Online live casinos take wagering conditions seriously.  It bridges the desire to withdraw winnings and casino bonuses. The wagering requirement determines a player’s minimum bet in a physical casino. They have to finish this before they can get their bonus. The multiplier indicates how often the bonus and, occasionally, bonus plus deposit must be wagered. The usual values are 20x, 30x, 40x, etc.

Online casinos in Singapore and Malaysia must know the wagering requirement regardless of experience. These conditions greatly impact bonuses and winnings.  A bonus may seem generous, but wagering requirements limit players’ benefits. For example, it may be difficult to keep any winnings if the wagering requirement is high. The player must continue to place daily wagers and risk their balance to meet the requirement.

Players must understand wagering requirements to choose and use bonuses. These bonuses’ commitment, risk, and potential rewards must be understood. Understanding wagering requirements helps Singapore and Malaysian online casino players make better decisions. This maximizes their enjoyment and possible winnings while minimizing needless losses. If you wish to play online casinos, check out the official website of ASAA88

Definition and Application in Online Casinos

Malaysia and Singapore have rollover or playthrough requirements for online casinos. It specifies how often a player must bet a bonus to withdraw winnings. These specifications use 20x, 30x, or 40x multipliers. Casino bonuses usually include a deposit, welcome, and free spins.

Place a wager of $3,000 ($100 x 30) to withdraw winnings from a $100 online casino bonus with 30x wagering. The application of these requirements can vary significantly between casinos. The requirement may apply to the bonus alone or the player’s deposit.

Why Casinos Implement Wagering Requirements?

Casinos in Singapore and Malaysia implement wagering requirements for several key reasons:

  1. To Prevent Bonus Abuse: Without wagering requirements, players could withdraw low-wagering casino bonus funds immediately without playing, leading to significant financial losses for the casino. Wagering requirements ensure that players engage with the live casino games. They contribute to the casino’s operation before they can withdraw bonus-derived winnings.
  2. To Encourage Fair Play: Wagering requirements level the playing field by ensuring that all players use their bonuses to play games. This encourages a healthier, more competitive environment where bonuses serve their intended purpose: to enhance the player’s gaming experience.
  3. To Promote Active Engagement: Casinos encourage players to explore different games and become more active participants on their platforms. This not only increases player engagement but also introduces players to a wider variety of gaming experiences.
  4. To Sustain the Bonus System: Bonuses are a major attraction for players. But they also represent a significant cost to casinos. Wagering requirements help balance the attractiveness of bonuses with the financial sustainability of the casino. It ensures that the bonus system remains viable and beneficial for both parties in the long term.

Wagering Requirements Mechanism

Online casino bonuses must include wagering requirements. It dictates how players can convert bonus money into withdrawable cash. To manage their bonuses, players must comprehend the mechanics underlying these requirements. This increases their chances of cashing out earnings.

Wagering Rules—How Do They Work?

Players must wager bonus funds before withdrawing winnings. Usually, these specifications are stated as a multiple of the bonus sum. But they can also apply to the sum of the bonus and the player’s deposit.

Calculations and Examples

Example 1: Bonus-Only Wagering Requirement

If a player receives a $100 bonus with a 30x wagering requirement, they must wager $3,000 (30 x $100) in total before withdrawing.

Example 2: Deposit + Bonus Wagering Requirement

If a player deposits $100 and receives a $100 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement on both the deposit and the bonus, the total wagering requirement would be $4,000 (20 x ($100 + $100)).

Types of Conditions for Wagering

Wagering requirements limit online casino bonus withdrawals. Players face two wagering requirements. Those that apply to the bonus amount exclusively include the bonus plus the deposit amount. Players must comprehend the distinction between these two to determine a casino bonus’s true value accurately.

Wagering Requirement for Bonus Only

In this instance, the only item subject to the wagering requirement is the player’s bonus amount. This type is generally more favorable to players. This is mainly because less money must be wagered to meet the requirements.


  • Bonus Awarded: $100
  • Minimum wager: 30x bonus amount
  • $100 bonus x $30 wagering requirement = $3,000.
  • Required Bet: $3,000

For instance, players must wager $3,000 to withdraw bonus funds.

Bonus + Deposit Wagering

Wagering requirements on bonus and deposit amounts increase the total amount wagered. Players may need help removing bonuses and taking winnings.


  • Deposit Made: $100
  • Bonus Received: $100 (100% match)
  • Minimum wager: 30x bonus + deposit
  • Formula: $100 (deposit) + $100 (bonus) x 30 (wagering requirement) = $6,000.
  • Wager Required: $6,000

The player is required to wager a total of $6,000 in this scenario. Since the deposit is included, it requires twice as much as the “bonus only” example for the same bonus amount.

Strategies for Beating Wagering Requirement

Online casino players aim to beat wagering requirements. It aims to turn bonus money into cash without reducing bankrolls. There is no proper way to meet these requirements, but some strategies might be helpful. 

Here is some advice on how to deal with wagering requirements more skillfully: 

1. Know the Wagering Requirement

Check wagering requirements before using a bonus. Know whether the requirements apply to the bonus only or both the bonus and your deposit. This information will help you calculate your total stake.

2. Pick bonuses with low wagering

Bonuses are not all made equal. Seek out promotions with less wagering requirements, as these are more manageable. Bonuses with 20x or less requirements are regarded as excellent offers.

3. Select the Right Games

Different games contribute differently towards meeting the wagering requirements. Live casino games online slots contribute 100%. Tabletop games like blackjack and real live roulette online might contribute less. It is sometimes as low as 10% or not at all. Playing games that contribute 100% allows you to meet the wagering requirements faster.

