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Do you like to try your luck? You must like betting on the outcome of any event or action then. But if you want to make money off your passion- what do you need to do? Well, you have to wade into the world of professional gambling then. But before that let us know “what does betting mean?”

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Bets meaning in Singapore and Malaysia

What does betting mean in Singapore and Malaysia? In layman terms, “betting” means gambling with money. You bet on the possible outcome of any event and place money on it. If what you predicted happens, you win the bet. When the opponent wins, you lose. The winner gets the total money that has been pooled.

In order for a bet to happen, you need a minimum of two parties. You can bet small or big, depending on who you are betting with. Betting can be done anywhere- between friends in your drawing room, in a shady back-alley joint, the race courses or a casino.

What does bet mean

However, for professional money betting, you need to bet on a proper platform. Not only does it offer fair chances of winning, it is also safer overall.

Earlier, professional bettors had to assemble somewhere to place the bet. However, with the advent of the internet, they can bet from the comfort of their homes. All that is needed is a safe and secure betting site.

In the world of professional betting, some popular options for betting are

…. And many more

Depending on the game/sports you bet on, there can be a wide variety of bets. This is because any game can have multiple outcomes, and you can bet on different aspects of it.

Make a bet meaning- with an example from American football

i bet meaning

Let us take the example of the Super Bowl- the biggest event in American football. The New England Patriots are one of the most successful teams participating in it.

Let us say, it is the team you are betting on.

Here are many scenarios that you can bet on with the sports bookmaker:

  1. Will the New England Patriots win this year’s Super Bowl?
  2. Will they reach the final?
  3. What will be the final score for the ongoing match?
  4. Which team player will throw a touchdown pass?
  5. Is a match going to be a draw?
  6. In a match, who will dominate the first half?
  7. Similarly, who will dominate the second half?
  8. Will a player win an MVP?

….. and many more.

So, you can see how a single match can give you a plethora of betting options. Depending on how confident you are in your predictions, you can place as many bets as you like.

Of course, the most important thing you should consider while betting is the amount of money you are willing to wager. But if you want to maximize your chances of winning, you have to know the ins and outs of the game and keep yourself updated about the sport (and team) you are betting on.

However, if you want to be a serious bettor, you have to have an idea about the main types of bets associated with any game; and some basic betting terminology.

Betting terms and meanings: Know the basics

1. Sports books

A sportsbook is a platform or place where you can bet on a variety of sports like football, golf, cricket and chess. You can place a bet physically with a bookie in some particular location, or you can do so with an online sports book.

2. Bookmaker

A bookmaker or a bookie is a person or an organization that manages the bet. So, a bookie will accept the bets that are being wagered on a particular match, and then distribute the winnings afterwards.

3. Betting odds meaning in Singapore and Malaysia

What do betting odds mean? They are defined as the likelihood of something particular happening. It is often presented by bookmakers in terms of fractions or decimals.

For example, if the betting odds for India winning the ICC World Cup is 3/1, it means that for every $1 you bet, you can most likely win $3. There is a 25% chance of it happening, which is calculated as {1/ (3+1) = 0.25}.

4. Best bet meaning

betting signs and meaning

The best bet is the safest bet. It is the most likely outcome of any event. For example, if a player like Serena Williams is in top form, she is the best bet for winning a Grand Slam.

5. Moneyline bet meaning

Moneyline betting is considered to be the easiest bet to place. Betting the moneyline for any match is placing a bet on the possibility of a particular team winning. Consider the FIFA World Cup. If there is a match between Brazil and South Korea, the moneyline odds of Brazil winning is greater.

6. What does Home and Away mean in betting

This applies to sports teams. If one team is the host and the other is the guest, bookmakers offer “home/away” bets. The “home” here refers to the home team- so you can bet on whether the home team wins. Similarly, “away” refers to the guest team, so you can bet on whether they win. Historically though, in most cases, home teams have an advantage over guests.

7. Double chance bet meaning

In a football match, when a single bet allows you to predict two or three outcomes, it is called a double chance bet. It is different than betting on the results of games outright. For eg, in a home/away match, you can place a bet on “home or draw”. This means, you win the bet if your home team wins or the match ends in a draw.

8. Spread betting meaning

This is the forte of the veterans. Spread betting is betting on accurate outcomes rather than a simple win or lose. For eg, if you are betting on a basketball match, you can bet on the exact points scored by your favourite player. If you bet that LeBron James will score 3 or more points for his team, and that happens, you will win the bet.

9. Point spread meaning

A point spread is also called a side bet. It is probably the most popular form of sports betting. Bettors do it to minimize the odds between two unevenly matched teams.

Let’s take a football team like Japan. Japan is the underdog in a FIFA World Cup tournament. Bettors can assign Japan some points. Maybe, Japan is given +5 points. Now, with each win or lose, points can be added or subtracted. A former champion team like Germany may have -5 points. Germany is the point spread favourite.

