Are you looking for free casino games that can earn you good money AND don’t require too much effort on your part? If so, then, fruit slot machine is the perfect game for you. Nothing beats a good old fruit-themed slot machine as a simple game of pure luck.

You will find classic slot games with fruit symbols on Spade Gaming’s Fruit Slot Machine that let you enjoy your game without learning complicated rules or features. The high-quality sounds and animations transform the machines into enjoyable games that are suitable for all players.

On that note, ASAA88 has prepared this blog about Spade gaming’s fruit slot machine. This blog will cover all the exciting and necessary details you need to know about fruit slot machines.

What is Fruit Slot Machine?

fruit warp slot

Fruit Slot Machine is a free online casino game in Singapore . Get into the competitive world of fruit growing, where strawberries and cherries fall through the reels and land face-up on your screen. Squeeze the slot machine and watch the columns spin. To win big, try to arrange the items in a variety of rows, columns, and patterns. This slot game isn’t just a game of chance. Pulling down, releasing, watching, and waiting for the items you need to appear in your desired order takes real skill.

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Spade gaming’s fruit slot games are quite interesting and widely popular. You can dive into the exciting spade gaming video slots and play as long as you wish.

Now, let us discuss about spade gaming and its fruit slot machine.

What is Spade Gaming?

SpadeGaming is an online games provider with a reputation among players for fast-paced, high-return games. SpadeGaming touches players right into the heart with a superior experience about the high-octane gameplay of RNG games, thanks to a library of games inspired by the best multicultural collections. Furthermore, SpadeGaming keeps the game library diverse by regularly adding games with various themes. SpadeGaming can now expand its products and services to the gaming-entertainment industry in Europe, thanks to the recent acquisition of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence. SpadeGaming is about more than just games.

Description of Spade Gaming’s Fruit Slot Machine

slot machine fruits crossword

Spade gaming’s classic fruit slot machine is an exciting casino fruit slot game. Enter into the competitive world of fruit growing, where strawberries and cherries fall through the reels and land face up on your screen. Squeeze the crazy fruit slot machine and watch the columns spin. To win big, try to arrange the items in a variety of rows, columns, and patterns. This classic fruit slot game isn’t just a game of chance. Pulling down, releasing, watching, and waiting for the items you need to appear in the order you want takes real skill. Concentrate on the spinning wheels and daydream about watermelons and apples as your willpower forces the game’s luck.

This is a magical journey through the fruit section, complete with mystical creatures and fantasy surprises. As you work your way to the top of our leader board, try to collect bonuses and combos. Compete against your friends in the five columns of chance. Match the items you need to score big and advance.

The fruit slot machine is not a novel edition in the world of slot games. Fruit slot machine follows a century old legacy.

A Brief History of Fruit Slot Machine

Fruit slot reels are one of the gambling world’s most recognizable images. The colorful symbols have enticed players to try their luck for well over a century, dating back to Herbert Mills’ famous Liberty Bell machine in 1907.

The Liberty Bell was a straightforward automatic mechanism with three reels that could read sequences and pay out for specific combinations. Its popularity spawned a slew of knockoffs, including the Operator’s Bell, which sometimes came with a chewing gum reward to get around strict gambling laws. The famous slot fruits, and the various flavors of the gum, inspired the makers to use them as symbols, and thus the fruit slot was born.

Many developers created fruit slots for the growing online market during the internet age. For the first time, slot fans could play from the comfort of their own setting in online casinos, and they had a larger selection of games to choose from.

Many iGaming developers now create online fruit slots with super-smooth gameplay, attractive prizes, and gleaming graphics. You can play hundreds of them for free on this page to get a feel for how the game works before investing money.

Let us now be familiar with the popular slots with fruit available in online casinos in Malaysia.

