Whether you are a first time bettor or an experienced one, winning your bet is what you’ve on your mind. And if the game you bet on is as fascinating as horse racing, the excitement is sure to double. As a bettor, you already have a basic understanding of betting on horse racing. However, if you are looking to take your betting game to the next level, here we have shared some essential horse racing betting tips for you.

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Online Horse Racing Betting Singapore

The idea or concept of online Singapore betting on various sports events has become a mainstream thing. The ease and convenience that the online horse racing betting offers is limitless. As such, more and more people are putting together their resources to try and capitalize on the idea of placing money and earning huge profits.

Among many such online betting games in Malaysia , horse racing is one of the most popular choices for bettors to bet on today.(source)

Before we dive into explaining the details about the entire horse racing system, and how you can bet money efficiently on the sport by using our horse racing betting tips, we would like to request you to gamble responsibly.

Gambling is a risk and addictive because it gives you a decent reward for the risk you take. But please ensure that you are prepared to bear the loss which could come in with betting at high-risk games. And to help you here, read about the best horse racing betting tips today.

Online horse racing betting Malaysia


horse betting system

Betting on horse racing is a way of gambling on the prediction of the outcome of a horse race. Usually, people used to go to the racecourses for betting on horse racing, physically.

However, in today’s day and age, people have got the ability to play and place bets on horse racing, through the power of the internet. While there are many new online horse betting sites out there, online horse betting, Malaysia and Singapore is a common search for players who are looking to place bets on the horse racing betting events.

For horse racing betting, you shall also find a variety of websites, which put you in the middle of the action and you can experience the thrill of placing your money on the bets for the horse races which can give you a good return as per the odds provided to you.

But before we jump on to the betting tips, let us understand the types of horse racing betting first.

Horse Racing Betting Types

The types of horse racing can be described by the bets, which are allowed for a given particular horse race. There are usually 3 kinds of bets, which the bookie gives to a bettor. (source)

The types are given below:

Bet to Win

Here you get what you want and choose. You place your money as per the bet odds given for a particular horse at the start of the race. You place your horse racing bets on choosing the horse number which you think shall win the first position. Hence, if the horse number you choose wins the first position, you get the money you placed as per the wager offered to the bet.

The more money you place on the bet, the greater returns you get from the successful selection of the winning horse.

Chances of winning here are low, as it is crucial that the horse you select gets the first position in order for you to win back your money along with the added earnings. For these kinds of sports bets, you get a balanced risk-to-reward play.

Bet to place

This bet is placed considering the proposition that the horse number you choose shall be placed in the first two positions. In this kind of flat racing, the pay-outs as per your bet is lower than the ‘Bet to Win’ type exchange bets. Although, here the horse racing best odds are in your favour as you get a better chance of winning as you get to choose the horse which could place first or second, and it shall make you entitled to win the money from the horse racing betting.

Bet to Show

horse racing betting prices

Of all the kinds of bets, you can place at horse racing, this one gives you the best odds of winning from the rest. However, this is kind-of a low-risk low reward type of bet, as the returns you earn from winning the bet shall be low as compared to other kinds of bets.

Chances of winning are higher as compared to other types as you get to choose to place your bet on your horse to secure first, second or third place in the race. In the field of horse racing bets, it is considered to be one of the easiest bets to place.

Horse Racing Sports Betting

Apart from the types of horse racing described here, there are also other types of it such as:

  • – Each Way bet: this involves splitting the amount of money that you place on the horse into two parts: and placing half the amount on win, and the other half on the place. Thus, if your horse secures the first position, you win the money as per the win bet, and if it is placed second, you win the money as per the place bet.

However, where there are seven runners or more, the “win” bets pay off only when your pick snags the first place. As for the bets on places , you can win only if you get the second and third position winners right.

