roulette game-what is a good roulette strategy

If you ask anyone, the trademark of any online betting in Singapore or online casino in Malaysia is their roulette table. The roulette game is based on pure luck- there is no predicting which way your wheel of fortune will spin. However, there are ways in which you can engineer your luck on the roulette table with a good roulette strategy that works.

Let us find out how.

Roulette game- know how to play with the best roulette strategy in Singapore and Malaysia

Let us start with the basics. When you want to win a game, you have to know the rules first.

So, how does roulette work?

If you have played roulette then you know that it is played on the roulette wheel. There are two types of roulette wheels- the French or European roulette wheel, and the American roulette wheel. A roulette wheel contains alternating red and black slots, each assigned a number between 0-36.

The American roulette wheel has 38 slots, with numbers going from 1 to 36, a slot for 0 and another for 00. The French wheel has 37 slots, and has a single 0 slot. The 0 and 00 slots are painted green to avoid confusion.

The croupier or the dealer spins the wheel in one direction. He then spins a white ball in the concentric track in the opposite direction. Players place bets on which particular slot the ball will land, and the casino makes the payouts according to the probability.

The lesser the chance of the ball landing in a slot, the higher the payout.

Winning spins continuously is considered a winning streak in roulette games and not winning a single spin in several turns in a row is considered a losing streak.

While roulette is a game of luck- you can definitely bend the odds in your favor with a good roulette strategy.

Fun roulette game- know the bets

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A roulette table imposed maximum and minimum bets which is applicable separately to all players, it is applicable for each spin.

On the roulette wheel, you can place two types of bets- the inside bets and the outside bets. The inside bets pay more than the outside bets as the predictions are a lot more specific and hence, the odds of that happening are lower.

You can bet on where the white ball will land:

  1. The exact numbered slot
  2. A red or black slot
  3. Even or odd numbered pocket
  4. Group of numbers
  5. High numbers- between 19-36
  6. Low numbers- 0-18
  7. In case of roulette table- you can place line bets too.

Roulette game rules

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Know about the different types of bets:

Inside bets:

  • Stratight up- the exact slot
  • Split betting- when the bet is split between predictions about two slots
  • Street bet – when the bet is split between three slots
  • Corner bet- when the bet is split four-ways
  • Six bet- when the bet is split between six pockets

Needless to say, straight up pays the post, as the chance of an exact prediction coming true is extremely thin. (source)

Outside bets are:

  • Color bet- whether the ball will land on a red or black slot
  • Even or odd bet- whether the ball will land on an even numbered or odd numbered slot
  • Column bet- when you are betting on a group of 12 numbers
  • Dozen bet- when the bet is on the first dozen outcomes of roulette spins
  • High bet- for the ball landing on between the 19-36 numbered slots
  • Low bet- for the landing on the slots from 0-18

Casino games roulette rules

In any casino game, there are rules to follow about calling the bets and clearing payouts. Roulette is not an exception. If you know the rules, you can formulate a good strategy to win roulette in online betting in Malaysia or online Singapore casino.

When the croupier spins the roulette wheel- bets are called. Players can place their bets before the spin or during the spin. It depends on the croupier- he calls “no more bets” at the table. Usually, casinos have limits marked for the minimum and maximum betting amount that can be placed on the roulette wheel at a time.

The roulette wheel is placed on the roulette table; and all bets happen on it. The roulette tables have a checkered layout mapping the numbers and the inside and outside positions. When the dealer declares a winner, the croupier places a “dolly” on the winning number.

The dolly is like a token. Bets are placed in the form of casino chips. When there is a winner, the croupier moves the winnings to the winning square with his hands or a rake. The casino determines payouts on the basis of a predetermined formula, and all inside and outside bets are paid off.

Once the dealer places a dolly on the table, no bets can be placed, recalled or collected from the table. After the croupier clears the payouts, he removes the dolly from the table. The players can again place bets on the roulette wheel.

Roulette casino game strategy – How to play roulette strategies

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As we said earlier, roulette is based exclusively on luck. There is no predicting where the ball will land on the wheel. However, you can have a roulette game strategy to maximize your winning chances in online betting in Malaysia.

