Most professionals prefer a straight bet out of all the available sports bets since it is one of the most widely used betting strategies in online casinos in Malaysia. If you are a beginner, you are probably wondering how does a straight bet work? Don’t worry; this blog will clear all your queries regarding straight bets.

In simple terms, a straight bet is a wager that a bettor places on a single game with a money line, point spread, or total money line. For instance, if you place a straight bet for a point spread, the bookmaker spreads the game or creates a line. By doing so, the bookmaker separates the two teams.

A prime example of this is the St. Louis Rams having a 3-point favorite over Arizona Cardinals. In this situation, the Rams are not given to the bettor to pick straight up. This causes the bettors to bet them through the odds in their favor.

If the bettor wants to win the bet, the Rams must win by more than 3 points; otherwise, you lose the entire bet. This is a straight bet. At ASAA88, we offer plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills in straight bets.

What Does A Straight Bet Mean: How Does A Straight Bet Work?

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A straight bet is one of the most common sports bet a bettor places on a single game that carries a money line, point spread or a total. To win a straight bet, you must ensure that the chosen team covers and supports you during the match. Usually, when you place a straight bet on a point spread bet, the bookmaker creates a thin spread or line for the game.

This line allows the bookmaker to separate the two teams that are participating in the match. Similarly, if a bettor wants to place a wager on the “over/under” or total, they are trying to place their confidence in a team that would score less or high.

On the contrary, placing a straight bet on a money line is when a bettor bets on a player winning despite not knowing the odds of winning. In fact,  straight bets can be found all over betting sites, such as online betting site in Singapore.

Looking closely, you can find straight bets in small professional sports and big sports events such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

Terms Related To Straight Bets

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Here is a list of a few terms associated with straight bets which are used in sports betting:

  1. Action: Any sports wager placed by a bettor or the sportsbook.
  2. Book: This is an establishment that accepts bets after observing the outcome of the sports events.
  3. Cash-out: Players take their parley or straight bet and cash it out before the event ends.
  4. Dime: A sports wager of $1000.
  5. First bet: A first bet is a token with a number value. The customer can attach the token to a section on the mobile app if they want to place a bet. Moreover, a free bet doesn’t impose any stakes for winning. However, you can only receive free bets on special promotions given by the online casino site.
  6. Middle: This term is mostly used when a bettor wins both sides of the game. You will usually notice the bettor placing a wager bet on the favourites at one point spread and on the underdogs at a different spread.
  7. Money Line: It is referred to as the money line whenever the odds are expressed in terms of money.
  8. Parley: A parley is a single bet that links two or more wagers to win a bet. Apart from that, players must win all the wagers in the parley. Players that lose a single wager will automatically lose the entire bet. At the same time, high payoffs are for bettors who win all the wagers.
  9. Proposition Bet: In this case, the bettors place a bet focused on the outcome of the events within a game. You will mostly find props being used on marquee games of great interest.
  10. Sportsbook: This is a physical location that accepts all bets from bettors.
  11. Teaser: It is a parley in which each play’s total and point spread is adjusted.
  12. Tie: This is a wager in which no one wins or loses since both teams score the exact point spread bet during the match.
  13. Total: The accumulated number of goals, runs and points scored by both teams within a match.

How Can I Make A Moneyline Straight Bet?

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Moneyline straight bets are one of the easiest and most popular bet opinions you can make on an online Malaysia casino. Bettors need to pick the team that will win straight up. Most people think of Moneyline wagers in straight bets as these are the least complicated type of sports betting.

Each team has the odds based on the likelihood of the team winning the game. The underdogs usually have a (+) sign beside their odd numbers, and the favourites have a (-) sign next to their odds. These odds signify the amount of money a bettor can win on a $100 wager.

How To Make A Point Spread Straight Bet?

Regarding intermediate bettors, you will mostly find them placing a point spread straight bet. A point-spread straight bet gives the underdogs an advantage to level the playing field before starting the match. The odd makers set the lines according to the team’s likelihood of winning the match. In some cases, the oddsmakers also consider the possible points scored by the team.

The point spread reveals how many points the oddsmakers believe that each team will win or lose during a match. You will find positive and negative signs next to the points they might win, just like a Moneyline bet.

The underdog takes the positive number, and they have to win or lose the game less than the spread. The favourite team with the positive number must win or lose the game with more than the spread.

How To Make A Total Straight Bet?

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Total straight bets are popular among people who don’t lean for a particular team on either side of the wager. As such, a total straight bet allows the bettors to place bets on the total points scored by both teams together.

