Have you ever felt drawn to a game that is visually appealing with a plethora of exciting features? Online fish shooting game is precisely the type of game where you can flex your online shooting skills and, with a glorious win, earn real money.

Online fish shooting games are popular arcade-style games in which players aim and shoot at various types of fish and other sea creatures using a joystick or mouse. The principal aim of the game is to shoot and catch as many fish as possible within a fixed time limit or until the player’s ammunition runs out. Online shooting fish games are frequently accompanied by vibrant graphics, captivating sound effects, and enticing rewards for successful catches. Fish shooting games have become a preferred pastime for many gamers all over the world due to their simple gameplay and addictive nature.

On that very note, ASAA88 has put together this blog on online fish shooting games in Malaysia & Singapore and useful tips for gamers to have a glorious win in the games.

What is Fish Shooting game in Malaysia & Singapore Casino?

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We have sought fishing as a way to relax and find inner peace since antiquity. Add to that the fact that fishing helped put food on our tables, which is yet another reason why people relied on fishing not only for food but also for entertainment.

Online fish Shooting game, also known as Fish Hunter or Fish Shooting Game Arcade, is a sort of arcade-style game in which players aim and shoot at various kinds of fish and other aqua creatures with the help of a joystick or mouse. Gamers play this game on a large screen or monitor, and they must shoot the fish to earn points or coins.

Fish Shooting casino games are quite popular among online Malaysian & Singapore casino. The skill and accuracy with which the player targets the fish determine their success in the game. Fish Shooting casino games are easy to learn and popular among both children and adults.

Features of Fish Shooting Casino Games in Malaysia & Singapore

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Colorful and vibrant graphics being the most common features in the fish shooting gambling games create an immersive universe for players. The popularity of fish shooting games in online betting in Malaysia relies on their eccentric and engaging features that make the games more appealing to the players. Below are some well-known features of the best fish shooting games.

1. A variety of fish in online fish shooting games

Fish shooting games feature a diverse range of fish species and each has its distinct appearance, behavior, and point value. Players need excellent aiming skills to become proficient in every sort of fish.

2. Weapons and ammunition

There are various weapons available for players, such as guns or cannons. These weapons assist players in shooting fish in casino games. However, the weapons have varying firing rates, bullet speeds, and damage levels. However, there can be limited ammunition for players, requiring them to reload or purchase additional bullets.

3. Power-ups and bonuses in Malaysia & Singapore Casino

Fish shooting games frequently provide power-ups and bonuses that can improve the player’s abilities and chances of success. These can include things like increased speed, more ammunition, or temporary invincibility.

4. Multiplayer options in a fish shooting game

Many fish shooting games allow players to compete in real-time or asynchronous mode. This also includes a competitive and social element to the game.

5. Levels and progression

Fish shooting games may consist of sundry levels or stages, each having distinguished set of challenges and objectives. To advance to the next level, players may be required to complete certain tasks or achieve specific scores.

6. Visual and audio effects in a fish shooting casino games

Online fish shooting games frequently have colourful and engaging visuals, with detailed backgrounds, animations, and sound effects. These can provide players with a more immersive and entertaining experience.

Tips To Win The Fish Shooting Game in Malaysia & Singapore Casino

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Have you played the fish table gambling game online for real money many times but never won? Or does your play only earn you a few points, but you want more but don’t know how?

So, do you want to change your fate in your next fish table online? If you answered yes, read on for the extremely intriguing fish game secrets below:

1. Choose the right fish hunting casino game

Choose games from well-known providers that have a beautiful interface, lively sound, and an extremely appealing reward mechanism. Ensure that the game provider’s professionalism will assist you in getting good, smooth, no-hassle fish-shooting online games.

2. Be attentive to the points of each type of fish

Each fish shooting game online has its method of calculating points, but there are still 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 100. Remember that the fish with the fewest points will earn you the most coins.

3. Observe the speed of the fish

While playing shooting fish game in an online Singapore casino, many people ignore this feature. After logging in, you will load bullets, select a bet level, and then press successively to shoot the gun at the screen to catch the desired fish. But you don’t realize it because, while the fish appear on the screen at the same time, their speeds vary.

Smaller fish typically move more slowly than larger fish. Slow-moving fish makes it easier to shoot, while fast-moving fish or missed targets make shooting over and over again very time-consuming.

4. Aim at bonus targets

Although additional bonus targets such as dice balloons, iridescent fish, and pearls, do not appear frequently in fish shooting game, they are easy to shoot down every time. You only have to see it move slowly and smoothly towards the center of the screen, so you can focus on shooting it. The mortality rate is usually 90%.

Because the path is long and the movement speed remains slow, the possibility of high death will aid you in disassembling them easily. Furthermore, the rewards that they give you are not only the normal number of points that you get but are also 2-6 times higher.

5. Do not try to shoot hidden fish

In the fish game gambling online, you can see fish hiding under moss or rocks. According to the game’s rules, when you defeat a fish, the number of rewards you win will increase by 20% -30% of the original reward. The prize is so appealing that many players try to shoot bullets to catch that fish. However, they forgot that those fish were extremely difficult to get hold of and had a very low hit rate. The persistent firing only wastes bullets, but if you can shoot, you are unlikely to recover capital.

Only shoot the fish in fish shooting game if the following four conditions are met: cover two-thirds of the body while covered in rocks and moss; Slow swimming speed and small fish on the screen.

6. Shoot with marbles

This strategy entails increasing the number of bullets shot at a fish at the same time. That is, you shoot some bullets into the wall, and the bullet bounces back to the fish; while the bullet has not yet hit the fish, you shoot more bullets directly. At this time, two lines of bullets will be firing at the fish at the same time, resulting in a high death rate. Although this method uses more bullets than others, it has proven to be quite effective when fighting with others in a fish shooting game.

