League of Legends is one the most competitive e-sport, and every year, bettors place predictions on different tournaments. As a beginner, the chances of winning a bet are slim since several factors can affect a prediction. This is where LoL betting tips play a very important role in winning a bet.

For instance, if a particular team loses every match for a long period, you should avoid placing a bet on them. Keeping this in mind, we at ASAA88.bet have compiled this guide to help you master LoL betting like a pro.

Simply, take a look at our 15 amazing LoL betting tips, and you will be able to place a bet like an expert. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

15 Amazing LoL Betting Tips And Prediction Strategies

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This section covers some of the most widely used LoL betting tips and LoL predictions professionals use:

1. Keep A Note On Tournament History

A bettor should always research all teams’ successes and strengths when it comes to LoL betting and LoL predictions. This increases the chances for a bettor to win a match bet easily.

2. Reach Individual Team’s Past Performance

Apart from thorough research about the tournament’s history, a bettor should assess each team and player individually. For instance, if a team is losing five times in a row, a bettor should avoid betting on their individual player for that team. This helps in minimizing the loss while making a bet.

3. Analyse Head-To-Head Encounters

Another important LoL betting tip most professionals recommend is to analyze the strengths of two teams against each other. If a certain team cannot win against an opposing team, they have fewer chances of winning in the future. As such, you should place a bet on them.

4. Know The Game Map

Just as knowing the individual players is important, a bettor should clearly understand the game map. LoL has three main maps players enjoy playing, but the Summoner’s Rift Map is the most widely used map for esports.

On that note, lol bettors are recommended to place their LoL prediction once they understand the game map and how each player interacts with the different mechanics.  Players well-versed in the map have higher chances of stealing the first kill.

5. Understand The Team Roles

When it comes to League of Legends, the matches are designed to be team-based. As such, players have an important role in specializing in roles like support, jungler, top-laner, bot laner and many more.

Players specializing in more than one role have higher chances of supporting the team to victory. It would help if you also make sure that the players coordinate and communicate with each other during the match.

The opposing team can easily defeat uncoordinated teams. Therefore, you should never rely on such teams since they can make you lose money.

6. Try Out Different LoL Betting Markets

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Since its increasing popularity, League of Legends has had a dozen different LoL betting markets. As such, bettors have many options for finding great deals and values in the betting market.

7. Never Forget To Cash Out

Nowadays, all online casinos betting site in Malaysia and Singapore allow bettors to cash out after they have won a bet. This is extremely beneficial if you are not confident about your team’s performance for future matches.

8. Set A Fixed Budget

According to research, most bettors lose money since they overspend on a certain bet. Bettors should understand when to place LoL predictions and when to withdraw. Players that withdraw early have higher chances of preventing themselves from a heavy financial loss.

9. Stay Safe And Avoid Scammers

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Lastly, bettors should avoid getting involved with scammers since they can easily trick them and cause heavy losses in the long run. A few cryptocurrency sites are trustworthy, but some need a thorough investigation before you can trust them.

10. Select The Best LoL Betting Sites

When it comes to LoL betting, one of the best ways to increase the chances of winning is by selecting a trustworthy and reliable LoL betting site. Some sites offer excellent lol betting odds to the bettors after they have signed up. Bonuses and betting offers are ways to identify a trustworthy LoL betting site.

11. Always Talk To Other Gamers

Talking to other players and gamers is sometimes necessary, even if they don’t belong to your team. By doing so, you can gain a different perspective on the games and various strategies that remain hidden amongst players. Some gamers can provide you with alternative prediction perspectives that will increase your chance of winning.

Nevertheless, you will need to be careful of other players since they can try to trick you into making the wrong predictions.

12. Use All Available LoL Betting Bonuses

LoL bettors should always stay vigilant about lol esports betting bonuses since these can be used to turn the table around while betting. Normally, a matched deposit bonus can offer you plenty to play with, but there are far better deals than that. For instance, a losing bet refund ensures that the bettor gets a refund of the money if they lose a certain bet.

Similarly, an enhanced lol betting odds offer gives the bettor better odds of winning a particular bet.

13. Check For Player’s Absentees

Normally, the LoL is considered a team sport since it requires the full team to participate. However, some players can singlehandedly change the game’s direction towards victory.

As such, bettors should always check the team line-up before any major game. If an important player is not playing the game, you should avoid placing a bet on the team since they have less chance of winning.

14. Explore Some Live LoL Betting

Apart from betting on pre-matches, bettors should watch a couple of live LoL matches since they are different. The tactics and strategies used in live LoL matches differ significantly from regular pre-match betting strategies.

Keeping this in mind, bettors should always try out new strategies whenever they get a chance. This helps to give them more exposure to the game and increases their odds of winning.