4. Use High RTP Gaming

Games with high RTPs increase your chances of winning. As a result, you can meet the wagering requirements more easily. Slot machines with 96% or higher RTP often give out substantial prizes.

5. Carefully Consider Your Bets

It is critical to balance managing your bankroll and your wagering needs. Your bank account can be quickly depleted by excessive wagering. However, too small bets might not help you meet the requirements in time. A common strategy is to start with smaller bets. Then, gradually increase them as you get closer to meeting the requirement or if you score a significant win.

6. Take Advantage of No-Sticky Bonuses

No-sticky bonuses are those where your deposit and bonus funds are kept separate. You play with your deposit first. If you win, you can withdraw without touching the bonus and thus avoid the wagering requirements. If you lose your deposit, the bonus acts as a second chance.

7. Keep Track of Your Progress

Recall how much you have already wagered and how much more you must wager to meet the requirements. This will let you modify your betting plan as necessary. 

8. Know When to Stop

You should stop and take out what is left of your deposit if you start losing more than you feel comfortable with or if the betting seems impossible. The idea is to have fun while playing games without going over budget.

Pros and Cons of Wagering Requirement

One aspect of bonuses offered by many online casinos is wagering requirements. It seeks to achieve equilibrium between the players’ and the casino’s interests. They have pros and cons for both parties despite their clear purpose.

Advantages of Wagering Requirement

For Casinos:

  • Stop Bonus Abuse: The best way to stop bonus abuse is to have wagering requirements. It ensures that players can not take their bonus money if they do not play. This helps to maintain the casino’s viability and profitability.
  • Boost Engagement: Extended play times and deeper game interactions can make casino patrons more devoted. Before they can take their winnings, players have to wager a certain amount.
  • Control Promotions: By imposing wagering requirements, casinos can control risk while providing huge bonuses and promotions. This can maintain the interest of current players while drawing in new ones.

For Players:

  • Increased Playtime: Bonuses with wagering requirements give players more funds to play with. This extends their gaming sessions without requiring additional deposits.
  • Explore New Games: With bonus funds, players can explore a wider range of games than they might with just their money. It is possible to discover new favorites without as much risk.
  • Potential for Higher Winnings: The extended playtime and opportunity to explore more games increase the potential for winning. This gives players a chance to build up their bankroll from bonus funds.

Disadvantages of Wagering Requirement

For Casinos:

  • Complexity and Confusion: High or complex wagering requirements can confuse players. They become unhappy, which might discourage them from using bonuses or even visiting the casino.
  • Customer Complaints: Disagreements and complaints may arise from misunderstandings of how wagering requirements operate. It requires time and resources to resolve, potentially harming the casino’s reputation.

For Players:

  • Difficulty with Winnings: Players may encounter difficulties converting bonus money into withdrawable cash due to the high wagering requirements. There may be frustration and a sense that bonuses are worth less.  
  • Limitations on Gameplay: Because various games contribute in different ways to the wagering requirements, players may feel pressured to play games they would not normally pick or enjoy just to satisfy the requirements.
  • Risk of Losing More Money: Players may deposit and lose more money than they intended to meet wagering requirements, which would offset the bonus’s apparent value.


Online casinos such as ASAA88 use wagering requirements to offer bonuses and avoid losses. These requirements determine how much a player must wager before withdrawing bonus funds and vary by casino and bonus offer.

We have covered the calculation of wagering requirements and how different types (bonus only vs. bonus + deposit) affect the total amount a player must wager. We also advised players on choosing games and managing bets to handle these conditions better.

The pros and cons of the player’s and casino’s wagering requirements show their dual nature. They prevent bonus abuse and boost player engagement, but if implemented poorly, they can cause complexity and customer dissatisfaction for casinos. While wagering requirements can increase winnings and lengthen playtime, they can also frustrate players by making it difficult to withdraw winnings.

Players online must understand wagering requirements. They significantly impact casino bonuses’ value and a player’s gambling experience. Players can maximize bonuses, extend play, and win more while managing their bankroll by being informed and strategic.

Understanding wagering requirements before accepting a bonus is key. This knowledge helps players make smart choices, making online gambling fun and profitable. 


1. How do wagering requirements work?

Casino bonuses require 100 dollars and 30 x wagering. The player usually bets around $3000 ($100 bonus x 30). The player bets $3,000 ($100 bonus x 30). Before withdrawing any winnings earned with the bonus, players must finish this.

2. Do 40-time wagering requirements mean anything?

The 40x wagering requirement requires players to wager about 40 times their bonus. They must complete this before they can take their winnings out. The $50 bonus requires wagering $2,000 ($50 x 40) to withdraw.

3. What is 10X wagering? 

Only after players have wagered ten times the bonus can winnings be removed. To withdraw winnings, wager ten times the bonus. $100 bonus players must bet $1,000 ($100 x 10) to meet the 10x requirement.

4. What is the process of placing a bet?

Gamble by betting on casino games. One way to bet is to play slots with a $100 bonus. Spins count toward casino wagering requirements. To meet the 20x requirement, the player must wager $2,000 on games. 

5. Does Singapore have laws against wagering agreements?

The legality of wagering agreements varies depending on the situation in Singapore. Regulatory bodies closely regulate bets and other gambling activities. At Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools, only authorized wagering is permitted. While gambling is permitted in licensed online casinos, it is generally not allowed. This covers both gaming in private and gaming via unlicensed operators. For the most up-to-date information, referring to Singaporean law today is crucial.

6. Is placing a bet a gamble?

Indeed, gambling includes betting as well. It is financial wagering on games of chance at the casino or athletic events that might have unanticipated results. Your winnings will rise as a result of doing this. Online gamers often use “wagering” to meet bonus or promotion requirements. It involves betting, which is gambling.

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