Let us give you some pointers on roulette strategies to win.

Choose the wheel carefully – roulette wheel strategy

As pointed out before- roulette wheels are of two types. In an American roulette game, the roulette wheel has an extra slot marked with a 00. An extra slot lessens the chance of your bet coming true, and increases the house edge.

On the other hand, the French or European roulette game takes place on a wheel with 37 slots. This gives the players a slight advantage.

Look for En partage and En prison rules -strategy to win roulette in casino

American casinos may not allow it, but in some European roulette games in the casino, there is an option of only losing half your betting amount. These are the en prison and en partage rules. According to them, if your prediction does not come true, you lose only half your betting amount.

In casinos that follow en prison rules, the players can collect half the amount off the table. However, casinos that follow the en partage rules do not allow for that.

Take note- these rules apply to only outside bets like odd/even numbers, high/low bets and black/red numbers. Inside bets do not come under its perview.

Nevertheless, these rules give the players a slight leeway.

Know the wheel – basics of roulette betting strategy

Nobody should start playing a game that they don’t understand- because luck doesn’t favour you for a long time. As we said earlier, there are two types of wheels. The numbers on the American wheel run clockwise as-


On the other hand, the European roulette wheel features the numbers as-


There are some casinos that even have triple zero wheels- though those are rare. Nevertheless, the numbers there run as-


Observe your dealer for tells – best roulette strategy ever

Yes, croupiers are professionals, and roulette is the ultimate test of gambling luck. However, you should try to observe the croupier closely. You may be able to spot some patterns in his behavior that may help you.

Remember, where a ball is likely to land depends a lot on when it is released in its track. Some dealers may have a habit of maintaining a particular amount of time between spinning the wheel and spinning the ball- which may lead to the ball landing up in some specific slots.
Of course, this is a matter of luck- but you may learn some tells if you observe the croupier closely. If you happen to have the chance of observing him, don’t miss out. If possible, observe a croupier for some time merely as a spectator and bet only after you have learnt to identify his tells.

Take the small bets and small wins- the best strategy to win in roulette

In roulette, the more the probability of an event, the less the payout. In other words, the broader your predictions are, the smaller the payout- but this also means that you have a higher chance of winning.

The outside bets may pay less than the inside ones, but they are more reliable as the odds of your prediction coming true is more. Think about it- how likely is it that the ball lands in the exact number that you want? Very less, right?

But how likely is it that the ball lands on an odd numbered slot, or a red slot, or in a broad group of numbers? The odds increase exponentially in such gambles.

So, if you want to win more consistently, you can formulate a strategy of small but continuous, more likely wins. Take the outside bets, and build up your kitty from there.

Roulette game online play

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Now, roulette is pretty popular all over the world. But sometimes, it may just not be possible for you to visit a casino physically. Casinos may be exclusive, or may even charge hefty entrance fees. Or some days- you may just not be in the mood to brave the crowd or dress up.

The obvious solution for this is to find a good casino online. There are many websites where you can play a roulette wheel game online, but if you want to make a huge amount of money, you need to find a legitimate roulette game on an online casino to play the best online roulette games.

Like ASAA88– which is 100% secure and offers fair play.

All you need is a good roulette strategy that works.

Play online roulette games for money as it is a much safer option. In a simulation, it is less likely that the wheel is rigged. And when the matter becomes online, it also becomes a game of mere luck- which is indeed more enjoyable for a gambler.

What you need to do is find a legitimate online betting website that will help you play live roulette games online in a secure manner. All you need is a bank account and you can securely transfer the balance on to your gaming account and start.

However, remember that roulette is ultimately a matter of luck- and every gambler should have some basic discipline.

Yes, it feels great when you are on a lucky streak- but it is a tricky slope. Luck may run out any time- so you have to know when to quit. Instead of obsessively gambling, leave while you are ahead. Otherwise, you may end up losing more than you can afford to.


