The betting strategy called ‘Martingale’ was named after a casino owner in London known as ‘Martindale’. The Martingale betting system means doubling up on the losing bets and decreasing the winning bets by half. The classic scenario is to try to get an outcome that has a probability of 50% occurrence.

As it is a popular trick in the betting world, some sports bettors even do it subconsciously. It seems quite promising for new bettors and a way to earn easy money through bets. But it’s not that predictable and guaranteed.

Such systems are often referred to as zero expectation scenarios. This strategy simply means doubling up your bets until you win. The main motive is to regain all that has been lost.

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Understanding the Martingale strategy

Putting in money for this kind of bet is definitely risky. The idea behind the Martingale strategy is that you cannot lose all the bet each time. Ultimately, you should increase the amount you bet each time.

A major reason the Martingale betting strategy is so popular is that it looks like a sure-fire win. Using logic, the system should be successful almost 100% of the time in a vacuum.

However, casinos and online sports betting sites don’t operate in a vacuum; and nor do the bank accounts of sports bettors. Things like limited bankrolls, wager limits, the gambler’s fallacy, and casino regulations, all have a significant impact on long-term success from the Martingale system.

Working of Martingale Betting System in online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

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In the past years, there have been many variations in the Martingale system. All of these variations revolve around the central idea of raising or reducing a bet after a loss. Usually, Martingale strategies are applied when there are 50/50 chances of winning or losing. It’s not as simple as betting on a roulette table or a coin flip. An uncommon but applicable game that the Martingale system can be used in is Baccarat.

A typical Martingale system doubles the next bet after a loss. After every win is achieved, a new cycle begins. The strength of the Martingale system is that the bettor wins the highest bet of the cycle. For instance, consider this case:

If a player wants to start with a $1 bet and, unfortunately, loses it, his next bet would be $2 dollars. Now, if the player loses that bet, the next bet would be $4. Supposedly, if that bet is won, the whole cycle starts over, and the player bets at $1 again. This method ensures that the player will win the largest bet for each cycle.

At first glance, the Martingale system seems to be a winning approach to easy games like with a coin flip outcome. The learner player sees this as a sure path to easy money. However, just like the perception of having a parking space near the shopping mall on the busiest day of the holiday season, the Martingale strategy is too an illusion.

Why is the Martingale Strategy risky?

The betting system opens up the player to a high-risk approach and for a slight reward. The Martingale strategy plays on the statistical probabilities of chances and then it lures the player into a false sense of security. Here, the approach shows that the player has a high chance of winning several small amounts. Also, it shows that the player has a low chance of losing a very large sum of money.

As the player is winning small amounts frequently, the player falls into the trap. He develops the false perception that winning more often means winning more money. However, this is not the case. And because almost all the games that the Martingale method is used in are subject to the mathematical law of trials. This tells that each event is independent of the last. There is absolutely no way for the player to feel secure in their play without additional hedging.

Why Martingale system doesn’t work in the long run?

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  • Roulette odds

This Martingale system is commonly used for Roulette. You can start by betting on red and black. If you think that the black has won numerous times, the next turn would be for red. But that’s not always true and thus, you might also lose. The Martingale scheme doesn’t depend on the odds. It depends entirely on how lucky you are.

  • Table limits

You need to face table limits while playing Roulette, especially if you play at high stakes. When you reach the table limit, you can’t further double your bets. Thus, the Martingale system won’t be useful to you now. Therefore, the longer run games won’t give you enough profit.

Although you can effortlessly find numerous success stories related to the Martingale system, so somewhere truth is still there. You can’t win thousands of dollars through this scheme. It becomes useless for Roulette once you reach the table limit. So what are those success stories then? Well, they are nothing more than the promotion of the sports betting structure and nothing more.

Is Martingale betting legal in online Singapore & Malaysia Casino?

People often have the misconception that because of the huge winning amount, this scheme is illegal in casinos. However, it is not true and just a misconception. Almost all online Singapore casinos allow this scheme. This is because this strategy also provides a higher house edge.

But why is it still going and not banned? The reason is simple. Martingale strategy does not work in the long run. Playing it only for a short time might win you the amount. But this method won’t be profitable for making higher bets or play the game in the long run. To clear all your doubts regarding legal and illegal betting, do check out the blogs on ASAA88 Online Malaysia & Singapore Casino before you start betting.