Apart from that, the oddsmakers set the line according to the average amount of goals each team has earned in a game. They also take into account the skills levels of both defense and offence. As such, the total is fairly close to the predicted odds.

Straight bets are fairly simple and easy to implement. Therefore, bettors can head over to the sportsbook to get an idea of all the available straight wagers. For those comfortable with a straight bet, we recommend trying a teaser, parlay or ante.


With that, we have reached the end of this blog, and we hope you were able to understand how a straight bet work. We highly recommend reading blogs on our website if you have further doubts about how a straight bet works.

The next time a friend of yours is curious about straight bets, you can always refer them to this article. You can also recommend that your friends try out some of the online casino games on our site.

According to professionals, you can mix teasers, props, and parlays to bring out the most profitable football straight bet or football accumulator tips while placing a bet on ASAA88 online games. Moreover, players and gamblers don’t require a long time to understand straight bets since it is an easy concept to master.

That said, we hope you have a good time while wagering some sports bets.

Frequently Asked Question On How Does A Straight Bet Work

1. How Does A Straight Bet Work?

A straight bet is one of the most common sports bets in which the bettor places a wager on a single outcome. For instance, a bettor can place a wager on the following scenarios:
1. Against a spread
2. Total
3. Money line bet
Let’s take an example of a straight bet:
A bettor decides to place a wager on Green Bay to beat Chicago by -4 points (-4). Most straight bets have 11/10 odds. As such, bettors will need to risk $11 to gain $10 profit.

2. What Are Point Spreads And Money Lines?

When it comes to sports betting, there are a few basic ways a bettor can place a bet on the result of the game. Out of all the widely used ways, most professionals prefer to place a wager on a team using “point spread”(or spread) or bet on the outcome of the game through “money line” (ML).
Point spread refers to the number of points which make one team favoured over the other. For instance, let’s assume that Milwaukee Bucks is playing against Cleveland Cavaliers and Milwaukee is a 4.5 – point favourite. This indicates that Milwaukee needs to win by four and a half or more to win a bet.
On the contrary, the money line refers to the wager placed on the one who will win the game. For instance, let’s place a wager on Cleveland using the money line. If you want to win the wager, you will need to lay off $2 to win $1.

3. What Does It Mean To Wager In-Game?

Normally, a bettor can no longer place a bet when a game starts. However, this isn’t true since bettors can bet “in-game.” When a bettor bets “in-game”, a bookmaker can observe the changes and reassess before offering a new line to the bettors in an online Malaysia casino.
Over the years, there have been many in-game wagering options. For instance, let’s assume that the total for an NBA game is 200 points before any tips. In this example, both teams come out on fire and exceed the 200 points limit.

During this situation, the algorithm observes the remains time left for the match and divides the points score before arriving at the new total. So, initially, the game was 200, but if the teams are rapidly scoring, the bookmakers will go up to 210. Bettors can bet on 210 for going under or over the bet.

4. What is Handicapping In Straight Bet?

Handicapping is a bettor predicting the outcome of a game during a straight bet. Under normal circumstances, most people weigh certain factors differently from each other.
For instance, a bettor should keep himself updated regarding the weather conditions, injuries in sports, past statistics, and other factors related to top Sports bet. This information plays a very important role in handicapping.

Let’s take an example in basketball. If the players play basketball more often than football, you can use the player’s past performance to generate a handicap. Handicapping can be easy or complicated, depending on how you use it.

5. What Is A Total In Straight Bet?

You might often notice a bettor rooting for the defense or the offense, regardless of who controls the ball. In this case, the bettor either bets “under” or “over” the game’s total amount scored by the two participating teams. As such, this wager is independent of the game’s overall outcome.
Apart from the total, some sportsbooks offer special totals for the first half, second half, first quarter, second quarter, etc. If you think the game will start conservatively, placing a wager for “under” in the first half or quarter will be beneficial.

Besides, other types of bets and wagers, such as “props,” rely on various player-specific events. For example, there was a popular prop during the NCAA tournament in which the first team to score 10,15, or 20 points would win the wager.

6. What is A Bankroll?

One of the most common pitfalls inexperienced bettors make is when it comes to their bankroll or the amount of money they keep aside for sports betting.
According to experts, you should always keep the bet size the same for all the bets. Ideally, the bet size should exceed 5 percent for any game. Moreover, a bettor should never increase or chase a wager when losing.

Another common mistake bettors make with a bankroll is when they fall in love with their favourite team. This can be devastating since the bettor develops a biased opinion about them.

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