So, if you feel like testing your luck- roulette is the best game for you. It does not really require a skill, and anyone can play in. If you want to try to win from the comfort of your home, sign up on a good gambling website and give a spin on your wheel of fortune.
Good luck!


How To Win Roulette In Singapore Casino?

Winning at roulette in a casino is based on chance, and there is no guaranteed strategy. However, you can increase your chances by understanding the game, choosing bets wisely, setting a budget, and playing responsibly. Remember that each spin is independent, so avoid falling for the Gambler’s Fallacy.

What number hits the most in roulette?

There is no telling really, but mathematicians say that 17 is the most popular number on the roulette wheel. Most croupiers say that 17 is the slot that sees the most bets. The reason may be because it is located right in the middle of the wheel- and it is human nature to pay more attention to what is in the centre of any pattern or shape. In fact, MIT says that 17 is the “most random number”- meaning that whenever you ask someone to choose a number at random, they are most likely to go for 17.

How do you play free roulette?

You can perform a free roulette game download for pc or your mobile to play. You can also find online casinos which may give you a couple of free spins on the roulette wheel. These online casinos may also give you special promotional offers that let you get free for some time. Download free online roulette games for fun and not to make money as the free games use fake money. This means you will win only on paper, and will not make any money in reality. Still, if you are passionate about gambling, you can play some free games to get to know the game better before you start betting real money.

Can you make money playing online roulette?

Yes, you can make money playing online roulette. There are good online casinos where you can play and win big. What you need to be careful about is that you choose a credible, secure gaming platform to bet with. Otherwise, you may end up playing on a shady website that swindles you and refuses payouts. Worse- hackers can steal your data, and it can pose a serious threat to your data privacy.

What is the 666 roulette strategy?

666 bet roulette strategy is an aggressive strategy that involves betting on as many numbers as you can. It minimizes risks- but also curtails your chances of winning big. Bettors who believe in being safe and earning small profits often use it.

For the 666 roulette strategy, you have to practically bet on the whole wheel. You can start by betting on colors red or black. Then you can split your bets between 12 numbers equally, and finally, place some low-value exact bets to round it off. The roulette 666 strategy is based on the assumption that with you covering almost the full spectrum, some or the other bet is likely to pay off.

What is the most profitable roulette strategy that works?

There is no definitive best strategy to win in roulette. However, here are some popular roulette strategies that work many bettors swear by for recovering losses:

Martingale method: You can use it to recover prior losses and turn a modest profit. Double your wager after each loss. For instance, if you wager $10 on black and lose, you would wager $20 on the next spin. You’ll make back your losses and a tiny profit if you triumph. However, Martingale is a very risky strategy- if you are on a losing streak, doggedly following this method of betting may wipe out all your balance. Gamble responsibly and set a budget for possible losses. Stop as soon as you reach that threshold.

Fibonacci technique: This technique involves raising your wager following a loss based on the Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the sum of its two that came before it: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on. If you succeed, you go back two steps in the progression. This strategy seeks to recover losses progressively. Again, like Martingale method- this is a fairly risky strategy.

D’Alembert technique: Compared to the Martingale or Fibonacci system, this technique is less risky. For the D’Alembert approach, you increase your stake after a loss by one unit and decrease it after a win by one unit. This helps you maintain a balance between wins and losses while steadily building up tiny earnings. However, this tactic doesn’t dramatically alter the likelihood of success.

How do roulette numbers add up to 666?

Some say this is a joke that the inventor of probability theory, Blaise Pascal had devised. He multiplied 36 by 37 and divided it by 2, giving 666. Of course, that is the number associated with the devil, and roulette is called “the devil’s game”.

However, the numbers 0 through 36, if you add them together, you will get the number 666. So, the roulette table numbers add up to 666.

What is the safest roulette system?

The safest roulette betting system would probably by D’Alembert strategy or the flat betting strategy.

In D’Alembert, you increase your stake after every loss by one unit. But you reduce your stake by one unit after every win. This helps you balance your risks. In Flat Betting, you just keep wagering the same amount game after game, round after round. This definitely does not give any advantage to the bettor- but also does not make the odds worse.

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