Popular slots with fruits

bonus fruits slot

You can see why fruits are so appealing by visiting several sites that offer slot games online. This product is at the forefront of most businesses, rewarding customers with massive jackpots. We’ve created a quick overview of the local online casinos so that you can get acquainted with the most popular classic fruit slots. They are as follows:

  • 40 Super Hot – Depending on the number of pay lines, we can also include other variations of the slot (20 Super Hot, 100 Super Hot). One of the most popular slots created by the provider EGT.
  • Burning Hot – Developed by the same software vendor, this game features simplified functionality, joker symbols, and a profit-doubling game.
  • 5 Juggle Fruit – A three-reel slot with one of the highest volatility levels on the market. In addition, it has Scatter and Wild symbols.
  • Sizzling Hot – A standard casino game with fruits that offers nothing unique. However, the high profits and value return place it among the most sought-after offers.
  • 5 Dazzling Hot – An exciting casino adventure that will not disappoint. There are 5 fixed lines, but with a combination of 7s symbols, you can win huge jackpots.

Along with these games, there are other exciting online fruit slot machine games that you can try!

Popular Online Slot Machine Games

Here are some of the best fruit slots you can play online. Each of these real money slot games has a distinct theme, set of features, and numerous ways to win!

1. Fruitbat Crazy

Fruitbat Crazy is a popular fruit slot machine. This game quickly became a fan favorite among players due to its adorable theme featuring a fruit bat. It has cluster wins, so you can win after win as symbol combinations line up in the game.

Free spins are also available, which means even more chances to win! For free spins, you want to see the Fruitbat symbol. To receive free spins, collect three or more of the icon. With 15 fruitbat symbols, you will receive 200 spins!

2. Fruity Way

Fruity Way is a 3D slot game that has a lot of colorful symbols that jump out at you. Wilds that substitute for other symbols, as well as an expanding grid via the Alien Fruit Replicator, will appear as you spin the reels.

The reels will expand when the Replicator appears! A wild asteroid harvester may appear during this time to provide even more winning potential! Collecting Galactic Core symbols can also earn you up to 17 free spins. Go to Super Slots and prepare for an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

3. Fruit Zen

Fruit Zen is another game that adds an arcade-style twist to the fruit-themed slot game. It provides a soothing environment, complete with soothing music and moving water in the background. This game has no extras, just a relaxing spinning experience.

Find matching symbols to form winning combinations in order to win prizes in the game. The logo serves as the game’s wildcard. Find the logo on the reels, and it will expand to fill the entire reel, allowing you to win big.

4. Fruit Loot Reboot

Fruit Loot Reboot is a unique fruit-themed game. This slot game has an A and B mode, which gives you two gameplay options.

Choose your format and spin the reels to win free spins, wilds, the Bonus Wheel, and more. Playing this fun game will make you feel like you’re on vacation, complete with tiki symbols and exotic fruits.

These are some best fruit slot machine games that you can play. However, you must know the method of play these fruit slot machine games.

How to play fruit slot machines?

fruit blast slot

A ‘hold’ button is found on many fruit machines. This allows you to pause specific reels during gameplay, increasing your chances of winning. For example, if you had two lemons in a row, you could press the ‘hold’ button and continue spinning the remaining reel hoping to get another lemon.

A ‘cancel’ button is also available on some fruit machines. When you press this button during play, the reels slow down, making it easier to spot patterns and find the pictures you need to win. Wedging is the term for this procedure.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to know the method of playing to win fruit slot machine games.

How do you win fruit slot machines?

The majority of fruit machines have three reels, while more sophisticated machines have five. The goal is to get a full line of the same image, whether horizontally, diagonally, vertically, in a ‘V’ shape, or otherwise.

Every fruit machine should be accompanied by a winnings chart. These indicate which combinations offer which payouts. While five-reel fruit machines offer more chances to win, the payouts aren’t always as high as three-reel fruit machines.

Some people want to cheat at gambling, whether it’s at online casinos in Singapore or arcade slot machines. Fruit machines are not immune to this.

It’s important to remember that fruit machines generate random numbers. As a result, the strategies outlined below are not guaranteed to be effective every time. It is, however, possible to tilt the odds in your favor.

