When most people think about sports betting, they often think of wagering or spread betting on the Moneyline. However, one more popular way to bet is on the over-under. Understanding over under betting, commonly referred to as “totals” in the betting industry, is not complicated, but they are different from the other bets as they aren’t centered by comparing the two teams’ performance.

Totals are an essential part of betting. Many bettors and fans enjoy wagering on them. They can apply to everything from a final score, how often Joe Burrow throws a touchdown pass, how long a singer performs for the National Anthem before the Super Bowl, etc.

On this page, we’ll learn what over under betting is, how they function, and whether you should try them in your sports betting efforts. If you want to try your luck online, sign up for ASAA88 – Online Singapore & Malaysia Casino

Over Under Betting Importance in Online Singapore & Malaysia Casino

over under vs side by side
over under vs side by side

The over/under is such a famous bet for a few reasons.

It is a very straightforward type of bet. Both outcomes are almost equally likely, so you do not need to bother much about knowing a game to bet the total. You could be wrong about the winner and still win the bet on the total.

Just about every play in the game affects it. While a two-minute stretch of no-score basketball may be boring to casual fans, it is a very exciting time for someone who bets the under. Similarly, garbage time points in a blowout win might not necessarily mean much to point spreads bettors. However, they might make a huge difference to someone who bet the over

What Is The Payout Of Over And Under Betting?

Most Over/Under bets come with a vig of -110 on Over and Under. Another name for this is a flat rate. That means, for every $100 you want to win, you need to wager $110 – or a payout of at least 91 cents for every $1 wagered.

Sometimes sportsbook adjusts the vig on the Over/Under to encourage more money to be wagered on one side. If some book has taken a huge amount of money on the Over 53 (-110) and very less money on the Under 53 (-110), then they might change the vig to Over 53 (-115)/Under 53 (-105).

This offers the Under a better payout (95 cents for every wagered $1 on Under compared to 87 cents for every wagered $1 on Over) and induces an action on the Under. It balances the money bet on both sides of the Over/Under, ensuring a profit for the sportsbook no matter the result.

How Is Over And Under Betting Determined in online Malaysia & Singapore Casino?

over or under
over or under

Oddsmakers consider multiple factors while setting the Over/Under total. It was beyond the typical offensive and defensive stats of the involved teams.

Weather can significantly influence the scoring production of events like football and baseball. Injuries, lineups, coaching plans, home and away results, and oddsmakers will measure schedule while setting Over/Under odds.

The money bet on the Over/Under can also identify the total. If more money is wagered on the Over, sportsbooks can increase the total to encourage betting on the Under. Sportsbooks may reduce the total to draw money on the Over if more money is wagered on the Under.

How Much Do You Win In Over Under Explained

A standard bet on a total is just like a point spread. The sportsbook takes its 10% cut, shown with American odds.

Mostly, you will be betting $1.10 for every $1 you wish to win on a total bet in a football game. The -110 odds mean exactly this next to the Chiefs-Titans total points scored.

If you bet $11, you’ll earn $10. If you risk $55, you’ll get $50. $110 wins $100.

Low-scoring sports like soccer, hockey, and baseball, has the sportsbook adjusting the juice before moving the number.

Consider a Yankees–Red Sox game with a total of 8.5, and the sportsbook makes it look closer to 9 than 8.

In such a case, a sportsbook can make the under +100 and over -120 to reflect its projection of how the game will follow, forcing anyone who bets the over to risk a bit more because that outcome is more likely.

At -120, you risk $1.2 for every $1 you wish to win, and at +100, you risk $1 for every $1 you want to win.

If the Red Sox wins 5-3, under bettors will win. If they win 6-3, over bettors will win.

Over Under Meaning- How Is It Made?

what does over under mean in betting
what does over under mean in betting

Many factors impact the over/under. Particularly in sports like online football betting, basketball, and hockey. Here are a few:

  • The pace of the teams/athletes
  • Quality of the defenses
  • Quality of the offenses
  • Weather in outdoor sports
  • Venue considerations (particularly in baseball)

Even among sports with similar factors, they may carry different weights. Generally, computer models measure various inputs and spit out an expected total.

The online Malaysia betting market takes the reins from there, starting with small limits when the markets open. As more information enters the market, the totals move as game day draws closer. Information can come in the form of injuries or weather.

