Sports betting is one of the most common places where you can win assured bonuses in online betting  Malaysia sites. Nowadays, most professionals prefer the sports betting rollover method to increase their chances of winning a higher bonus.

So, what are sports betting rollovers in online betting Singapore sites? In simple terms, sports betting rollover is the number of times a bettor place a bet on a bonus. The bonuses attained from sports bet rollover can differ based on the rollover requirements.

The key aspect of a rollover is that it multiplies the bonus and allows bettors to receive a bigger guaranteed bonus. For instance, a 10x rollover means the bettor wins a 10-time bonus. Keeping this in mind, we at ASAA88 have put together this blog to help you master sports betting rollover so that you can win higher rewards.

What Is A Sports Betting Rollover?

Sports betting rollover is betting termed used by professional bettors. A rollover is the total amount of money a bettor must place a bet on if they want to meet the requirement for withdrawing the winning bonus.

For instance, if a bettor deposits 100 dollars with a 12x rollover bonus, they will need to make a bet worth $1200 to receive the bonus reward. Initially, this method might seem simple since you need to deposit the amount before placing a bet and walk away without winning once.

However, it is not as simple as you think since the chances of receiving the bonus money are slim. In certain cases, the sportsbook hides the rollover requirements in the terms and conditions. This leaves the bettors at a huge disadvantage if it is their first time.

Examples Of Sports Betting Rollover

rollover bonus sports betting

Let’s assume that the sportsbook offers a 1x rollover from its promotion. This is a fair deal which you should take. By depositing $100, you can receive a bonus of $100.

However, you will need to make a $100 bet to receive the full bonus since it is a 1x rollover. Similarly, if you place a bet on a $20 match, you will need to place five to six bets before you are allowed to withdraw the money.

Regarding 10x rollover, the bettor must place a bet for $1000 if they want to cash out the bonus money. As such, the rules are pretty simple. If you plan to bet $20 per football match, you will only be able to cash out the money after betting on 50 games.

Moreover, if a bettor hits 50% of their bet before quitting, they can earn 50 dollars, which is half the bonus rollover reward. On the other hand, bettors can lose the entire reward in a 20x rollover.

Rollover Stipulation Vary Depending On Sportsbook

Nowadays, most sportsbooks add up the bet differently, which offers bettors a variety of options when it comes to rollover. Besides, sportsbooks always set strict rules to prevent bettors from misusing and cheating the system.

For example, if a bettor has placed a deposit of $100 and wants to claim a bonus with a 10x rollover, they must take the risk and bet $1000. Normally, a bettor will bet $100 on ten favourite sports at a 1.1 since they want a quicker bonus. However, this isn’t the case since many sportsbooks don’t prefer to count favourites lower than 1.5 since it doesn’t meet the rollover requirement.

On the other hand, some sportsbooks prefer to count the bettor’s wins while making a rollover. For instance, let’s assume that a bettor has placed a bet of $40 to win $30 from a favourite League. In this case, the $30 will be counted by the sportsbook. Similarly, some sportsbooks prefer winning on-winning bets or the total risked amount for losing a bet.

How Can A Bettor Claim Bonus With Sports Betting Rollover?

rollover requirements sports betting

Generally, claiming a bonus from a rollover is not as easy as it might seem. According to experts, if a sportsbook offers your a higher bonus reward, you are less likely to meet the requirement for the bonus rollover. As such, bettors should only place the bets if they are confident about winning the bonus and taking home a huge bonus.

For instance, a bettor can lose the initial stake of $300 or win a short bet of $2000. Bettors who don’t exert effort while placing a bet are more likely to lose.

On that note, we highly recommend bettors cross-check the rollover number in the services and conditions of the online Malaysia betting sites. You can always refer to the links and vouchers if you can’t find them in the terms and conditions. Similarly, you can ask the sportsbook to provide information related to the rollover and the time frame for withdrawing the bonus.

Bettors who don’t keep themselves updated with the current trends might not be able to withdraw the profits in the future.

Rollover Should Always Be Fulfilled Quickly

According to regulations, bettors are given a period of 30 days to deposit the money and achieve it. If they do not successfully withdraw the profits during the period, they will lose the reward money.

Nevertheless, not all sportsbooks set the same conditions. For instance, if a bettor wants to turn $300 into $8000 within a one-month period, they will need to bet aggressively and pray that luck is in their favour.

Things A Bettor Should Look Out For Before Signing A Bonus

rollover sports betting

Here is a list of a few things a bettor must look out for before signing up for sports betting rollover bonus:

1. Time Length Before The Bonus Can Be Withdrawn

Under normal circumstances, a bettor can withdraw the bonus after thirty days. However, the period can differ from one sportsbook to another since they are responsible for setting the rollover requirements.

2. Sections That Should You How The Bonus Funds Can Be Used

A Bettor should always check if the bonus can be extended to the sportsbook’s casino or horse racing section. Apart from that, the bettor can also check if the bonus is limited to sports betting.

3. Checking Odd Restrictions

Another important factor a bettor should always be aware of is the minimum odds a rollover bet requires. Most sportsbooks prefer to restrict bettors from wagering a clear favourite since bettors try to take advantage to win bonuses.

4. Potential Time Limits And Validity

As a bettor, you should always ask the following questions while placing a bet through a rollover:

  • How long will the offer last?
  • How does the time limit affect the bettor’s wagering?

