Video poker games made their first debut in the 1970s, and people started to find this game extremely addictive and entertaining. Moreover, this game didn’t rely on luck since players would use video poker tips and tricks to win huge rewards.

However, most beginners are unaware of the odds of winning a video poker game. As such, they often assume that the online Malaysia casino and online Singapore casino are cheating them. However, this isn’t true since the casinos give the players a fair chance of winning.

Of all the casino games, Video poker was one of the first electronic games introduced on the casino floor. For instance, if you play Jacks Or a Better variation of video poker, you have a 99.54 % of winning all the bets back, provided you use the optimal strategy.

We at ASAA88 have put together this blog to help you master some of the top video poker tips and tricks professionals use. Moreover, you can try some of our video poker tips and tricks on our online casino site.

Video Poker Strategy Guide

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One of the best ways to increase the chance of winning in video poker is by developing your video poker tips and tricks. Not only does this bring out the best possible game, but it also helps you to improve your bankroll and skills in the long run. Keeping this in mind, our experts have listed four vital tips to help make a difference while playing.

So without any further ado, let’s look at some of these video poker strategy tips:

1. Know Your Pay Tables

When it comes to video poker, each hand is different from the other. No two hands can have the same value during a game. Players must be alert if they want to earn from the pay tables. Fortunately, players don’t need to memorize the pay tables since they can find the important information displayed on the top of the screen.

2. Play Max Coins

Another optimal strategy tip in video poker is for the player to use their potential winning fully. One of the easiest ways to double your winning is by hitting the max bet while playing video poker.

In fact, if you are getting a Royal Flush, you have a high chance of receiving a massive pool of prize money if you hit a max bet option.

3. Know When To Break Up A Flush Or Straight

Most of the time, a player might get the chance to play a Royal Flush. During this time, it is recommended to either flush and go for it or break up straight. However, if you don’t get any Royal Flush, we suggest sticking with what you have got in hand.

4. Low Pairs Over A Single Hand Card

When it comes to video poker, it is always beneficial to hold the pair even if they are low scoring. Over time, a low-scoring pair can have the chance of winning the game. As such, players shouldn’t discard a low pair for chasing a potentially better-scoring hand. This will leave the players at risk of winning nothing from the game.

How To Play At The Right Online Malaysia Singapore Casino: 4 Video Poker Strategies

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There are a lot of video poker tricks that offer decent gameplay while playing video poker in online casinos. Experienced gamblers enjoy playing a good game by sticking to casinos that meet their required expectations. Here are a few things you should check while choosing the right casino for playing video poker:

1. High Payout Percentages

One of the most important things a gambler or a player should be alert of is the high payout percentage. This percentage reveals the amount of average an online casino pays out to the customers. For instance, a casino with a 97% payout percentage indicates that $97 is paid for a wager of $100.

However, players must understand that this figure is the casino’s overall payout. As such, players shouldn’t expect $97 from an individual bet. Nevertheless, looking for casinos with high payout rates is a good idea.

2. Always Remember To Keep Your Safety As Your First Priority

While playing video poker, you should always ensure that your safety is given top priority. On that note, you should always check online casinos to see if they offer the players the best digital security protocols. For instance, the games listed on the video poker lobby should be audited independently for unexpected results and fairness. If you notice sites that don’t offer such audits, you should immediately overlook them and find a better alternative.

Apart from that, video poker should offer other security methods, such as frequent security checks, firewalls, and safe payment options. At ASAA88, we offer all the safety protocols for players who love playing video poker.

3. Additional Features In Video Poker Online

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Apart from looking for safety, a player should always look for an online casino that offers additional features, such as fast withdrawals, no low transaction fees, different payment options, and many more. Offering proper jurisdiction documentation and 24 hours customer support is also appreciated in video poker online casino sites.

4. Weigh Up The Bonus Offers

Bonus is one of the surest ways to increase your chance of winning, but not all are created equally. Before accepting any bonus, you should always do a little research about the offer and the terms and conditions that are associated with it. For instance, only a few video poker might work well with a welcome bonus. As such, players should wait till the casinos offer promotions during a particular game.

How a player should use the bonus will depend entirely on the playthrough requirements of the casino and the timing of the video poker. One of the best practices is keeping yourself updated with the latest trends regarding the bonus requirement. If you don’t have time to keep yourself updated, you can count on our site to keep you updated with the latest trend.

Moreover, it would help if you always looked for online casino bonuses with high values and realistic and affordable wagering requirements.

