In the world of online sports betting, no other sport is as popular as football. If you are a football freak and are sure that you can predict the results of football matches, why not try your luck at online Malaysia betting? If you want to make good money by making predictions about your favorite teams and players, here are some football betting tips that you can keep in mind before you try your luck. And if you are a beginner and are looking for betting tips for football matches, you are at the right place. Asaa88 is here to help you with the best football betting tips for today, tomorrow and always

Best football betting tips

Before we start on betting tips, you need to know that betting of any kind is best practiced on a safe platform. If you are interested in online Singaore betting on football matches, you should find a reputed, regulated platform that will keep your winnings safe and guarantee proper payouts. There are best football betting tips‘ apps too but it’s important to check whether it’s reputed and safe or not before you sign up for them.

Online Singapore Betting with registered platforms is secure. Otherwise, if you are placing your bets with some unregistered agents or some shady joint, you are most likely to lose your money or get cheated out of your winnings.

Now, let us look at some pointers before you start doling out your tips and predictions. These may come in handy in case you are a football betting in Malaysia enthusiast.

Football betting tips for Malaysia & Singapore Online Casino

When you are betting on football, you must know what to bet on. Football tipsters have to be sure what they should place bets on.

1. Winning football team

Your football predictions can start by guessing the winning team. Be it the top football leagues or small matches, the most important question is that who is the winner. This will always have a 50-50 chance.

2. Correct score

Now comes the tricky parts. If you can guess the correct score for the winning team, or both the teams, you are making a big gamble. But remember- no risk, no gain.

3. Player’s performance

This is a no brainer. Almost every football fan around the globe has bet on whether their favorite players will score a goal or stop one. The point of a football match is to get the teams to score as many goals as they can, and for the goalkeepers to prevent the other team from doing so.

So, you can bet on your favorite strikers scoring a goal or how many goals he will score; or how many goals the goalkeepers defend.

4. Champion of a league

This is, of course, the ultimate bet. You can bet on all types of football leagues. If there is a premier league championship or your local neighborhood league- you have to predict who will be the final champion. You can bet on local leagues, or the international ones like UEFA Champions League, La Liga, or FIFA World Cup.

Depending on the betting market, there can be more types of bet– which can come down to specific actions and events.

You must be in a hurry to go and place your bets now. However, betting is not something you do in a hurry. There is a method to this madness. If you are serious about betting on football matches and want to score big- here are some things about online betting you should know.

How to bet on football tips

sporting life football betting tips

1. Free Football Betting Tips And Prediction- Know Your Markets

This is the cardinal rule of betting. You MUST know the market before you make a bet.

You have to know what bets are possible in the market that you are playing in. Compare it with other markets, and try the odds at the ones that suit you best. As we pointed out before, different markets allow for different types of bets.

The most common bet available is win/draw/win, but you can bet several other outcomes, like the correct scores, results of each half, a player’s performance, etc.

2. Tips To Win Football Bets- Know The Sport Inside Out

Know this- unless you understand the ins and outs of the sport you are betting on; you will end up losing a lot of money. Any bettor should know all the rules of football before placing a bet. You must know what can go wrong, which action can lead to what consequence, and how scores are determined.

Unless you understand the game, you will not understand a team’s strategy. Understanding gaming strategies can play a huge role in determining the odds. Know about what attack and defense strategies the teams have in place- read up on how these strategies have fared against each other in the past.

Yes, this is time-consuming. But even little details can help you here. Know about the field. How is the grass? What is the ball that will be used? What is the weather going to be like? Who is the referee? All of these affect the game and keeping tabs on them can help you make more informed bets.

Going in-depth with analysis only adds to the enjoyment of the game and the betting experience. Armed with knowledge, you can sort out the good bets from the mediocre ones. Bettors who are good at assessing the odds bet on things which may seem counter-intuitive, but are proven to be right more often.

3. International Football Betting Tips- Maintain Discipline

Here is the secret to becoming a successful bettor- you have to be very, very disciplined. Sport betting is more often a matter of research and hard work than luck. Sure, luck is something most amateurs go by, but the serious gamblers never go by it.

Think of the movie Moneyball. It is a true-life story of a baseball coach, Billy Beane who devised a method by which they could pinpoint the best players in the game. These players were not those who were getting top billing but were consistent performers who showed a knack for adapting to the situation.

When the team was ready, others scoffed at them- because they considered these little-known players as bad bets. However, the team went on to become a hit and Beane’s critics were soon silenced.

This is the crux of gambling- knowledge, and discipline. You must know what you are betting on. That requires keeping yourself up to date with everything that is happening in the world of football. This involves reading up, talking to people, and spending time on painstaking analysis than just placing bets on a whim.

