Online casino live games have recently risen in popularity since they offer various advantages to end-consumers. However, a beginner might encounter certain challenges while betting on live dealer games.

For instance, most beginners need help to adapt to the casino games offered by the platform since they tend to ignore the rules before betting. According to experts, better research and understanding of the different casino games increase the scope of winning a bet.

In addition, certain strategies can offer you better results while betting. Keeping this in mind, this guide will help you understand how online live casinos work.

Once you have gained a better understanding of online casinos, you can try out the various live casino games we have in store at ASAA88. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is Live Online Casino, And How Is It Different From A Regular Online Game?

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Unlike traditional online games that rely entirely on software, an online casino live game provides a realistic experience to the players. Players worldwide are connected to a live dealer through a live-streaming video link.

As such, the results are not generated by an AI since they are recorded in real-time while playing table games. Generally, live casinos are usually streamed from a land-based casino, but some online casinos in Singapore and Malaysia prefer using modern studios to place bets.

These state-of-the-art studios use immersive technology to make the experience more futuristic and life-like. For instance, Immersive Roulette uses virtual reality (VR) technology to provide an authentic experience for players.

Online casino live game also comes with a chat function that helps the players to communicate with the dealer. Moreover, players from across the globe can play against each other and meet new people.

The Lingo Of Online Casino Live Games

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In this section, we shall discuss some familiar terms to help you navigate live online casinos in Singapore and across the globe more efficiently.

1. Ante Bet

The first bet placed in a game is an ante bet. You will mostly find this term used in an online game such as a live poker game.

2. Casino Lobby

The casino lobby is where you will find all the table games, online slots, and casino offers provided by the online casino site.

3. Dealer

A dealer is a person that host live games and provides an authentic, realistic experience to the players. You will mostly find them spinning the wheel or dealing with cards. For a more immersive experience, it is recommended to interact with the dealer while playing the game.

4. Flash Casino

A flash casino is a type of live casino online game that doesn’t require software or an app to work optimally. As such, you can simply play the live games from your browser.

5. Video Streaming

When it comes to live casino games, operators use video streaming links to broadcast live footage of the game from the studios to the screen. Top online casinos in Malaysia prefer to use HD quality video quality and pitch-perfect sound since it offers an immersive experience to the players.

We highly recommend that you play live games with an internet speed of 25 Mbps since it prevents video streaming from lagging or buffing.

6. Game Control Unit (GCU)

All live casino games rely on a Game Control Unit (GCU) since it is the backbone of most games. This device is designed to encode data from the live games and present them as information to the players.

Players can easily track their winning bets by monitoring the GCU during the live games.

7. Live Chat

Nowadays, most online casino live games provide a text chat function, allowing players to communicate with dealers in real-time.

8. Multichannel

Online casino games are designed to be multichannel since they let the players enjoy the game from different platforms. For instance, a player can enjoy a live game on their PC, smartphone, or tablet device.

9. Multi-hand Games

When it comes to multi-hand games, players can play up to five hands per round. This increases the chances for them to win a game.

10. Multiplayer Games

In a multiplayer game, the operator hosts land-based casino players and online players simultaneously in the same game.

Types Of Live Games Online Casino

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Now that we have discussed the different concepts of online casino games let us look at some of the games available on the platform.

1. Live Casino Online Poker

Like poker games in a real casino, a live casino game connects the player with a skilled live dealer. This game is available in different variants, but the rules remain the same. One of the most popular live poker variants is Texas Hold’Em Poker.

In the original five-card poker game, the player must play against the house in front of other players. The main object of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand by arranging the cards in your hand with the best combination possible.

2. Live Baccarat

Out of all the live games, live baccarat is one of the easiest to learn and play since it has very simple rules. The player must place a bet on the player interface and wait for the live dealer to accept the bet before the cards are drawn. The cards that are drawn must follow the standard baccarat rules for fairness.

3. Live Roulette Online Casino

A player must place a bet in a live roulette game before the live dealer spins the online roulette. If the ball lands in your bet, you can keep all the money for that round.

4. Live Blackjack

Out of all the live casino games offered by the platform, live blackjack is one the most popular games amongst global players. Moreover, the live blackjack game retails the real-life appeal since it follows a standard format. During the game, the player must face off against the live dealer and avoid having a hand with more than 21.

5. Live Game Shows

If you love watching TV game shows and find them entertaining, you should definitely check out some online casinos in Singapore and Malaysia. Over the years, online casinos have recreated the fun and exciting elements of live game shows by broadcasting hits like family board games and shows like ‘Deal Or No Deal.’

Some online casinos prefer to enhance the experience by calling celebrities to host the game shows.

You will be surprised to know that online game shows follow all the standard conventions of the regular TV game show equivalents. In addition, live online shows add interesting elements such as multipliers and casino bonus rounds to keep players and viewers entertained.

Tips To Play Online Live Casino Games

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Playing an online casino live game for the first time can be intimidating and challenging, but there is nothing to worry about. Here is a list of tips that can help you play the games more efficiently:

1. Always Check The Home Connection Bandwidth

Most live-streaming casinos require the players to have a stable home connection bandwidth if they want to enjoy the full experience. As such, a player must check the requirements of the casino games before playing a live-streaming game.

