If you love betting on tournament sports on online Malaysia casinos- you must know about Round Robin betting. For all bettors in online Malaysia betting, knowing the 4 team round robin betting system can significantly lessen chances of losing and make betting more fun.

At ASAA88, you can bet on your favorite sports- and use the round robin betting strategy to its full advantage.

Being a sports bettor, your main goal is to earn as much money as possible. Round robin betting is a preferred betting method for many. It allows you to make a series of smaller parlay wagers.

If you are looking for the best destination to enjoy round-robin betting, you should set your eyes on online Singapore betting casinos. You can make use of it when betting on both teams or players. This betting method presents a plethora of winning combinations and enables you to get more from wagers.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Round Robin Bet?

what is a round robin betting

So, what are 4-team round robin bets? As mentioned, round-robin betting is a popular type of betting that provides you with a larger list of teams or players to make various smaller parlays. Top sportsbooks automate the process of creating these kinds of parlays. In round-robin tournaments, every team gets an opportunity to play against each other at least once.

It offers various options for betting lines that include money line bets or spread bets. Though there’s technically no limit to include parlays, round robin, however, comes with three parlays. The final wagers depend on the type of combination that you select to place in terms of the number of round-robin parlays that you make.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that this betting method tends to affect your payout as well and can indeed increase your chances of winning.

How does a Round Robin Bet Work?

how does round robin bet work

So, how does round robin betting work? Before you head to Malaysia or Singapore to enjoy round robin betting, you should get familiar with how does a 4-team round-robin bets work.

You should know that this type of betting works like a parlay. In this, the odds of different outcomes are generally combined into a complete single wager.

So, if you want to place a round-robin parlay, you need to select 3 to 14 different types of selection and also cover all win doubles. To get a guarantee of a payout, at least your two selections need to win.

Round Robin combinations- Are Round Robins Good Bets

When it comes to parlay combinations in betting, it tends to vary depending on the terms of several selections you choose. In general, a round-robin includes three different types of outcomes. You can make even more complicated wagers that depend on how many teams you select.

Apart from teams playing against each other in round-robin tournaments on online Malaysia betting sites, bettors also get a chance to make their parlay bets together. Those who prefer to opt for various games for wagering on, grab opportunities for creating smaller round-robin parlays that are made up of different games.

It allows you to create thousands of parlay combinations by choosing various games to bet on. You need to keep in your mind that every sportsbook includes its round-robin option and also the way they appear.

Differences Between Round Robin Bet and Parlays: How does round robin work in betting

what is round robin betting

When it comes to parlay betting, it enables you to bet on a complete series. Meanwhile, if you lose any of the bets, you will lose the entire parlay bet. Round robin, on the other hand, includes a series of bets. But, you don’t need to worry in terms of giving up potential wins from your other bets if you lose any of those.

Even if you lose any of the bets, you can still make money from those bets that you win. For instance, if your betting includes overall 4 bets, and you win 3 of them and lose 1. You still get a chance to win and can earn profit. You can get a possibility of winning different combinations of betting.

It allows you to improve your single wager. Parlay betting limits your winning though it offers lucrative betting odds.

4 Team Round Robin Betting: What is a Round Robin in Sports Betting

what are round robin bets

You can enjoy round-robin betting in several ways in Malaysia and Singapore. The 4-team round-robin bet is popular in both countries. In this, you need to create a robin bet of 4-teams.

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If you have four teams like Team A, Team B, Team C, and Team D, then you should create the match schedule in three rounds.

  • In Round 1, there should be a match between Team A and Team B.
  • And the next match will be between Team C and Team D in the following way.
  • In Round 2, the match will take place between Team A and Team C.
  • And the next match in this round should take place between Team B and Team D
  • In Round 3, the match will take place between Team A and Team D.
  • And the next match will take place between Team B & Team C.

It’s important to mention here that if there’s an odd number of teams, then there’s the possibility that one of the teams can expect a bye every round. In other words, every team gets a bye.

In doing the same, every team is equal and can get a fair shake. Using a round-robin calculator, you can easily create 6 parlays of 2 different teams.

Tips for Round Robin Betting : How do you win a round robin bet

You need to know that 4-team round-robin bet is one of the mainstream betting options in both countries – Singapore and Malaysia. You can find this on many legal sports betting sites in these countries. It’s vital for you to make a selection of the right online sportsbooks.