4. Football Bet Tips And Predictions- Know The Teams

Of course, if you are a bettor, you MUST know the teams involved. Don’t restrict yourself to knowing about the team you are betting on. Know about the opponents too. If you are betting on a championship league- do your research on all of them. Stay up to date on your team news.

What are the players who are going to play? What are their track records like? Is there any news of injury? What is their current form? Does anyone favor a certain tactic or field? What are the captains like?

Knowledge is power. If you know your teams, you will be able to place good bets.

5. Free Football Betting Tips- Don’t Bet From Your Heart

We all have our favorite teams and players when it comes to football. Football is nothing short of a world religion, and fans are passionate and doggedly loyal to their teams. But, when you place a bet, you have to keep your heart aside and place the bets impartially.

Betting is a matter of discipline and analysis. You cannot will your favorite team to win. How they perform depends on a lot of other factors. Instead of blindly backing your favorites, study the teams and players impartially. See what your analysis is saying before you place a bet.

6. Live Football Betting Tips- Change Your Bookmakers When Needed

This is kind of an extension of the previous point- staying loyal to a bookmaker just for the sake of it makes little sense if you want to make money from gambling. This is something you should look at because there are many options available now- especially with the advent of online betting websites.

Go for an online football betting platform that offers you good promotions and specials. You will find that you can save money if you shop around. Make the most of these promotions. You can even get the chance to place free bets with certain promotions.

Also, different bookmakers offer different odds during live matches. This happens because the bookies receive and process live information in different ways. So, look around and find a platform that is fast and secure.

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7. Online Betting Tips Football- Go For Small Wins When You Can

the sun football betting tips

You may have heard the old proverb “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. This is especially true when you are talking about money and experience. Every little bit helps.

If you are a bettor, take those small winnings. Online betting platforms are teeming with such small bets. On the field, many bookmakers do not allow small bets, and for the major matches, some may place restrictions on the minimum betting amount- which often amounts to a substantial sum.

Place small bets when and where you can. Yes, it means you will make money, but it also means you will gain invaluable experiences. The skills you apply there to study the odds and take a call will help you while placing big bets too.

You are more likely to win on short odds regularly. If you place big bets on the regular, chances are that you will end up losing a lot of money. However, betting on short odds pays off more often- and in fact, is a preferred strategy among veteran bettors.

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8. Free Football Betting Tips- Keep A Record

Here is something that is often overlooked. If you are a frequent bettor, you must keep a record of your past bets. Not only does that help you keep track of your finances, but it also helps you gain insights into your betting behavior and even the teams’ and players’ track records.

You must have heard the adage that taking data-backed decisions is the way to success. The same applies to betting on football. The more data you have on players and teams, the better you can analyze them and find the patterns. Using that knowledge, you can place more informed bets and have a better chance of winning.

You can do this by maintaining a simple spreadsheet. Some people are more comfortable with hand-written lists, but it is difficult to rifle through them manually. There is also the chance of misplacing hand-written records.

So, maintain a spreadsheet that you can access via your phone, and you can keep records more efficiently.


So, if you are already busy searching for “free football betting tips for today”, you might want to slow down and read through our list before placing a bet. Football is probably the most popular game worldwide- while its major league matches are extremely popular, local games also attract a lot of followers.

What’s more, each football team- whether it be your neighborhood club or a premier club or a national team- has a devout set of followers. As a result, betting on football has become extremely popular. If you are a football enthusiast and have a knack for predicting correct outcomes, you should put your talent to test and try actual betting on football matches.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to place a bet. Find a secure and fast online betting platform in Singapore, and you can bet from anywhere across the world. All you need is to sign up and transfer some money to your account or e-wallet.

You can indulge in your passion for betting by logging on to a good online betting platform in Singapore and Malaysia, like ASAA88, where you can find many betting options.

If you are a disciplined and level-headed bettor, you will no doubt be able to win big in life. All the best.


How do you always bet on football and win?

If there is one free football betting tip for ensuring good wins- it is this: do your research. Once you know the teams, the game, and the market thoroughly, you will be able to make more informed decisions. Keep yourself updated with all the news. You will be able to predict match results with more accuracy. Similarly, when you know the market, you will know about all the betting options available, and according to your preference, you can place your bets.

What is the best betting tip in football?

As we know, the most common bet in football is win/draw/win. However, every market and bookmaker offers a host of other betting options. You can bet on correct scores for each half, outcome, a player’s performance, and even individual events. Check the pool thoroughly and you may be surprised to discover that there are more types of bets available that are popular.

What is the easiest bet to win in football matches?

The easiest bet is to bet on the first half over/under. Likewise, you can also bet on the second half over/under. This means that you have to predict how a team performs in the first or second half. This is considered an easy bet to win because there only a couple of possible outcomes.

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