  • Quinella bet: As per the betting tips, here you place your bet on two or three horses for securing first and second place respectively. The chances of winning are not very high. (source)
  • Exacta: While we recommend that you always gamble responsibly, you can place this bet by placing money on two or three horses for finishing in the first and second places in an exact manner. Here, you get a max refund as the pay-out is very high, but the chances of winning are very low. (source)
  • Trifecta: This kind of a qualifying bet includes you betting on three or more horses to finish in the first, second and third places in the exact order. The pay-outs are very high, but the chances of winning are extremely low. (source)

How horse betting works

horse racing betting singapore

With the world moving on the internet, online horse racing betting game has become quite popular. We recommend the following tips for your use:

  • Using a trusted recommendation website is really crucial in getting information about the daily racing, as it shall give you insights on how to choose the horse or horse number for placing your money on the bet.
  • Next, choose a website which allows you to view or stream the race as it goes down on the track. This way, you bet credits based on the race which you see.
  • Getting the best possible odds in order to maximize your chances of winning is, of course, the most important. Choose the odds which you believe fit your requirement, and place your bet on!
  • Further, choose racing tipsters which allow for easy banking options for you- for it shall be important for you to put money on the game, and then subsequently withdraw the money from your wins with equal ease. You play to win, and so the money should get to you quickly.
  • Bonus and reward offers are the extra benefit you get while choosing certain sites. Often, websites offer bet credits and max returns for your money which you place on horse racing.

Several promo codes are also available for your benefit. It is a good idea to check the terms and conditions before choosing the websites for your bet placement.

Horse betting guide

Usually, it is a rule of thumb that one has to be really wise when placing the bets for horse races. Also, it is a good idea to not focus on gossip or tips from others for the race. Here are some of the betting tips to follow for an informed placement of your money:

  • Take stock about the racecourse that the race will be taking place at. Use the internet to your advantage, and follow the official websites to give you a genuine update about the racecourse. The length of the course and the timings of the race are important factors as well.
  • Keep an eye out for the various horses that will be participating, and you shall have a good idea about the placement of the bets. Check the history about how well they have performed in a similar ground situation and what their practice times were. Further, keep a check on the age and physical condition of the horse before placing your bet.
  • Research the jockey and coach. This will give you an idea about how well he/she handles the horse. This will definitely have an impact on your winning chances.
  • Keep a check what the weather is like on the day of the race, at the location of the race, as it shall have an impact on the horse’s performance. Wet and windy conditions shall affect the race results. And accordingly, plan your horse racing betting strategies.

Steps to place horse racing bets online

new horse racing betting sites

Further, refer to the steps below for placing your money on the horse racing on any of the best online horse betting sites available. Remember that choosing a good website shall be important to get your win money back to you.

  • – Creating an account for the website on which you wish to participate in the betting.
  • – Depositing the initial money to place your bets. Usually, good websites allow for bet credits and some websites offer credits to the tune of 30 in free bets for your initial gamble.
  • – Withdrawal should be quick and secure for it has to give you the money after you win by placing your bets. Generally, fast payment options are available on popular websites.
  • – Reward programs are also available at times for returning customers. Players are given loyalty bonuses as well.

We hope these tips to choose the ideal betting website and to play your best bet, even if you are a beginner, helps you win big.

Best of luck!!


How to bet on horses and win?

Generally, this is a game of chance with added exchange bets. It allows you to choose wisely about the bet placement. To win, you need to strike a balance between the risk and reward on the bet and choose your horse number accordingly.

What are the horse racing betting odds?

This is usually the sports bet which pays out to the money you place on the bet. Various online websites allow you to choose the betting odds according to which you wish to place the money on. According to the odds bet placed, you get the reward from the winning horse.

Almost all betting tips shall show you that the more amount of money you place on the race, the shorter the bets are. That is good for you, as a bettor, as it gives you higher rewards when you win.

How to calculate your odds using a horse racing bet calculator?

Calculating your odds bet is crucial for you to decide on the placement of your gamble money. Calculate bet returns for horse racing using comprehensive and reliable horse bet calculators which are available online. Use the calculator to compare how different outcomes on each selection might affect your profits before you place your bet.

Usually, the calculator is fully customisable and comprehensive in the options it offers. You can change the odds format and odds for each selection in addition to configuring each-way bets and wagers affected by Rule 4 or dead heat scenarios.

How does one participate in a horse betting game?

With all the horse racing betting tips that you have received from this blog, it is even more important for you to choose which websites you wish to go to, for placing online horse betting games. Many of the websites host daily racing based on the locations and let you place the sports bet according to the gameplay and the favourable odds.

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