Well, to bet on round-robin, you need to first do your research and then make a decision in terms of the number of games you wish to wager on. You can also get an opportunity to choose between 3 and 15 events or lines for betting on and also the number of ways you seek your round-robin wager to go.

The number of parlays in 4-team round robin wager can multiply the amount that you decide to wager. It’s something that depends on the number of combinations you select. Keep in mind that round robin betting is a tricky wager as you need various outcomes to take place.

So, it’s vital to research 3 to 15 bets that you place. It prevents you from losing your hard-earned money.

What are Some Best Strategies for Round Robin? How to win a round robin bet

what does round robin mean in betting
  1. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in round-robin betting, you need to play it with the right strategy to secure your chance of winning. As mentioned, the most interesting thing about this game is that players have a minimum risk of losing their money. If you play a 4-team round-robin bet and 3 of your team covers, you still get a chance to complete your bet on the plus side.
  2. In general, round robins take a higher amount of investment compared to traditional parlays. But, it also comes with a wonderful chance to increase your potential profit while minimizing the chance of overall loss.
  3. Round robin provides a good opportunity for a hedge as well. As far as hedging is concerned, it is all about picking another side of the wager. It reduces potential losses. You need to do it properly and get a surety of higher profit.
  4. With the round-robin game, you also grab an opportunity to include a maximum of 10 teams. Every team added involves adding more bets. Therefore, investment tends to rise dramatically. If we talk about a larger round-robin, it generally includes two or more two teams for every leg.
  5. If you opt for 2-1 on parlay picks, there’s a higher chance that you will lose your parlay as well and also your $100. But, if you pick 2-1 for round robin, you will get a better chance to finish it with a hefty profit. When you decide to go 2-1 for round robin, you will get an overall payout of $528 after the total investment of $300. So, you can expect to pay out $264, which is indeed less than the investment amount. It’s still better than losing the entire investment.

Final Words

In countries like Malaysia and Singapore, you will find many gambling options to play and enjoy – round-robin betting is an emerging option. So, after going through the above discussion, you may have enough information regarding round-robin betting. The best thing about this betting concept is it increases your chance of earning money while minimizing the risk.

So sign up on ASAA88, and put your round robin betting skills to test by wagering on your favorite sports tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are round robins bets worth it?

When we compare 4-team round robin bet with traditional parlays, it generally requires a higher amount of investment. But, the good thing is that it also works effectively in increasing potential profit while minimizing your chance of a total loss. It also offers a wonderful opportunity for both minimizing loss and hedging. All you need to do is to play it with the right strategy to maximize your chance of winning and earning money. With round-robin, you have an opportunity to include up to 10 teams.

2. How does a round-robin bet pay out?

When it comes to 4-team round-robin bet pay, it’s based on the number of winnings of every parlay in the total round-robin wager. For instance, a $15 3-team round-robin bet with every team lined at -110 would offer an overall payout of $39.67. In case, one of 3 teams is to lose, it minimizes the chance of winning significantly since 2 of 3 parlays tend to be graded as a loss. To understand the total payout of the round-robin, it’s advisable to use a bet calculator to calculate the total payout.

3. How many total bets are in a round-robin?

Well, the total bets in round robin is 10. The bet includes a total of three selections that amount to overall 10 individual bets within this type of bet. These types of bets include 3 doubles, 3 single-stakes, and 1 treble about bets. All of this includes overall 10 individual bets. It brings different bets closer to a single overreaching betting. The main reason is that it needs an in-depth knowledge of different forms of betting.

4. Is there any possibility of losing one game on a round-robin bet?

Instead of forming a 5-team parlay where an individual player loses, which could be the reason for the loss. As far as betting a round-robin is concerned, it can break five different teams into a small parlay. It depends on the way the ticket is structured, and also there’s a higher possibility that the bettor can lose one or more than one leg. But, they can still earn huge profits.

5. Is Round Robin A Good Bet?

Regarding online casinos in Malaysia, 4-team round-robin bets usually require a large investment compared to traditional parley. However, this betting method helps to increase the potential profit while lowering the chance of loss.

In addition, a 4-team round-robin also offers bettors the to minimize losses and provide an opportunity to hedge. While hedging, the bettor can pick the other side of the wager, lessening potential profit and mitigating losses. As such, round robin is a good bet.

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