To begin, try to determine when the fruit machine last paid out a jackpot. All fruit machines follow the same payout pattern. In general, most fruit machines payout every 3-5 days, though some machines pay out more frequently.

When you know when a fruit machine last paid out, you can predict when it will pay out next with greater accuracy.


Spade gaming’s fruit slots have a simple betting model without complex graphics or special tools. They are an excellent choice for newcomers to the field who are unfamiliar with casino techniques. A consistent rate of return is maintained. It is based on attractive, colorful, and vibrant fruits that set the mood and increase the value of betting.

You can find and enjoy many fruit slot machine games on our platform. Download ASAA88 app to enjoy exciting online fruit slot machine games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When were slot machines developed?

Charles August Fey came up with the idea for them. He invented the slot machine as an immigrant to America from his native Bavaria. The first one was ‘born’ in 1887, and subsequent versions grew smaller, making them easier to incorporate into a variety of establishments.

Slot machines quickly became popular in towns across America, first in bars and then in casinos, before spreading to Canada and Europe. Charles’ invention now has the potential to reach billions of people thanks to the internet.

2. How do I deposit funds to play?

When you open an account at any of the online casinos we recommend, you will have your own cashier section where you can securely and privately deposit funds. Although each casino accepts various deposit methods, not all of them accept all of them. If you have a preferred method of transferring funds, make sure the site you choose supports it. Most sites accept deposits from bank accounts, credit cards, and online e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill (Moneybookers). When it comes to your hard-earned money, do your homework first.

3. What are the special features of fruit spin?

Except for the 3×3 wild and scatter symbols, all symbols in Fruit Spin video slot’s main game and bonus game will appear stacked. In the main game, stacked symbols can also appear adjacently, forming 2×2 and 3×3 blocks of the same symbol. During Free Spins, only the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and 7 symbols can form 2×2 and 3×3 blocks.

Only during the Free Spins bonus will 3×3 wild symbols appear anywhere on the central three reels. Each wild symbol can be used to help complete a winning bet line by substituting for any other symbol.

Meanwhile, 3×3 scatter symbol blocks appear in the main game as well as the Free Spins bonus. The Lucky Wheels feature will be activated if any part of the 3×3 block lands in a main game spin. The Lucky Wheels feature has three wheels that spin independently. If the entire 3×3 scatter block appears on the reels from the triggering spin, you’ll be awarded three wheel spins. There are two Free Spin symbols and three different coin win symbols on each wheel. The coin win symbols are 20, 40, and 80, and if you land one of these, your prize will be multiplied by your bet level.

You’ll get five free spins if three Free Spin symbols appear on the Lucky Wheels. If you activate Lucky Wheels during a free spin, the Free Spin symbols will be replaced by Extra Spin symbols, each of which will award one additional free spin.

4. What are placement rules of fruit slot machines?

While there are numerous tricks to help you maximise your fruit machine’s exposure and profitability, there are several legal considerations to keep in mind. To begin, fruit machines must be placed in a location where they can be supervised at all times by staff members. This is to prevent minors under the age of 18 from playing on Category C machines. Ideally, you should be near the bar.

Second, fruit machines should not be placed near cash registers. If you have a cash machine on your property, make sure there is enough space between the two machines. By taking these legal requirements into account when deciding on fruit machine placement, you can ensure long-term profitability and legal compliance.

5. How to win on a slot machine?

The large jackpots on modern fruit slot machines are one of the reasons that children are not permitted to play them, but they add to the excitement for adults.
A fruit slot machine usually has a variety of ways to win – in fact, most of those flashing lights are a win of some kind – and it’s often a matter of knowing what to collect and when.

For example, a simple win worth tens of pence could be enough to unlock the main feature if you gamble successfully, or you may prefer to take the money right away.
Learn as you go while playing the feature, and you’ll be more familiar the next time you play the same machine.

Keep an eye out for times when you have a choice of what to collect – and if you’re approaching a potential ‘game over’ space, consider whether it’s worth the risk or whether you should cash out early.

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