The problem with the Martingale gambling

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There are many difficulties with the Martingale betting system. The first concern is that the player needs to understand that the long term he plays for, the more likely he will experience a bankrupting losing streak. Statistical Mathematics dictates an approximately 0.001% chance of losing a 50/50 bet. It is more than coming nine consecutive times. This interprets into 1 time in every 1000 wager sequences.

As the player doubles the bet after every loss, he also loses more than 1000 dollars for the 9 bet sequence. The combined loss on a 1 dollar bet for a 9 bet sequence is $1059. This eliminates any possible gains for the player by the max bet of the cycle. In its simplest form, the betting strategies expose the player to surprising losses on an average of once in every 1000 sequences.

Other possible concerns with Martingale betting system

The second and third concerns to be looked after by the player are the constraints of the betting limits. The limited bankroll of the player and casino usually imposes these. The betting limits of casino games ensure that the Martingale system will not be advantageous to the player. Most of the roulette tables have an outside bet table of $1000 max; and, after 9 bets, the table max is reached. The player is banned by the rules of roulette from increasing their next bet.

Baccarat has substantial table limits, and employing the Martingale method at these super high limits gets the player closer to an even game. Still, ultimately a 15-20 loss streak will catch up with the player wiping out any gain achieved before the losing streak. But to consider this approach, a huge bankroll has to be available to the player.

In general, if a table max is reached, the player will have the option to get to a table with higher limits. The issue with this method is that it is possible that the player could continue losing several more times. Again, after every loss, the player must double their bet. For a plausible system, the player must have an infinite bankroll. Also, the table limits must also be endless. The Martingale collapses under mathematical scrutiny, that’s why both the requirements are never the case.

Pros of Martingale method in Online Malaysia & Singapore Betting

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The benefits of using the Martingale betting system are-

  • This system works entirely legally. You won’t be entrapped by a scam or fraud.
  • The primary advantage of using the method is that it is comparatively simpler than other methods.
  • If you win a bet at some point in the game, all your previous losses will be compensated. You won’t be losing anything even if you win at the end of time.
  • This strategy is finest for beginners, as it is easy to understand and has a lot to offer. Besides, beginners can learn quickly about the Roulette table by this strategy.
  • Even for an experienced player, you can use the positive points to get more profit.


As a trader, your success mainly comes down to how effective your strategy is. With the dozen strategies out there, it’s essential to understand their pros and cons before implementing them.

The disappointing drawbacks overshadow the potential benefits in the case of marketing and strategy. Succeeding with this strategy is based on access to infinite capital and luck.

Most importantly, the strategy doesn’t increase the odds of you winning the trade. It delays your losses in the hope that a win can come before your money dries up. Your profit expectations also increase linearly, whereas the risk exposure also rises exponentially.


What is Anti Martingale Strategy?

As the name suggests, Anti Martingale strategy means doubling the position size every time you profit from a trade. Traders do this expecting the price of the security value will continue to rise.

The ideal hypothetical scenario for this strategy is an established bull market. Theoretically, it can also work in momentum trading as the security price keeps rising with more buyers coming into the market.

The Anti Martingale trading strategy promises the primary advantage of earning more profit by doubling the amount invested in each trade. The risk is also minimum during unfavorable conditions, as the trade volume doesn’t increase when the market price drops.

If extended losing streaks exist in the market, you might not make the profit as positions change all the time. You must determine the exit and entry points accurately for the losing bets so they don’t cover the profits.

What is an example of a Martingale betting system?

To know the basics behind these betting strategies, let’s take a look at a simple example. Consider that for the initial bet, you have a coin and want to engage in betting with the wager of $1. The coin has an equal probability of either landing on heads or tails. Each flip is independent, and the last flip does not impact the next one.

If you want to go with the same call of tails or heads, you can collect all the money and losses, including that $1 if it lands on the same side every time.

What is one risk of Martingale Strategy?

The Martingale betting system isn’t for transactions cause that come with every trade. That means you will lose more every time you double down.

Trading platforms can place limits on how many times you trade as well as on the trade size. The trader won’t have an unlimited number of chances to double their position. The market won’t turn in your favor; you have probably sustained heavy losses with no recovery possible.

How to be successful with Martingale Betting?

The Martingale system is a process that involves doubling the bets after a loss. The idea is that if you make a bet that offers even odds, you eventually win and earn enough money on the win that covers all your previous losses. And so, you will have a profit left over equal to your first bet.

If you want to adopt the Martingale strategy for sports betting, you must consider odds. As the idea is to wager just enough to compensate your losses on a losing streak, you must calculate how much you can win on each bet. The higher the decimal odds/lower probability, the less you must bet to potential should bet to break even.

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