Bettors that participate in round-robin wagering in Malaysia and Singapore attempt to mix as many different two-team robin option parlay combinations as they can. This guide to round robin bet will provide in detail the most effective ways to use a round robin wager, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of betting on many teams within a round robin format.
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Now let’s get started with round robin bet.

What is a Round Robin Betting?

In sports parlay betting, a round-robin bet is a series of two-team parlays selected from a predetermined list of teams.
Although it is common to refer to a round robin bet as a form of a ‘hedge,’ the term is also used to describe a method used to complete a large number of parlay wagers.
Round-robin wagers are classified as “hedges,”. They differ from standard hedge bets in that they do not involve betting against a specific team to maximize profits or minimize losses.
Round Robin bet is highly popular in countries like Singapore and Malaysia and catches the attention of bettors.
Because we only bet on the teams we think will win, a round-robin bet is unique.

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How Does Round Robin Betting Work in Online Singapore & Malaysia Casino?

what are round robin bets and How Does Round Robin Betting Work in Online Singapore & Malaysia

As an illustration, consider the case of a sports parlay in which you select three teams. There are three groups: A, B, and C. Three different two-team smaller parlays make up a round-robin wager.

  • A Team + Team B
  • B Team + Team C
  • A Team + Team C

Putting a total of $15 into a three-team parlay with an average risk of $5 per wager. There is a maximum reward of $39.67 if all three bets win at -110 odds.
Let’s have a look at another soccer team example. Consider the scenario in which you made predictions for three different soccer teams on a Saturday afternoon. Following are the choices you came up with:

  • Manchester City (-200)
  • Liverpool (-200)
  • Newcastle (-200)

There are three parlays in this scenario, therefore, the total risk is $15 if we bet $5 on each one. If we placed a $15 wager on all three teams to win, we would get a $22.50 reward if all three came out on top.
The payouts would be different if we combined these wagers into a round-robin wager. Round Robin wagers of $15 return $33.75, as each option is bundled into one parlay bet if all three teams win their games.
When there are many games to bet on, round-robin wagers provide the best value. For recreational bettors, matchday Saturday in soccer or NFL Sunday in football is the optimal time to use a round-robin bet.
More selections on the betting board mean that there is more opportunity for unpredictability and variance. Round-robin betting eliminates the risk of losing a three-team parlay if only one of the teams loses while the other two winners.

3 Team Round Robin Bets

3 Team Round Robin Bets and how round robin bets work

If we were to set up a three-team college football round-robin bet. We’ve selected three underdogs to win the game. Using the round robin bet calculator, three parlays of two teams each are created.
Selections appear in the bet slip, and the wager breakdown may be found by scrolling to the ‘Round Robin’ section of the bet slip.
If all three teams come in under their respective spreads, a $5 gamble on each parlay would result in a total loss of $15 and a total gain of $39 based on these predictions.

4 Team Round Robin Bet

There would be four teams in an NBA round-robin bet. We’ve selected four teams that are below the online singapore betting line.
Selections appear in the bet slip. One can find the wager breakdown by scrolling to the ‘Round Robin’ section of the bet slip. Using the round robin bet calculator, you can build six different parlays involving two different teams.
If all four teams come in under their respective lines, a $5 stake on each parlay would result in a total loss of $30 and a total gain of $80.57.

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How To Use Round Robin Betting Strategy?

how do you win a round robin bet

Round robin betting is a better option than long-shot parlays and teasers if you are just a casual sports bettor. Since one team’s loss might spell the end of your long shot parlay, this is why. Parlay tickets can be irritating since even if you win 8 of the 9 games, you still lose. For casual gamblers, the ideal option is round-robin sports betting.
You can use the round-robin wager in an online Malaysia casino if you’re a serious sports bettor who earns a percentage of their livelihood betting on sports. Total bets placed in a round-robin format let players protect their stakes and limit their losses. Hedging is the process of placing a wager on the other side of the coin, ensuring a profit regardless of the outcome. The final leg of the parlay can be wagered on the opposite team depending on the timing of the events in your round-robin bet, ensuring long-term profit.
Because your bets get divided into two-team parlays, round-robin parlays have a higher reward potential but also lower risk. Even if the payouts on long-shot parlays are higher, there is little to no chance of making money long-term by online betting in Malaysia on long-shot parlays.
Because of this, round robin betting has a lower initial payout than long-shot parlays, but the long-term rewards and profits are substantially bigger.
Once can use the ‘correlated parlay’ in conjunction with round-robin betting. It’s a collection of choices that link together, dependent on how each choice turns out. The ‘First Five Innings Over 4.5 Runs’ bet ties to the ‘Over 9.5 Runs’ bet if you’re wagering on baseball, for example.