Rules Of Deuces Wild And Jokers Wild

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While playing a Deuces Wild Poker, all deuces cards are turned into wild cards. This allows players to substitute any deuces card for a card that will give them a winning hand. The rules for this particular game are as follows:

  • You can discard as many cards as you want
  • The hand ranking is similar to the one used in classic table poker
  • Payout scales are usually lower in these games since it is easy to get a winning hand
  • Jokers wild and Online Deuces Wild offer players the opportunity to double their winning with bonus offers.


With that, we have reached the end of this blog on video poker tips and tricks. You can start winning money by playing online casino games using the right strategies. The video poker tips and tricks you use are completely left to your discretion.

If you want to make profits, we highly recommend keeping a cool and rational head throughout the game. You can also use various bonuses and promotions to increase your chance of winning a higher reward.

Some professionals even recommend analyzing your losses since it provides a deeper insight into how video poker works and which strategies are more effective. In the beginning, the chance of winning is slim, but gradually you will get the hang of the game, increasing your overall earnings in the long run.

You can also try some video poker games at

 to improve your skills. That said, enjoy the game and avoid scammers and cheaters.

Frequently Asked Questions On Video Poker Tips And Tricks

1. What Is The Best Strategy For Video Poker?

When it comes to video poker, one of the best strategies for winning is knowing the game well and being alert. Over the years, video poker has undergone a lot of transformation, and different casinos provide various game variations. However, the fundamental rules remain the same for all the video poker variations.
As such, players should spend ample time researching the game’s various mechanics and becoming familiar with it. Apart from that, experts recommend that a player should know their play tables well.
Luckily, most online video poker doesn’t require the players to memorize the table since you can find the numbers and information displayed on the screen.

2. How To Win At Video Poker?

Yes! You can consistently win video poker regardless of the variation you are playing. In order to win, a player must use the right skills, knowledge, and strategy to beat video poker. An element of luck is also important if you want to turn the table around during the crucial parts of the game.
Since video poker requires players to play against a machine rather than another player, the chances of winning the game are significantly higher. In addition, players have a five times likelihood of winning a big jackpot in video poker, which is rare in other games.
Therefore, we highly recommend moving from traditional slot machines to video poker machines if you want to increase your earnings. However, you shouldn’t jump blindly into any game since it can be devastating. Take some time and research the game before taking any major steps.

3. Which Video Poker Game Has The Best Odds?

Out of all the available online casino games, video poker is one of the few games that offers decent odds of winning a game. As such, players can earn a quick buck in the game’s early stages.
Regular slot machines
 have lower odds of winning a game, but this isn’t the case with video poker since it is designed to be transparent. This allows the players to calculate the chances of beating the game.
Double Bonus Poker is one of the best video poker to play since the odds of winning in the game are very high. As such, players can earn a living by simply playing this game. Jacks or Better is another excellent game if you are interested in a balance of house edge and outstanding payout.
Since most video poker games have transparent odds, it makes the game easier to predict since the players can calculate the chances of winning. This allows them to overcome the house edge and win consistently.

4. How To Play Video Poker And Win?

When it comes to video poker, there are four simple ways a player can increase their chances of winning video poker. Keep reading if you want to learn all of the tips:
1. Understand The Basic Concepts Of Video Poker
Most gamblers make huge mistakes while playing video poker since they often neglect to read the rules and regulations of the game. Players and gamblers should spend a considerable amount of time understanding the basic concepts and familiarizing themselves with the mechanics of the game
2. Take Advantage Of Promotional And Bonus Offers
Another way a player or a gambler can increase their odds of winning is by taking advantage of the bonus and promotional offers that the online Malaysia casinos
 and online Singapore casinos give. However, these offers are only available for a limited time, so you should always keep a watch for them.
3. Pick an Appropriate Pay Table
Apart from knowing the game well, gamblers should also be familiar with the pay table. Fortunately, video poker is very transparent and easy to master since the game doesn’t hide necessary information from the player. Moreover, players and gamblers can easily keep track of the pay table since everything is displayed on the screen.
4. Practice
No matter which game you play, it is a must for players and gamblers to have adequate experience. One of the best ways to gain experience is by spending time in practice. Playing a few practice matches and tournaments can help players develop the necessary skills and strategies to win a video poker game.

5. What Is The Difference Between Video Poker And Real Poker?

The difference between real poker and video poker are numerous; therefore, both games are unique in their own individual way. As such, the game you decide to play depends on your personality and preference.
Video poker is a fast-paced game that requires far fewer skills from the players. Players with minimum base knowledge can take full advantage of the game and even win a few matches.
Real poker, however, requires a lot of skills and patience. Players must dedicate much time to mastering the skills to play real poker.

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