If someone places a bet on Germany, Germany has to win a total of six points for the bettor to win betting money.

10. Parlay betting meaning in Malaysia and Singapore

This involves high stakes. A parlay or an accumulator is comprised of multiple wagers, and for the bettor to win- all the wagers have to give the results he desires. It is like an “all or nothing” bet.

Let’s say in a horse race, you have parlay: Horse 1 will come first, Horse 2 will come 5th and Horse 3 will come last. If the bettor wants to win, all three predictions have to come true. If Horse1 comes first, Horse 2 comes 5th but Horse 3 comes in the 3rd position, he will lose the bet.

11. All bets are off meaning

In the setting of a casino game, if a dealer/gaming table attendant calls out ‘all bets are off’ then it means that all the bets placed are cancelled and players will get their money back. It usually happens when the dealer senses that someone has tainted the integrity of the play or some other scenario.

12. Handicap meaning in betting in Malaysia and Singapore

Handicap is a way of making the game more even for bookies. When one team is far superior than the other team then the bookies will provide a selection other than a win/draw/lose which will be the ‘handicap’. This selection will apply to just one team and you only win the bet when that specific selection comes true for that specific win.

13. What does a betting line mean

A betting line helps bookmakers set odds and identify the favorites and underdog teams of a match. The line is used in handicap to even the playing field in the contest by creating two possible outcomes which will be of equal odds.

Tip:- Do you know the meaning of BTTS in betting? BTTS means when you are betting on whether both the teams will score in a match. If you are wondering ‘what does gg mean in betting’ then let us inform you that BTTS and GG mean the same in the betting environment.

There are many other types of bets that you can look up. However, if you are a newbie at betting, you should start small and venture into the more advanced type of bets gradually.

14. Round Robin meaning in betting in Singapore and Malaysia

Round robin involves simultaneously placing several parlay bets. When placing a round-robin wager, you pick a set of teams or players and then make several parlay wagers using various combinations of those picks.

Suppose you want to wager on three football games between 6 teams:

A vs. B
C vs. D
E vs. F

You could make three separate two-team parlay bets: AB, CD, and EF, rather than one parlay wager that includes all three games. Then, by placing three two-team parlays, ABCD, ABEF, and CDEF, you may combine those three wagers into a round-robin wager.

Round-robin betting can be a good strategy to protect your bets and boost your chances of winning. However, as you are placing numerous bets simultaneously, it can also be costlier than a standard parlay bet. Additionally, because you are placing wagers on several combinations, the potential payout for each parlay may be lower than if you had placed wagers on each parlay separately.

15. Draw no bet meaning

This is a frequent occurence in sports betting. Draw no bet means that when the bettor stakes money on the result of a game, the wager is reimbursed, or “pushed” in the event of a draw.

If you placed a “draw no bet” wager on a soccer match between Team A and Team B and Team A wins, your wager is successful. If Team B prevails, you lose. However, the bookies will return your wager and you get your initial stake back if the game is a draw.

This style of betting market is popular for sports like soccer or hockey where draws are more frequent. It can be a suitable choice for cautious gamblers who want to lower their risk of losing money in the event of a draw.

As a result of the bookmaker’s reduced risk owing to the returned wager, “draw no bet” odds are typically lower than regular 1X2 odds.

16. 1×2 bet meaning in Malaysia and Singapore

1X2 betting, or three-way betting, involves the bettor staking money on any of the three possible results of a game. The “1” denotes a victory for the home team, the “X” denotes a tie, and the “2” indicates a victory for the visiting team.

1×2 bet means that you can bet on either outcomes, such as Team A winning (1), a draw (X), or Team B winning (2), when you place a 1X2 bet on a soccer game between Team A and Team B. In soccer betting, 1X2 betting means you can place a wager on either way the match will go.

The bookmaker sets the odds for 1X2 wagers after taking into account variables including team form, injuries, and home advantage. Since the home team usually benefits from playing on its home field, the odds of them winning (1) are often the lowest. Due to the rarity of draws, the chances for a draw (X) are often higher than the odds for either team prevailing.

For gamblers who want more betting options than just selecting the winner, 1X2 betting is a good choice. In soccer betting, where draws are frequent, it is quite popular and has a bigger potential payoff than “draw no bet” markets.

17. 3 bet meaning in Singapore and Malaysia

In poker, a three bet is also called the “re-raise”. It is the third bet that the player places during the betting round. The phrase is common in Texas Hold’em and similar games.

Understanding the fundamentals of poker betting can help you better comprehend three bets meaning. There are four betting rounds in most poker variations, including Texas Hold’em: pre-flop, flop, turn, and river.

Each player has three options during each betting round: fold, call (match the previous bet’s size), or raise (increase the previous bet’s size). A 3-bet happens when a player places the third wager in a betting round, following the first wager and the second raise.

Let’s take the case when the first player wagers $10. There are now two bets in the round thanks to the second player’s $30 raise. The subsequent $60 re-raise by a third player will be a 3-bet.

