If you are a newbie in football betting and want to know more, you have come to the right place. As the football season is here, you might want to learn how to bet on football games. If you are familiar with how sports betting works, feel free to skip the basics.

We have got a few things for you to learn before you place bets on football games. First, understand the basics of sports betting and the terms involved in placing wagers.

These all essential pieces of information are relatively very easy to grasp. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much time to catch up. If you are looking for a good place for sports betting– sign up for ASAA88 Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

One of the significant things you should understand about football betting is that you can place different wagers simultaneously. Necessarily, you don’t use all kinds of wagers. However, it’s still advisable to learn at least about one of them.

Below, we will look at two of the most popular types of wagers. Others are just commonly used choices, and there are various options for wagering on multiple games with a single bet.

The Most Popular Types of football betting in Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

There are two types of football betting which are pretty popular and used more than any other. Many people who bet on a football game choose the following wagers. Some of us may already know all about these and how they work. But we will explain in brief for those who don’t know.

Using Point Spreads to make a bet

While betting on football, the betting team should ‘cover the spread.’ This means that the team should win by a certain predetermined set of points.

This type of betting uses handicaps and is used to create a 50/50 proposition for wagering. For better understanding, a bookmaker can offer the point spread on a football match. It can be for any game like Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego.

Using total to make a bet

While betting through total, the wager is made from the sum of points scored by both teams. It doesn’t depend on which team wins the match, but a final score of both combined.

A total bet is a single wager on whether the run total, point or combined goal will justify what the oddsmakers set before the event or not. The bettors are concerned with the team’s total score at the end of the game while placing a total wager.

Understanding the basics of football

how to bet on football online

There are plenty of tricks to improve your chances to win the game. You will cover more advanced topics about betting games if you are genuinely committed to making a consistent profit in the long term.

Keep following these simple tips and tricks, which will straight away give you a better route about winning in the football betting game.

  • Manage Your Bankroll
  • Use the Internet to Bet
  • Be Selective
  • Shop Around
  • Watch the Games
  • Understand Probability & Expected Value
  • Analyze Your Betting Performance
  • Use the Off-Season Effectively
  • Learn how to play football bet by managing the Bankroll

This is exceptionally important. It is fair to say that you cannot be a successful bettor if you don’t learn how to manage the Bankroll. Poor money management will always make you broke, no matter how good your skills are.

Managing a good Bankroll is not that difficult. You just need to set some rules for how much you will stake in your wager. The more challenging aspect is sticking to the rules. But if you have better discipline, then that shouldn’t be hard work for you.

Managing your bankrolls for football betting is sincere as managing a bankroll for betting on other sports.

  • Put a bet on football through the internet

This advice is not really suitable for a strategy, but it is surely something you should consider. Betting through the internet is by far the easiest way to get it done, especially with ASAA88 Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino. Also, it comes with advantages.

Online, there are several bonuses and rewards that you can take advantage of and boost your bankroll.

Usually, odds and lines are also very competitive, and there is a vast selection of betting markets. It would be best if you did not go with the first betting site you find out. See if the site is trustworthy, is offering you good bonuses, and has 24×7 virtual support before signing up.

  • Be Selective on where and what to bet on

football fundamentals for dummies

People’s biggest mistake while learning how to bet on football is placing too many wagers simultaneously. Successful betting is not about the number of wagers you place. It is always about the quality of those wagers.

It’s a good idea to set a small number. Also, it’s okay if you pass the whole betting game week if you don’t see any wonderful opportunity. Betting for just the sake of it doesn’t work out well.

  • Shop Around for the best football sports betting

Imagine putting some of your savings through a local bank, and you have two Banks to choose from. One bank is offering you 6% interest, and another one is offering 8%. If all other factors are the same, you’d probably take the 8% one, right? Anybody will go with that one only, as we all want the best potential returns on our money.

The same principle applies while we do betting on football games. Here, you are not looking for the best interest rates. But, you are looking for the best odds and lines.

Investing time in research makes a very significant difference in your overall results. We would like to suggest you have multiple accounts at a few of the leading online football betting sites. This lets you compare the odds for every bet you place.

  • Watch the Games on how football works

One mistake before football betting is not watching enough games. A lot of people believe that the best way to become a successful bettor is by focusing on analyzing stats to make a wonderful decision.

Stats will help you a lot, but they are not a substitute for actually watching games and forming your decisions into relative strengths and weaknesses of the teams and players you bet.

  • Understand Probability & Expected Value

how to gamble on football and win

Mathematics plays a significant role in the gambling game of any kind. If you want to be a successful football bettor, you need to be aware of all the mathematics involved. More specifically, you have to learn about the probability and expected value of a gambling game.

Without this knowledge, you will bet depending on what you think might happen. You may think this is all you have to do, but becoming a successful bettor is more complicated than what you’re thinking.

Before you place a wager, learn to determine how likely you think the bet could win. This is the place where probability comes in. It would be best to compare the odds you are being offered with the likelihood of winning. That is where the expected value comes in.

The basic probability principle and the expected value should not be too complicated, even though you’re not an expert in mathematics. You have to understand the mathematical terms.

  • Analyze Your Football Betting Performance

It is very important to analyze your betting performance if you want to maximize your profit potential. No matter how professional you become in betting, there will always be many ways to improve your skills.

Even the most experienced bettors can make silly mistakes in choosing a perfect team to win. The most successful strategy is to adjust the existing strategies to be even better.