Normally, a 25 Mbps internet connection is more than enough to run a live-streaming casino game smoothly. However, certain games might require higher speed and bandwidth for an immersive and lag-free experience.

2. Prepare Good Game Strategies

No matter which game you prefer, you will require a good strategy to win the match. One of the best ways to design a good game strategy is by researching live casino games and understanding the playing patterns.

Additionally, you can refer to guidebooks published by professionals since you can find various game strategies.

Once you have a hang of the different strategies, you can easily use them to clear different game phases without difficulty. You can also contact some professional dealers since they can provide valuable hints to make the game easier.

3. Try Not To Over Bet

One of the most common mistakes people make while betting is placing high bets even though they can’t afford it. This can cost the players a lot of money if they lose the game. As such, we suggest playing online games with a standard budget. Once you have used up all the funds, you should avoid placing any further bets.

4. Know When To Walk Away

A player should always know when to quit the game and walk away. If you notice that you can’t win a certain game over a long period, you should immediately walk away before it does major damage to your confidence and budget.

5. Find Online Live Casino Games Promotions

If you love playing a certain live casino game, we recommend looking for special promotions the platform offers. For instance, a player who enjoys blackjack can increase the chance of winning by taking advantage of the bonuses and multipliers offered by online casinos.

However, these special promotions are only available for a limited time, so you must immediately use them when you get a hold of one. You can also receive special promotions by referring a friend to join the online casino site.

6. Never Use Cheating Software

Another common mistake people make while playing online casino games is trying to use illegal software and algorithms to cheat the games. This goes against the rules, and a player can be fined severely if caught.

Nowadays, most online casino sites have anti-cheat systems that discourage players from playing unfairly. A player should always remember that the game is designed to be fun and entertaining. Losing a game shouldn’t be a big deal since you can always win the next game if you play the correct moves and strategies.


To wrap up, online casinos offer consumers a wide range of casino games. As such, you can always change your betting strategies according to different games. We also recommend playing a few trial games before placing an actual bet. This way, you can gain a better game experience and increase your scope of winning.

If you follow the tips and tricks suggested by our experts, you will surely have a fun time while placing your bets. With ASAA88 you can never be short of choices for online betting. From penny slots and live jacks to sports betting and more, we have it all here. Just sign up today and pick from our thrilling betting game choices. What are you waiting for? Join now and have a wonderful time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Live Games- Schema

1. What Are Live Dealers Games?

A live dealer game is an online casino game that allows users to connect and interact with a real human dealer. For this purpose, most online casinos prefer to use a live video feed to connect the dealer to the player.
Another interesting fact is that the dealers use real cards, roulette wheels, and chips to play the game. On the other hand, the software places the wages and organizes the bets made from the player’s end.
As such, live dealer games have a social element that enables them to offer a more realistic casino experience.

2. Which Is The Best Live Dealer Online Casino Games  Commonly Played?

Most beginners prefer to play live dealer casino games such as roulette and online blackjack. These games are designed to be simple, which makes it easier for players to learn and pick up different aspects.
Additionally, these games are well known for having a small house edge. This ensures that everyone gets a lot of play for their invested money.
Also, you will never feel bored while playing these games since it offers a realistic experience by connecting the players with a live dealer.

3. Do Online Casinos Offer Free Trials?

Nowadays, well-known online casinos offer free demos and trials on their sites. Some online casinos even offer free demos with a live dealer to guide you throughout the process. However, these live demos have a short trial period.
Once you have completed the live demo, the site will charge you for playing a normal live game. On the other hand, you can opt for an automated version since it offers a similar experience to a live demo while being completely free.

4. Are All Live Casino Online Games Rigged?

No, online live games are not rigged and are safe to play. Most online casino have independent testing agencies test their games before launching the same. These independent testing agencies ensure that the games follow all the safety protocols for a smooth and hassle-free experience.
If you take a close look at reputed online casino sites, you will notice the accreditations offered by the independent agency. We recommend you avoid playing those games since they can be rigged. Don’t play your favorite casino games at a site that doesn’t provide such accreditation.

5. Can Mobile And Tablet Users Enjoy Live Dealer Options?

Many online casino sites offer live casino games to mobile and tablet users. However, only a few live dealer games may be compatible with a tablet or mobile device. As such, expert bettors recommend that you check and see if your device is compatible with the online live games on the site.
At the moment, roulette, live blackjack, and three-card poker are some of the most popular live games available for tablet and mobile users. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the game’s screen size requirements for a better realistic experience. If the screen size doesn’t match the game requirement, you might not be able to interact with the live dealer during the game.

6. What Should I Do If I Face A Issue While Playing A Live Casino?

You can experience certain technical problems when playing a live casino game. Simply contact the dealer and share the issues you have encountered during the game.
You can also contact the online casino support staff since they stay active 24 hours a day. Regarding money deposits, we highly recommend you contact the customer support team through email, chat, or phone calls.

7. What Table Games Will You Usually Find On A Live Dealer Online Casino?

Top online casinos offer various table games at live casinos, such as baccarat, blackjack, Hold’em, three-card poker, and many more. Moreover, you will always find sites adding new live dealer games from time to time.
So the next time you feel bored, you should check out some of the live casino table games available at ASAA88.

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