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Probability dictates that these two events will link

Probability dictates that these two events will link in round robin betting strategy

Any gains from all the parlays in a round-robin wager get added together to determine the payout for the round-robin wager.
To put it another way, for $15, you’d get $39.67 in total payoff for betting three teams against each other in a round-robin. But the earnings would greatly reduce if one of the three teams lost. Then, two of the three parlays would grade as losses.
Just $3.22 is the amount on a $15 round-robin wager with each team at -112.
More often than not, games that go over the first five innings of betting are also likely to go over the entire game. Football and basketball fans can do the same thing by combining the results from the first half and the entire game. To achieve this in hockey or soccer, you can use betting totals for each period or first half, which you can compare to overall betting totals.

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Where can I go for Round Robin in Sports Betting?

You can use round-robin betting in a variety of sports, and there are several ways to do it. One can use a wide range of techniques while round robin sports betting, depending on whether you’re betting 3-way, ATS spread, or straight-up Moneyline in various sports.
In a round-robin bet, we’re trying to keep our betting errands to a minimum by picking teams to cover the spread. It is sufficient for Virginia Tech to stay within the +7.5-point spread for our gamble to be successful.
Straight-up Moneyline bets on sports like hockey require your team to win outright to be a successful wager.
Things get a little more tricky when you’re betting on soccer. Because a club can play to a 90-minute draw and the selection assesses as a loss. The 3-way Moneyline rarely employs round-robin wagers. With the Asian handicap wager, you can split up your selections by picking a team on the +0.25 AH line, meaning that half of your wager would be the chance of winning if the team gets selected and played to an even draw.
Using the Asian handicap in soccer in round-robin betting is perhaps the best strategy for mitigating risk, as a draw is only half a loss.

Understanding round robin bets for underdog

round robin bets explained

Do not place any wagers based only on luck, and this includes blindly betting on underdogs merely because they have a little higher win percentage based on previous data.
If an underdog appears as +300 in one book, another may have +350 for that same underdog. Those $50 can make a significant impact on a gamble that costs $100.
One such tactic is to arrive at the venue with plenty of time to spare. It holds for all types of wagers, not just those placed on underdogs, but in college basketball, especially, enormous point spreads can shift by several points. It is not unusual to be able to bet a strong underdog on the point spread the night before the game at a number such as +24.5. But by the time the game starts, the number may have dropped to +19.5, giving you five points of value, which is a significant amount.
When betting on an underdog, you want to ensure you have as many points as possible to work with at reasonable odds. It doesn’t happen in every game, and line movement isn’t always predictable, but it’s crucial to keep this in mind.

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Is betting underdogs in baseball a good idea?

Baseball betting is famous for several reasons. MLB is one of the few summer sports. Thus, you can wager on it when other sports aren’t. Baseball collects the most data. Analytics drive the sport. It helps bettors win wagers by providing vital information.
Unlike any other sport, you can place an unlimited number of bets. There are several marketplaces to pick from, and the season is long. Baseball betting requires significant research.
Online betting in Singapore opens up several marketplaces and bets. Online baseball betting has many advantages over traditional sportsbooks.

What are Fractional-odds underdogs?

Favorite bets have a denominator larger than the numerator, such as 1-2 or 2-5. As seen, underdog bets have a larger numerator than the denominator. Futures betting is common. In NBA champion, consider the futures bet at the start of the season. All teams may have fractional odds with a bigger numerator than the denominator. Favorites are the teams with the smallest payoff. 2-1 odds are the favored, not 10-1.

What are Decimal underdogs bets?

Decimal odds reflect the amount a successful $1 wager would get. If the odds are 6, a winning bet will return $1 plus $5 profit.
Underdog bets have decimal odds above 2. 1 and 2 are popular bets, and 2 is even money. Barcelona favors at 1.50. Atletico Madrid is a three underdog at Barcelona.

How does the payout for Round Robin Bet work?

Any gains from all the parlays in a round-robin wager get added together to determine the payout for the round-robin wager.
To put it another way, for $15, you’d get $39.67 in total payoff for betting three teams against each other in a round-robin. But the earnings would greatly reduce if one of the three teams lost. Then, two of the three parlays would grade as losses.
Just $3.22 is the amount on a $15 round-robin wager with each team at -112.

What is underdog in betting?

The term “underdog” refers to a team or individual who is likely to lose a competition.
The Raiders are the underdogs in the above scenario. The oddsmakers and the general public both believe they will fall short against the Chiefs, the preseason favorite.
When describing the size of an underdog’s margin of victory, bookmakers can use two different numerical measures. The Mountain and the spread are two different type of betting.

How does underdog betting work with American underdogs?

Each odds system displays favorites and underdogs differently. In American odds, plus signs indicate underdogs, and minus signs indicate favorites. The White Sox may be -143 versus the Tigers, who are +123. The White Sox favors by one run with +107 runline odds.
The Tigers are +1 on the run line with -127 odds. Despite their minus runline odds, the Tigers are not the game’s favorite. When considering the runline, the Tigers favor to win. Basketball and football spread bets often feature minus odds. Lines, not odds, indicate the underdog and favorite.

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