7. Shoot big fish while having enough bullets

This strategy is only for those who have a large cash reserve. When you possess a large amount of money in a fish shooting game, you should not waste time shooting small fish like they were at first, but rather aim for big fish like mermaids, sharks, and so on. To easily knock down large fish, use large bullets, typically No. 7 bullets. When a large fish is knocked out, you will receive 100 – 200 times the amount of money your bullets have shot.

8. Shoot bullets up

Simply shoot bullets up, 9 fish per bullet, and then increase from 1 to 100. When you reach the 100th bullet, you will lose 558 points, but the fish will die at the same time, and you will gain 1000 points. In short, no matter how many bullets the fish takes, you will still be profitable. If you are quick, you can increase your ammunition in a variety of ways and collect as many coins as possible in shooting fish games in casinos.

9. Shoot the lone fish

To avoid wasting bullets when shooting alone swimming fish, use small and medium bullets. Furthermore, if everyone shoots 3 to 5 bullets but the small fish are not dead and are far away, then stop shooting these fish to avoid wasting coins.

10. Use mustache tactics

To begin, you should constantly rotate the gun barrel around the shooting table. Then, slowly shoot each bullet and give each bullet a direction, each bullet stick 1 for the larger fish.

Instead of using 10 bullets to focus on killing big fish with a low chance of success, you can use those 10 bullets to shoot both small fish and big fish injured by previous players’ bullets.


Fishing, for all of us, has always been a way to relax in a tranquil mood. Following the same urge, we began the revolution of computer gaming, mobile gaming, and, more recently, online internet gaming with simple, addictive fishing games. The growing popularity of fish shooting games is proof that we prefer fishing to other forms of entertainment.

ASAA88 provides a diverse range of the best online fishing games for bettors around the world. You can find engaging and informative content on a variety of topics on casino gaming & betting strategy Visit our fishing games lobby to explore exciting fish games along with the fun world of online betting in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are fish shooting games?

Fish shooting games first gained popularity in Asia many years ago, and they have quickly become some of the most popular and intensely competitive games on the market today. These games allow players to compete against one another in skill-based gameplay for rewards. These games are a sort of arcade-style games in which players aim and shoot at various kinds of fish and other aqua creatures with the help of a joystick or mouse. Gamers play this game on a large screen or monitor, and they must shoot the fish to earn points or coins. 

2. How to Play Fish Table Games?

I. Pick a Casino
To begin, select an online casino in Malaysia  that offers fish table games online for real money. Set up your account, think about claiming a bonus, and hit the fish tables.

II. Make Your Bet
You will be prompted to select a bet size based on one of the fish. Afterwards, there will be no trouble figuring things out because the user interface is self-explanatory. You will be prompted to select your preferred fish and bet size before proceeding to the actual game.

III. Aim for the Big Ones
The goal is to eventually catch one of the big fishes, which will pay much better. The levels are frequently spruced up with various power-ups that will be triggered as part of the game and allow you to balance between aiming directly for the fish and attempting to gain an advantage first.

IV. Better the Aim, More Bountiful the Catch
While shooting multiple projectiles at a fish gives you a “better” chance of catching it, real money fish games do include a skill element in which you can try to aim better and spend less to win the prize. The bigger your catch, the bigger your reward!

3. What is the difference between free play and real money gaming?

The fish shooting game is available in both free and real money versions. The main distinction between the two is that free play, also known as demo mode, is available for no cost. Real money gaming, on the other hand, is when you play with your own money and place actual bets. The primary advantage of free games is, of course, practice. Furthermore, you can test out various winning strategies before investing your hard-earned money.

You will also have the opportunity to learn the gameplay and payouts. Playing a real money fish shooting game, on the other hand, allows you to win large sums of money. When you win, your account will be credited, and you will be able to withdraw funds at any time. You can also play the real money version for the thrills and spills that come with each wager. Furthermore, the real money version entitles you to bonuses and promotions.

4. Are fish shooting games available on mobile?

Many people, in today’s technologically advanced world, want to do almost everything on their mobile devices. Of course, online Singapore casino games are no exception. Fortunately, many online gaming platforms offer mobile versions of fish shooting games. However, playing on a mobile device can differ from playing on a PC.

Because of the small screen size, the mobile version of fish shooting games has touchscreen controls for easy gaming. Furthermore, you can play on the go using your mobile browser or a dedicated app. Apps will typically run faster and more efficiently on your phone.

5. How to win a fish shooting game?

Here are a few ways to get a win in fish shooting game:

I. Pick the Right Game
How do you win the online fish shooting game? The same as when playing at a physical location, you must successfully shoot as many fish as possible. However, providers list the specifications of their games online, allowing you to know the odds in play. Understand that fish table gaming options only allow you to slightly reduce the operator’s advantage through game expertise.

II. Don’t Get Overzealous
Remember that fish table product are still primarily based on chance. No operator will allow you to become so skilled at them that you will consistently win when playing them. As a result, it is critical to remember that a streak of good fortune may be just that. So, always bet conservatively, and never underestimate the importance of your skill level in winning prizes in these games.

III. Shoot at Swarms of Aquatic Creatures
It is often not a good idea to aim at single targets with nothing nearby because your chances of landing a successful hit are lower. It’s far more logical to fire only when you see swarms of fish. Even if you miss your primary target, you may hit a secondary or accidental target. It may take some time to see a pile of fish grouped, but patience usually pays off.

IV. Bounce Bullets If Possible
Some fish table games allow this, but not all. They will have areas where cannon projectiles will bounce. So, if the product you’ve chosen has this option, try to focus 70% to 80% of your shots on a bouncing region. If you miss one, a reflected attempt may result in an unintentional hit.

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