It mostly comes in the form of bets. High-limit wagers coming from sharp players clue the sportsbook in about where they need to move their line. The moment a max bet comes in on an over/under from an account, the sportsbook might respond by pushing the line in the same direction of the bet. Over time, the over/under moves in inches until it reaches the closing line when the contest begins.

You should typically think of this closing line as the Singapore betting market’s highly accurate prediction compared to the expected result.

Let’s look at some examples for the coming NFL game season and see why various games can have stark differences in the totals. These over/under come from DraftKings Sportsbook.

What Is The Probability My Total Betting Units Win?

what does tot mean in football
what does tot mean in football

If the market is sharp – high-limit wagers have moved the line towards a closing number – you should have around a 50-50 chance of winning an under/over bet. So, if Chiefs and Bucs played out the Super Bowl like thousands of times, the total should come up to be 54 or less for half of the time and above 54 the other half.

Similar to spread betting, the sportsbooks make money on totals by charging vig, often called “juice,” on both market sides. So, you generally have to bet $11 to win $10 no matter if you take the over or the under.

Sometimes, the market likes one side but not as much for a full move off of the current number. In such cases, you might see something like this:

  • Over X (-120)
  • Under X (+100)

You’ll get an even money payout on your under bets in this market when you have lay $12 for every $10 you wish to win on the over.

Most times, you might see -110 either way. To figure out the vig, remember that on normal -110/-110 markets, you will need to win 52.38% of your bets to represent a long-term profit.


Many factors go into making odds, like totals, and of course, it varies by sport. To create a total, bookmakers and bettors use multiple inputs — including offensive and defensive efficiency, how fast each team plays, weather, and much more.

Average totals are constantly fluctuating as rules, and team philosophies evolve in betting sports in singapore.

A bettor can wager whether or not the combined score, combined points/goals made by both teams would go over or under a determined amount. You’re not trying to guess the exact amount here.

Over under betting has many uses just the final score. You can wager on a quarterback over/under 249 passing yards or a tethanam under 2.5 touchdowns.


What are the odds in betting?

Odds provide a measure of the probability of a particular outcome. They are estimated as the ratio of the total number of events producing that outcome to the number that do not. These odds are common in statistics and gambling. Odds can be presented by examining rolling a six-sided die.
Bookmakers gather betting odds to represent what they believe is the probability of an event.
These odds denote as either a fraction (2/1) or a decimal (3.0) as used in the UK and around Europe. There’s also the Moneyline or American way, where a number has a plus or minus in front of it (+200).
Betting odds apply to any event that bookmakers take bets on, from horse racing and football to TV specials and politics.

What Is Over Under Sports Betting Psychology?

The totals, over under betting an interesting thing in gambling. Over/under betting is also amusing from a human psychology standpoint as, on average, people are more prone to bet the over.
It is based on the fact that an infinite number of scores are available that can make up the over.
There is another pool of thought that bettors generally don’t want to enlighten for a low-scoring game. Thus they select the over. Sportsbooks are well aware of this fact and adjust the odds accordingly.

What Is bet Total?

Over Under betting, or totals is among the most popular betting options for sports bettors other than the money line and point spread.
Total bets are usually based on the number of points in a game scored. It is not related to the outcome of the game. Over Under betting is there in almost all sports, including college football, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA basketball.

What factors matter in a Total bet?

A lot of things matter while determining a team total. In basketball, tempo is a significant factor. Bad defensive teams or up-tempo teams will have higher totals. In baseball, if a left-handed pitcher faces a team whose best hitters bat left-handed, the total could be a bit lower.
Weather is also a giant factor for outdoor sports. If the wind blows out at Wrigley Field, the total will usually be going to be high. If Lambeau Field is a slippery, snowy mess, the total is more likely to be lower. Before placing a bet, make sure you know this, as these are all factored into a line.

What is the over bet?

Simply put, over means that you are predicting that the total number of points scored in the game will be more than the number set as the over/under the line. 
A bet on the over means you think the score of both teams will combine to form more goals, points, or runs than the total listed. Conversely, an under bet means you think there will be less than the total listed.

What does over under mean?

There are several ways to bet on over under, but the most common is simply picking the number of points scored over or under a certain number. Bettors can also pick how many points they think will be there by the end of the game. They can predict what payouts they will receive when the actual score comes out.
Some over-under bets are also based on the spread or the number of points they favor on a team to win. In this case, the payout is usually adjusted to account for the risk involved in betting on a particular side. Regardless of how it’s wagered, over-under bets can be a fun and exciting way to add some extra excitement to a game.

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