in each game. In addition, most companies produce free versions of the value betting software, which doesn’t require investment.

3. Premium Value Betting Software

Unlike free value betting software that can display a handful of value bets, premium value betting software doesn’t have any restrictions. For instance, you might notice the free value betting software falling short in the following areas:

  • Limited sports options offered by the sites
  • Limit the maximum profit per bet
  • Value bet feed can time have a delay
  • Limited pool of bookmaker’s odds

Apart from that, free value betting software cannot provide players with bet tracking or accounting packages. This can cause many problems in keeping track of different value bets.

On the contrary, premium software doesn’t have such restrictions since it can automatically log bets on behalf of the players. As such, players don’t need to spend time accounting for the bets manually. However, premium software does charge a small subscription on a monthly and yearly basis.

How To Identify Value Bets In Sports 

choosing your bet using ev values of sporting event

When identifying value bets, a player must spend a lot of time and effort understanding the various probabilities and odds in a bet. Many online resources can teach you “how to find value in sports betting, ” including articles, videos, and podcasts. Nevertheless, you can increase the chances of identifying value bets on online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore betting sites through these seven methods:

1. Specialisation

As a beginner, a player should first learn to specialise in a particular tournament or league. By doing so, the sports bettors can gain a better understanding of the games and develop a strong foundation of different strategies and concepts related to the game.

Once you can identify value bets in leagues and tournaments you are familiar with, you can use the same skills to find value bets in other games. Experience and specialising go hand in hand in identifying value bets.

For instance, if you love hockey, you should focus on making bets related to that sport. This will help you develop a strong game concept and increase your chances of winning with value bets. You should always bet on teams that have an excellent track record in various tournaments since they have higher chances of winning a bet.

2. Understanding Probabilities

To win a bet on an online casino in Singapore, you must always have a strong foundation of probability. Most casinos design odds according to the probability of a particular outcome; hence, understanding probability plays a very important role.

One of the most important concepts bettors must master is implied probability. Here is an example of how it is calculated:

Implied Probability = 1/ decimal odds (formula)

Example: a coin is tossed, and the implied probability for odds is 3.10:

= > Implied probability = 1/3.10

=> Implied probability = 32.25

According to this example, the odds suggest that the coin landing heads are 32.25%. But when it comes to standard probability theory, the chance of getting a head is 50%.  As such, this is how a value bet is identified since the chances of the coin landing on the heads are greater than the odds.

3. Always Review Your Results

expected value formula sports betting

After placing a few value bets, you should always review them and see their effectiveness. Reviewing your previous bets and assessments can give you a better idea of your weakness and how to improve them. This increases the chance of winning since it helps to remove preconceived biases, which can be inaccurate and misleading.

One of the best ways to review your assessments is by comparing the match’s conclusion with your overall analysis. If you notice that the match didn’t go as expected, you should work on your betting and analysis skills.

4. Be Persistent And Strong-Willed

When developing a new skill or talent, you need to be persistent since it will take some time to get the hang of it, and the same can be said for value betting. Value betting relies on better’s intuition and calculations. As such, gaining more knowledge through experience can increase your understanding of value betting in online casinos in Singapore.

Certain value betting requires sophisticated and complex models. Therefore, we highly recommend beginners be familiar with the sports and the concepts behind each tournament or league. Moreover, bettors should never give up since value betting can provide high returns in the long run.

5. Set Your Own Price Up And Odds

Another method of mastering value betting is placing your own price-up and odds for a match. For instance, you can take some time and watch some matches without looking at the bookmaker’s odds.

This allows you to develop an “uncomfortable compromise situation.” in which you can assess how far away you are from the bookmaker’s odds. In addition, it allows bettors to work on their probability and calculation skills since they have to work hard each time they place a value bet against their odds and price-ups.

6. Understanding The Betting Market

A betting market is full of risk and uncertainty, which can alter the odds of winning a game. As such, a bettor should spend some time understanding the betting market and the patterns that emerge over time.

If a certain trend is being followed, the value betting strategy should be designed to cover all aspects of the trend. Once your mind can keep itself updated with the current trends and movements in the market, it will be easier to place a value bet close to the odds of winning.


To conclude, value plays a very important role in sports betting. Value betting might seem simple at the basic level, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. However, finding a positive value in the betting market is challenging.

One of the most effective ways to master this strategy is by improving your skills in accessing and analyzing probabilities. Nevertheless, value bets don’t guarantee you win in every match.

If you want to learn what is sports betting rollover,  you should definitely check out some of the sports bettings we have at Besides, there are plenty of tutorials on “how to find value in sports betting” that can help you master the method.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Value Betting A Sustainable Method In The Long Term?

According to professional players, value betting is a sustainable method in the long term since it is very hard for the bookmaster to spot out. However, there are other ways of earning guaranteed high income from sports betting.
As such, we recommend using different methods to maintain a sturdy income flow while placing a sports bet. If you carry on to win by using a value bet, the bookmaster will eventually limit your account. This can cause you to lose income in the long run.
Moreover, you might have to spend a few years to regain the trust of the bookmaster, which can make you lose a lot of money.

2. Which Is Better: Trading Or Value Betting?

When it comes to sports betting, both these methods are sustainable methods for earning a fair income source. However, each of them since in a specific situation. For instance, trading requires players to have significant experience in certain sports if they want to win.
It also focuses on small profits from a single bet, making the player lose out on big opportunities. On the contrary, value betting guarantees players long-term profits that are several times higher than trading earnings.
Nevertheless, value bettors should always stay vigilant since a bookmaster can limit them if they are easily spotted.

3. How Is Matched Betting Different From Value Betting?

From the profit perspective, both these methods are rewarding since they give the player high rewards. But, these methods differ from the point of logic and how they are used.
For instance, matched betting is a method in which the player takes advantage of the bonus offers available at the Malaysia betting site. As such, the players are guaranteed to win profits in the short run, provided they utilize the bonus offers efficiently.
On the other hand, value betting is designed for long-term games. Players must be patient while placing their bets on an overpriced market. However, the rewards are bigger compared to matched betting.

4. Is Value Betting Another Form Of Gambling?

Over the years, most players have relied on gambling since it doesn’t require any scientific technique or calculation. As such, many players assume that value betting is another form of gambling.
However, gambling and value betting is fundamentally different. Value betting is based on systematic methods that rely on mathematics. This gives the players a higher chance of winning a bet than gambling.
Moreover, players can also expect granted income from value betting in the long run. On the contrary, the chance of earning a sustainable income from gambling is low since it revolves around high risk.

5. How Are Variance And Value Betting Connected?

One of the main reasons players prefer to avoid value betting since it has a variance, which can ruin the scope of winning a bet. Professional players must always consider all possible game outcomes to increase their chances of winning.
As such, variance plays a very important role, and players shouldn’t ignore it. In simple terms, variance is a phenomenon where a player wins many bets in a row and other times loses bets in a long streak.
Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about the variance since it starts to shrink in the long run and offers guaranteed wins to the players.

6. How To Find Value In Sports Betting?

There are a total of four easy steps to find value in sports betting, which are as follows:

Calculate the implied probability for the bet
Find out the true probability and the fair odds
Use the expected value formula to calculate the expected returns
If you get a positive expected return, then you have found the value for the sports bet

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