15. Handicap Your LoL Bets

This is one of the most effective strategies for getting better and higher returns while backing the favourites. Besides that, you can also win more by supporting the underdogs. Using this strategy might require experience since it takes a while for the bettor to get the hang of handicap bets. Nevertheless, the rewards are worth the risk.

LoL Betting Predictions VS Picks

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Although picks and predictions might sound like familiar concepts, they are fundamentally different. As such, every bettor should know the key difference between these two terms before placing any LoL bets. For starters, picks are usually associated with players chosen by fantasy sports fans. These selected players are listed in the fantasy roster.

After this has been done, the selected players accumulate points based on the performance of real players. Ultimately, the fantasy team with the most points is declared the winner.

On the other hand, bettors usually place predictions after forming an expectation for a certain LoL event or match. The predictions can be made on different scenarios such as first kill team, tournament winner, match winner, Baron killer etc. Unlike predictions, picks don’t have any connection with betting.

Most Important LoL Betting Tournament

As a bettor, keeping yourself updated regarding the important LoL betting tournaments is very important. One of the best ways to earn huge profits from LoL e-sports betting is by placing a bet on a big tournament. During a big tournament, the sportsbook has better competition coverage, allowing them to offer high odds for a larger section of the betting market.

In addition, some sportsbook offer promotions during the start of a big LoL event. This attracts many bettors to gather together and share their predictions and tips with each other.

Why Does Live Betting Matter For League Of Legends Bets?

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In simple terms, live betting is the process in which a bettor places a wager during an ongoing match. Most LoL betting tips and predictions are for pre-match betting. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways of using pre-calculated prediction while placing a live wager.

Live wagering is the process of creating and designing wagering tips. For this purpose, tipsters and bettors should watch the player’s performances and follow all events during a match.

This helps the bettors gather every detail related to the match, such as odd changes, better predictions for odds and how accurate the predictions are. If a bettor participates in multiple live bets, they can improve their weakness and remove unwanted lop holes while betting.


With that, we have reached the end of this guide, and we hope you can master some of the LoL betting tips mentioned in this guide. According to experts, LoL bettors must first familiarize themselves with the game’s various roles, gameplay and mechanics if they want to place a strong bet.

Apart from that, knowing how to play safely while managing your money is important if you want to prevent bet losses on online casinos in Singapore and Malaysia. We highly recommend you keep an eye on our website since we plan to introduce more LoL betting tips. Feel free to visit our ASAA88 site to try some LOL betting tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Bets Can A Bettor Place On League Of Legends?

When it comes to League of Legends, there are three types of bet options which all bettors widely use:
1. First Blood: Out of all the bets, most bettors prefer to use this method since it is simple and less technical. As the name suggests, bettors place bets on teams with a higher chance of making the first kill of the game.
2. First to take Baron: Just like the first blood bet, the bettors place bets on a team with a higher chance of killing Baron in the match’s early stages.
3. Match Duration: Compared to other e-sport titles with a set time limit, LoL games usually last until one team is defeated. Most matches last for a duration of 15 minutes to an hour. As such, some bettors prefer to bet on the duration of the match.

2. How Can I Get Better At Making LoL Betting Predictions?

One of the best ways to improve yourself in LoL betting prediction is by updating yourself with the current trends of the game. Bettors are strongly advised to watch each game and note any new changes within the tournaments. This increases their chances of winning an LoL bet on Malaysia bet sites.
Moreover, bettors should always make predictions after checking the latest results, history and roster changes of the competition teams.

3. What Is The Major Mistake Bettors Make While Placing A Bet On League Of Legends?

According to research, a major mistake bettors make while placing a bet on league of Legends is when they allow themselves to get swayed by their emotions. In addition, this can be misleading if you blindly trust the rumours circulating in the LoL e-sports betting market. Experts recommend that bettors should keep a calm and rational mind if they want to win a wager in LoL.
For example, a long time ago, experts believed European, and North American LoL teams had fewer chances of winning than Asian teams. This resulted in bettors placing bets on Asian LoL teams, which became a standard stereotype.
Eventually, the stereotype ended in 2018 when players from the EU and NA started to win every match. In short, bettors should never allow their emotions to lead them astray.

4. Why Is LoL Betting Popular?

One of the main reasons LoL betting is popular is the game’s unique gameplay and high-quality graphic content. Most bettors find the visual breathtaking, and the matches’ intensity keeps them hooked to the game.
Online casinos in Singapore and Malaysia betting sites offer a wide range of betting options for popular worldwide tournaments.

5. Can I Bet On LoL Through My Smartphone Device?

Yes! Nowadays, most Malaysia and Singapore betting sites offer bettors the opportunity to place bets from the comfort of their smartphones. Most sportsbook sites provide bettors to place bets through their Android or IOS apps.
However, some sites might not provide users with apps, but they can still place bets through the sites. This is possible because the site adjusts itself to the screen size of your smartphone device.

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