The most effective way to analyze is to keep an accurate record of all the wagers you placed. Many bettors get bothered by this process. It doesn’t even take much time to maintain a balance sheet of your placements. Once you complete your spreadsheet, your work will become very easy because you will record your activities.

Whenever you feel challenging to place a wager, look at the sheet you made.

  • Use The Off-Season Effectively

An expert bettor knows that achieving a gigantic success takes a long time and requires effort and hard work. There is plenty of activity to do during the session, and it’s not the game where you sit back and chill.

Preparing yourself and studying about an upcoming session during your free time can be helpful for you, and it is something you really should do all the time.

There are many ways to improve your betting edge by utilizing the off-season effectively, and you should try to do the same.

You can even bet to win the super bowl this year if you understood the tips mentioned above!

Understanding football betting numbers

how to bet on games

Most people who bet on football or any other sports are a fan themselves! You’d never see someone placing bets on big games like NCAA basketball final four or the Super bowl who doesn’t watch it regularly.

The bettors are the fans who want to explore their knowledge and skills for the game beyond just watching it on tv.

To win 100, all you need to do is understand the math behind the game.

Depending on your favorite game, you might need to understand the terms like quarterback ratings, bye weeks, underdogs, etc. For instance, let’s consider-

You and your friend meet up in a casino, both carrying $200 in the pocket. On a big game night like the Redskins and Cowboys, you go through the sportsbook to check out the latest game news. Imagine while browsing through it, you see some funny numbers on the wagering board like-

  • 429 Redskins -4 -200 38
  • 428 Cowboys +175

This is not even easy enough to read. -4 Redskins means they are favored to win. They can do so by scoring at least 5 points over a bet on ‘Skins to pay out’. With the next number that is -200 (Moneyline), Redskins are a 2/1 favorite. And the last number, 38 is the total, under/over of expected points to be scored in the game.


Football betting has a vast range of markets and accessibility. You can get started easily with the right kind of efforts. The technical terms can daunt initially, but it all gets clarified with time.

It is a lot of fun to bet on football games, but you should be careful as a beginner. Walk one step at a time, and do not rush yourself through the process. Learn and move step-by-step until you are confident about your strategies.

Know how to make a bet, pick out the best value bets, and don’t get disappointed if your strategy doesn’t work out in the end.


What Are The Basics of Football Odds?

Odds are the bread and butter of the bookmakers. They represent the statistical likelihood of an event happening. It all depends on the odds being created based on that chance.

A coin flip has two outcomes – tails or heads. The lack of other factors that impact a coin toss has a 50 percent chance of landing a head. The same stands true for the tail.

In terms of gambling, it is equal to the ratio of profit won at the stake. The possibility of it landing on tails and heads is the same. If you bet £10 on it and turn out to be lucky, you win £10. This is added on top of the original stake meant to be returned.

There are three outcomes on any football match (away win, home win, draw, or 1X2). It relies on factors like the ability of the player.

What Is the bookie edge?

The bookmaker’s edge is also called margin, juice, vigorish. This is how the bookmaker earns a profit from every market and event offered. You can calculate it by determining the percentage chance depending on the odds.

Let’s consider the coin toss example, where a bookmaker offers the market would price at around 19/20 (1.95) on each side. It is an implied percentage chance of 51.3 percent. This is a little higher than the actual chance- 50%. Theoretically, the bookie edge would be 2.6%. This is the implied percentage chance of combining both sides minus 100%.

If a bookie takes exact amounts of money on both sides, it turns out to be around 2.6 pence for every £1 wagered. This £1 bet will make bettor win 95p rather than £1, which they would typically win without an edge. The edge lies anywhere between 5% and 20% for a three-way market for any match result.

With one bookmaker, the winning team A could be priced at 6/5 (2.20). However, with another bookmaker, they could be at 11/10 (2.10). A punter should always go for the price that gives him the best return. If a bookmaker makes more odds on one side of the market rather than others, they have more liability. They do not guarantee a profit and will adjust the prices to make the popular selection less attractive.

Is it possible to bet on both teams in football betting?

Yes, you can bet on both teams. Betting on both teams is quite common and is often called middling or arbitrage betting. This can cause the bettor to earn a good profit no matter the outcome. The bettor places one bet for each outcome, also with multiple betting companies.

However, you must follow the conditions in football betting. Arbitrage betting is when the bookmakers have several opinions on the outcome of a sports event. This one is the most common when people learn about betting on multiple teams.

How to bet on Football With The Easiest Bet To Win?

Football accumulators are very tempting, especially when short-priced favorites dominate the betting on many matches. But bookmakers are fond of accumulators because one of the good teams always lets punters down. Accumulators swing the odds in favor of the bookmakers. This is why a lot of them propose accumulator bonuses to tempt punters.

Punters placing accumulator bets tend to bet quickly and irrationally because analyzing all the statistics for matches and finding value bets for each takes a lot of time. Top tipsters study just a few matches where think they can find value bets.

How To Make a Bet on a Football Game with Double Chance?

Football knowledge for beginners is incomplete without double chance bets. In a double chance bet, you can pick a team to win or allow them to draw to win your bet. This popular form of betting effectively increases the chances of winning your bet as you are backing more outcomes. In just one bet, you can cover two of three possible outcomes. It offers both win/draw options for both parties.

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