Strategies For Churning Play-Through/Sports Betting Rollover

what does rollover mean in sports betting

If you are planning to take advantage of the play-through or sports betting rollover method to increase your bonus, you can use the following strategies:

  • It would help if you always took advantage of different betting strategies, such as low hands and arbitrage betting. These strategies are designed to reduce the risk of losing money while helping you with the play-through requirements.
  • Since offerings can be considered free money, sportsbooks often make it hard to withdraw and get the money. Reading all the terms and conditions is highly recommended before playing a rollover.
  • Finishing them faster is one of the best ways to win in a rollover. If you don’t like larger bets, you can opt for multiple small bets. If the rollover period expires before you can withdraw the bonus, you will lose a lot of money.

Other Additional Sports Betting Rollover Bonus Requirments

In this section, we will cover a few examples of these additional requirements:

  • After a bettor has claimed the bonus reward, they can’t withdraw further for the next 30 days.
  • One active bonus is allotted to each bettor.  As such, if you have placed more than one bonus, you will need to clear the first bonus before proceeding to the next.
  • A bet should always have a minimum odd of -200.


Sports betting rollover is one of the best ways to earn higher bonuses in sports betting since it multiplies them. However, bettors should always take note of various rollover requirements before placing a bet on a bonus.

Apart from this guide, you can always look at other resources such as youtube videos, tutorials and blogs published on our site, ASAA88. Before signing off, here are a few tips to help you win larger bonuses.

Firstly, always place a bet if you are confident about winning. If you feel a bet has less chance of winning, you should avoid placing a bet for that particular round. Additionally, you should know the sportsbook well to increase the chance of winning against them.

That said, feel free to try out some sports betting rollover tips by placing a few bets on ASAA88 and other online betting Singapore sites. Also, don’t forget to check out our other blogs on different betting topics.

Frequently Asked Questions On Rollover Sports Betting

1. What Is A Rollover In Sports Betting?

According to most professionals, a rollover is referred to the number of times a bettor bets on a bonus or a deposit. A sports betting rollover is usually placed before the associated money can be withdrawn from the deal.
Besides that, some sportsbooks use play-through as an alternative term for rollover. Rollover is a form of bonus offer which a bettor can place using their first deposit at a sportsbook. However, the bettors must bet a certain amount to win the bonus.
Moreover, every sportsbook in online Malaysia betting sites has its rules regarding rollover. Therefore, rollovers can be different from one place to another, but the concept remains the same. Some sportsbooks set added rules regarding the type of bets allowed and when to withdraw the money.

2. Why Do Sportsbooks Prefer To Use Rollovers On Bonuses?

In general, sportsbooks attach rollover requirements on bonuses to prevent themselves from unwanted theft and scams. If an online Malaysia betting site doesn’t set any requirements, bettors can easily sign up and make a new account.
Apart from that, they can get rollover bonuses and leave whenever they want without placing a wager for a bet. This can cause a lot of damage to the business, and the only way to prevent bankruptcy is by setting up requirements for rollover.
The requirement also ensures that the bettors visit the site from time to time. As such, the sportsbooks will earn a steady income through repeat customers.

3. How Can I See The Status of A Rollover?

If you want to check the rollover status, you will need to choose the right sportsbook. Nowadays, most sportsbooks offer complete transparency of information. As such, bettors can easily update themselves with the current rollover status.
For example, some sportsbooks offer a separate section for bettors to check their rollover bonus status. This section gives the bettor a clear idea of the rollover status and how far they are from winning.
DraftKings are one of the top sportsbooks that allow bettors to check the rollover status. Simply log into your account and select the view bonus status option in the menu. This section will provide all the details regarding the bonus status.
You can always contact customer support at the sportsbook if you have any queries regarding the rollover status.

4. Where Does Sportsbook Usually Place Betting Rollover Requirement?

The sportsbooks usually set rollover requirements.  As such, you should always keep in touch with them to increase your chance of winning.
Normally, transparent books state the rollover requirement by advertising the bonuses on their sites. In certain instances, a sportsbook can place the requirement in the bonus’s terms and conditions.
However, not all online sportsbooks offer such services. Some mention the requirement in their terms and conditions. On the other hand, some offshore sportsbooks have ridiculous requirements, which put the bettors in a tough spot. Checking the rollover bonus status before placing a wager is one of the best ways to make sure you meet the rollover requirement.

5. What Strategies Can You Use In Rollover?

Here is a list of practices you can follow while completing a rollover procedure:
1. Read and understand the different conditions
For starters, a bettor should always take some time to understand the different conditions offered by the sportsbook or bookmaker. Only selected amounts of bet that exceed the certain odds are valid for withdrawing bonuses.
Moreover, sportsbooks usually set a fixed time for using bonuses while betting. As such, you should always keep yourself updated with the current requirements.
2. Always Bet On Familiar Markets
One of the best ways to release a promotional bonus balance is by placing bets in markets that are well-known. By doing so, a bettor can reduce the chances of making a mistake while making predictions and bets.
3. Live Bets As An Alternative
Live bets are another efficient way for bettors to earn high rewards while placing bets. Most online Malaysia betting sites offer opportunities and odds to hit bets in live bets, allowing the bettors to release a bonus.
On the contrary, we highly recommend checking out the sportsbook review before placing any bet. This will allow you to find the best bonuses and rollover options.

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