Gambling is a beloved pastime in Asian countries, where you will find many platforms for online betting. Asian bookmaker have been an essential part of Asian culture for centuries. With gambling websites becoming more popular, bettors are now spoilt for choice. But how to choose the best Asian bookmaker for placing a bet?

As gambling in Asia goes mainstream, many websites today offer Asian bet odds apart from European or American betting odds. For Asian bettors, this is a great development, because finally, they can choose to play by the rules they are comfortable with.

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best Asian handicap odds

Top Asian betting sites make fund transfers easy

An excellent Asian bookmaker will already have a system to accept funds from different countries. You can quickly deposit even if you are living outside Asia. Other than regular banking options, e-wallet payments are the easiest way to transfer money in another country.

Residents from China can deposit easily through a Chinese debit card. However, other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia need a home Bank account, ATM, or online banking. People living in Vietnam have limited options like local e-wallet, MoneyGram, or Western Union. Other standard depositing options on Asian betting sites are debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and PayPal. For people living in Europe, Singapore, and the UK, e-wallets are available.

You might be pleased to know that Bitcoin is another emerging transfer option used by many Asian bookmakers. The bitcoin payment method offers a high level of security and enables fast transactions.

The best Asian sportsbook makers accept a wide variety of currencies

Asian bookmakers usually accept various currencies; however, the best Asian bookmaker will offer you flexible choices. Many of them accept currencies from countries like Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore, etc. If you want to bet with Asian bookmakers, you can find one which works for your particular currency. With a lot of Asian bookmaker options out there, you will indeed find a winning bookie.

Asian sportsbooks makers allow easy withdrawals

Another reason to wager with Asian bookmakers is the free and fast payout. Often these betting sites let you withdraw via bank transfer. No matter the location, people can get the payment within one or two business days.

You can even see it on the bank statement as a cash deposit if you live in Asia. The biggest plus point of the Asian makers’ website is many of them have a local agent for the branch of your chosen bank. Despite having hundreds and thousands of bettors, they send the agent to the bank to complete your withdrawal request as a cash deposit.

Asian vs European bookies- making the choice for Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

Asian bookie Asian handicap betting

Overall, Asian betting sites offer more pros than cons. If you still don’t know whether you should go for an Asian or a European bookie- here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of best Asian handicap betting sites

  • Huge limits in online betting lets you have a big wager
  • You won’t see an alarm in case of big deposit and withdrawal limits if you are a big punter
  • You get a lot of betting options in Asian bookie handicap
  • Welcome bonus on joining

Asian betting markets Disadvantages

Advantages of American and European bookmakers

  • You can bet from your country and currency if you are in Europe or America.
  • You get a variety of betting markets on every single game.
  • Huge in-play section for punters playing during the day.

Disadvantages of bookmakers in Europe and America

  • A smaller betting limit is allowed for bookmakers in Europe.
  • Winning punters can close quickly.
  • The bookmaker can question an extensive amount of withdrawal or deposit.
  • Low odds on offer compared to Asian bet website.

Asian betting technicalities to know about Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

Asian betting sites

Asian Odds Formats

Four different odds formats are supported by Asian bookies in general. These are Indonesia odds, decimal odds, Hong Kong ads, and Malay odds. The potential payout remains the same no matter the kind of format you choose. The reason behind multiple formats of odds is that punters should feel comfortable and familiar with the format of odds they go with.

Decimal Odds

This format always lists the odds as a positive number. It’s usually presented in decimals and represents the total return like win+stake that each winning ticket should pay for a staked unit. For instance, decimal odds of 1.90 over a bet of $1.00 would win $0.90. The returned stake would be $1.00 here.

Hong Kong Odds

This is one of the simplest odds formats. It is also represented in positive numbers with decimal points. This shows how much amount the bettor will get apart from the stake for each wagered unit.

For instance, for the odds of 0.710, consider that you’re betting on a semi-heavy favorite. You will win $0.710 for each $1.00 staked. For the odds 2.340 on under log betting, you will get $2.34 with the stake for every $1.00 risked on winning a bet.

Indonesian Odds

American and Indonesian odds are pretty similar. However, these are displayed as hundreds rather than decimals. For instance, 1.34 Indonesian would be +134 American. And, -200 Americans would be -2.50 Indonesian.

Negative Indonesian odds represent how much you should bet to win a single unit.

Malay Odds

Malay odds are expressed in positive or negative numbers and are always smaller than 1. Malay odds are reversed, unlike other odds formats that use negatives for favorites and positives for underdogs.

In case of negative odds, it shows how much you need to bet to win one unit. For instance, -0.700 means you must bet $0.70 to win $1.