In poker, 3-betting can be a potent strategy for seasoned players who can bluff other players into believing the superiority of their hand. It is, however, a high-risk tactic because it frequently results in higher pots and bigger losses if a rival with a solid hand calls the 3-better or re-raises him.

Make a bet meaning: what you should consider when gambling

draw no bet meaning

Yes, when you place money on a likely outcome, you make a bet. But, what should you look at when you place your wager?

If you want to take betting seriously and win big, here are a few betting tips that you should consider:

1. Know what you are betting on

No matter which sport you are betting on, you have to know its rules by heart. Until you know the rules thoroughly, you cannot place informed bets.

2. Know about the players and teams

This is a no-brainer. If you know what the players and teams are like, you have a better chance of accurately guessing how they will perform.

3. Keep yourself informed about related developments

Don’t just know about the game or players, know about related stuff. For example, if you are going to bet on a cricket match, check out the weather predictions. Humidity, rain and wind velocity will determine how the ball will swing.

Now, look at how good a team’s bowlers are and how their track record has been. You may have a higher chance of winning if you understand how the weather conditions will affect their bowling.

4.Keep your passions aside

We may all have favourite players and teams, or may be loyal to our home teams. However, your emotions should not dictate your decisions. You must place a bet based on the information you have in hand, and determine which team is more likely to win, or which player is in form and is most likely to score.

5. Find a good bookmaker

People often overlook this point- but you have to get a good bookmaker to place bets with. Tales abound of dishonest bookies who often take bettors- particularly rookies- for a ride. Look for bookmakers who are honest and will offer fair odds.


football betting odds meaning

The world of betting presents many exciting opportunities. However, it is best to place your bets with a secure platform.

You can go to a casino, but many of them have restrictions on who can enter them. They may also charge a hefty fee. Moreover, you may be passionate about betting, but you may not find a good venue nearby.

With the internet, you can find good, reputable betting sites that can help you place your bets safely. All you need to do is sign up, and you can explore a variety of betting options from the comfort of your homes.

A secure gaming platform can help you find a plethora of sports to bet on, and also guarantee promised winnings. Moreover, they can help you with promotional offers, bonuses and discounts that can help you make the maximum of your bet.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the exciting world of betting now.


1. How to read the odds in sports betting?

If you want to bet on one team, you must look at what points are ascribed to it. If the odds on a team are +100, it means that for a $100 bet, you will win $100. However, if the odds are -200, it means that in order to win $100, you will have to bet $200. Reading the odds requires experience and a thorough idea of the sports book and the game.

2. What is bet meaning in Singapore and Malaysia?

Betting means placing a wager on the outcome of anything. There are many popular betting options, including: sports betting, casino games, card games, slot machines, horse races, etc. You can place bets informally, or visit a casino.
Or, you can place bets from the comfort of your home through secure online betting platforms like ASAA88.

3. What is 1×2 meaning in soccer betting?

In soccer, 1X2 betting or three way betting is very popular. Usually, in a soccer match, there can be 3 outcomes:
Team A wins
Team B wins
Bookies represent all the wagers in the term “1×2”. Here, 1 is for the first team winning, X is for draw and 2 is for the second team winning.
In matches where there is a team visiting the home team- the odds are lower for the home team; as they are most likely to be on an advantage. However, the draw option is very popular in such bets because the odds of it happening are less. Gamblers who don’t just want to bet on a possible winner often test their luch with 1×2 betting.

4. What does units mean in betting in Malaysia and Singapore?

Bettors use units to gauge the magnitude of a wager in sports betting. A bettor will utilize units to indicate a proportion of their overall bankroll or a precise amount of money rather than placing a specific bet amount on each wager.
Some bettors may utilize greater or fewer unit sizes than the standard 1% of their whole bankroll.
For instance, if a gambler adopts a unit size of 1% and has a bankroll of $10,000, each unit would be worth $100. They would be taking a risk of $200 (or 2 x $100) if they gambled two units.
By using units, gamblers can better control their bankroll and maintain discipline. They can avoid placing excessive bets on a single wager or chasing losses. Additionally, it is simpler to monitor their performance over time because they can gauge their success or failure in terms of units won or lost rather than merely money amounts.

5. What is bold bets meaning in Malaysia and Singapore?

Bold bets are high-risk, high-reward wagers. They offer potentially big returns for a very small initial outlay in sports betting. These bets are often not safe, because they are placed on long-shot results or underdogs.
Choosing an underdog to win a game outright or betting on a long shot to win a competition or championship are two examples of bold bets in sports betting. While placing these kinds of wagers has the potential to result in significant payouts- the likelyhood of that happening. Punters placing them must be at ease with the risk.
For bettors who are willing to take chances in the hopes of winning high payouts, bold bets can be exciting. However, as there is a high chance of losing money when placing these kinds of bets, bettors should exercise prudence and place them only after thorough evaluation of the possible outcomes.

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