When the odds are positive, you will be shown how much you can win on a 1 unit stake. For instance, 0.600 means $1 to win $0.60.

However, payouts are the same no matter the odds format you choose. For instance, odds in decimal format 1.90 are equal to Hong Kong odds 0.90, Malay Odds 0.90, and Indonesian odds -1.111.

Asian handicap betting- why is it good for the bettors?

Asian bookie handicap betting

One reason for choosing Asian bookie websites to bet on football is that they offer the Asian handicap. This type of bet is ultimately good for bettors because it gives them a better chance to cover their wager.

How does it work? Asian handicap is an advanced betting. It aims to level out the odds when the match is between two unevenly matched teams.

Let’s say Manchester United is playing against a small unknown club. It goes without saying that MU has a greater advantage over the club. In Asian handicap, MU will be assigned a “handicap”.

This means that for each goal MU scores- they will garner fewer points. On the other hand, the club will get more points when they score a goal. So, before the match starts, it’s decided that in order to get more points than the underdog- MU must score 4 goals against the club. If they score 2 goals- even though they have won the match, they will lose the bet.

By deducting goals from the stronger team, the Asian handicap gives both teams an approximate 50/50 chance of reaching a level score.

By the end of the match, if the underdog team has manages to reach the number of points that was set as its target- the people betting on the club win.

The good thing about Asian handicap is that it gives punters a better chance of covering their bets. As this handicap eliminates the possibility of a “draw” – bet-wise- there is always a winner.

Factors to consider while choosing the best Asian football betting sites or other gambling sites

best Asian football betting sites

To choose an Asian bookie effectively, you must consider some essential parameters. Take a look at banking options, market selection, safety, and customer support. Here is what else you must look at-

Mobile Features

The mobile support feature is the most critical parameter in considering an Asian sportsbook. Most of the players today prefer mobile more than desktop. Registering and betting from mobile is much more convenient. Hence mobile compatibility is an essential feature, and you should not overlook it while selecting an Asian bookmaker. Also, check the performance of the app on your device.

The user interface on the websites

Being able to navigate easily on a betting platform is the most convenient factor for users. It enhances the gambling experience and makes navigation easy. You must evaluate the usability of the Asian sportsbook by navigating through the website. Also, you should visit the website on your mobile browser. If possible, download the app and navigate through that also.


The next thing you want to consider is the bonus program. Welcome bonuses are typical on all online betting websites. Other than that, find one which provides generous rewards for existing players. It should at least reward the loyalty of players playing for long.

Market Selection

You must consider the market selection and do a thorough evaluation of the best Asian betting sites. The more you evaluate the market, the more accurate result would be.

Odds offered

You need to consider two different fields in this aspect. Always look at the quality of odds the sportsbook offers. Compare the price that measures market offers and evaluate if you can get it at other sportsbooks in Asian countries.

Second thing is to consider the odds format. Asia commonly uses a decimal type of odds, while the standard odds format in the UK is fractional. Also, some countries have various ways of presenting the odds. For example, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong all follow different formats.

Choosing the best Asian bookmakers for Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

On choosing the best Asian bookmaker, you should always consider critical parameters like banking options, license, reputation, security, rewards, and customer support. You need to be careful with Asian bookies as these are different from international bookmakers.

Now, after reading it all, you must have a fair idea of how to evaluate and choose a suitable bookmaker site in Asia! Find the best one and get registered today on an open platform like ASAA88- Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino.


Is there any difference between Asian and European betting sites?

Asian bookies usually have similar betting markets to European sportsbooks. They support several currencies, along with several payment methods. However, they may have lesser special features comparatively.

The most challenging part for players in European and Asian betting is the type of odds. They both provide different types of odds for sports Singapore & Malaysia betting. Asian betting offers Malaysian, Hong Kong, and Indonesian odds, while European betting offers decimal odds.

What is meant by Asian handicap in betting?

Asian handicap is the type of betting in which bets are made over football teams. The teams in football are handicapped depending on the form, and the stronger one should win by more goals. That’s how the punter betting on that particular football team gets to win. Typically, handicaps range from one quarter to several goals with increments of half or even quarter goals.

Another advantage of Asian handicap betting is it decreases the possible number of outcomes from 3 to 2 by eliminating the draw outcome.

This means there are only two betting options with a 50% chance of success for each.

What is the Asian total?

Asian handicap betting for total goals is called Asian total. It works like under/over betting with specific differences between lines. One can bet on quarter, complete, and half-lines under or over 0.5, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, etc.

For instance, consider Norwich vs. Manchester City. Over just one goal in Asian total full lines bet, you’ll win even if the match has at least two goals. You might lose your bet if it becomes a goalless match. And in case there’s just one goal in the match, you’ll get your money refunded.

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