After losing a few blackjack games at some casino, you must have searched ‘how to win at blackjack’. Looking for ways to improve your game and eventually earn money is the ultimate objective of blackjack. To make it easier for you, we have gathered information to improve your chance of winning the game.

If you refer to our earlier blog of ‘how to play blackjack for beginners, we have explained the basic terms used in the game and blackjack rules.

Can you win at blackjack?

Like any other card game, Blackjack can be won by players if the players possess attributes such as patience, concentration, and good skill with numbers.

However, as is the case with almost every casino game- the house will always be at an advantage. You must have heard the saying that the house never loses- and it is true. So, how do casinos win at blackjack? With the help of a house edge.

Any professional player knows can guess the best way to win. It is, to reduce the house edge to have a high chance of winning the round. There are many ways to reduce the house edge in blackjack. Other casino games with cards or other gambling games played online.

The answers to ‘How to win blackjack at casino’ and ‘how to win online blackjack’ are almost similar. We will discuss it further in the article.

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Why does the house always win in blackjack?

It’s not true that the house/casino always wins in blackjack. But they do have an advantage because of the house edge. However, this advantage doesn’t always promise a win for the dealer.

Many factors come into play if the house always wins in blackjack, and all of these factors surround the player. When you know how does the house win in blackjack, you can control those factors better.

Remember, winning at blackjack is a matter of strategy- it triumphs over good hands on most days.

How to win blackjack all the time in Online Singapore & Malaysia?

Even though the house has an advantage over you, that doesn’t mean players don’t win playing blackjack. If you are wondering – “how to win online blackjack every time”, you must learn all rules and master basic strategies and moves. This will help you to decrease the house edge and have a higher chance of winning the game.

The key to winning a blackjack game is to prepare a strategy and follow it throughout the game. We share some of the strategies such as basic strategy, counting cards and more which we know will increase your chances of winning.

So, when you are at the blackjack table, you have to be careful while placing your bets.

How to win at blackjack using basic strategy?

Before reading further keep in mind that this does not guide you on how to win blackjack every time but surely increases your chances of winning.

The basic strategy guides in blackjack is a set of rules to play your hand the optimal way when the only information you have is your cards on the dealer’s face-up card. These optimal methods eventually cut the house advantage and increase the amount of money you will win. (source)

Basic strategy is considered the mathematically correct way to play as it uses logical reasoning with numbers to guess the best move to play based on the cards you are dealt with.

Since there are countless situations you can face during a blackjack game, it is quite complex to write down all moves for each situation. We point out a few factors to look out for before playing your hand. If you pay attention to these points while playing blackjack then you will have a better chance at winning the game. If you ever wanted to know the answer to, “how to win every blackjack game” then the basic strategy is as close as you can get to the answer.

A few basic strategy tips on how to win money at blackjack:fore playing your hand. If you pay attention to these points, you will have a better chance at winning. If you ever wanted to know “how to win every blackjack game”, the basic strategy is your best shot at the answer.

A few basic strategy tips on how to win money at blackjack- online Malaysia & Singapore Casino

  • If your hand total stands on soft 17- try to put your card-counting skills to use. At soft 17, you can opt for another card to take your total closer to 21. But there will always be a high chance that you draw a card with high pip value and go bust.
  • Do not go overboard with the original bet amount. There is always a big chance that your hand goes bust- so try to start small.
  • Try not to go for side betting unless you are a veteran. Side bets are placed while a game of blackjack is being played. Players try to predict what cards will turn up in the dealer or players’ hands. This is mostly a matter of luck and not skill.
  • Rules are subject to slight change according to different casinos or online portals. Try to play where the rules give the players more advantages as compared to other places.
  • Pay special attention to the dealer’s up card and score of your hand.
  • Be on the lookout for the opportunity to split or double down.

How to play blackjack and win in Malaysia & Singapore Casino?

Time needed: 1 hour

If you understand a few simple rules and concepts, you have a good chance of doing well.

  1. Always split a pair of 8’s and Aces

    One should always split a pair of 8’s and Aces regardless of what the dealer’s face-up card is. Because with aces, it brings in a huge profit for the player. And as for 8’s, it depends upon the dealer’s upcard.

  2. If your card’s total count is less than 8 then do this

    If your cards’ total count is 8 or less, you should ‘hit’ because another card will not take your count above 21. Then, you will have a better chance to achieve a count higher than that of the dealers.

  3. When to not split pairs

    Although splitting pairs gives you a higher chance of having a winning hand against the dealer, we should not split some pairs of numbers as they decrease your chances of winning, such as 4s, 5s and 10s.

  4. Avoid insurance bets

    Avoiding insurance bets is probably the smartest move you will play during your game of blackjack. Because, when the dealer has an ace, and a player takes insurance bets, the payoff of the insurance bets (which is usually 2-1) is less than the odds that the dealer has a blackjack. That’s why insurance bets are considered as bait for naive blackjack players.

Few more tips on how to win at blackjack

  • If the dealer has an up card less than your hand (your hand being 10 or 11), then double down.
  • If your hand can bust against a dealer’s card, then ‘stand’.
  • Never split two face cards or 10s, as you risk losing twice your money if favourable cards don’t turn up.
  • Always hit ace-7 when the dealer up card is 9, 10 or ace.
  • Never play a 6 to 5 blackjack payout game; instead, try to play a blackjack game that offers 3 to 2 blackjack payouts.

Card counting

How do you win in blackjack using card counting technique? Read on to know the answer.

Card counting is not illegal but is usually frowned upon by casinos. They practice of counting cards ban players who are believed to be counting in an attempt to curb this practice.

How to win at blackjack with the help of counting cards?

While playing, the dealer exposes the cards which are dealt with. By making a mental note of the exposed cards, one can assume which cards are left to be dealt with. With this information, you can raise your bet if aces and tens are still to be dealt with. That increases the chance of getting a blackjack and eventually winning the bet.

Card counting is most effective in a single deck game. When the number of decks are more in a blackjack game, it becomes difficult to keep track of them.


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Q.1 Can you win blackjack without counting cards?

So you are wondering how to win at blackjack without counting cards. It is tough but not impossible as there are other ways to win blackjack. Card counting has its advantages.

However, one must duly note that most of the casinos aren’t open to players’ ideas about this technique. Casinos have cameras installed to keep an eye out for players counting cards and eventually ban them from their casino.

Counting cards requires good skill with numbers, and not everyone has that skill. Winning blackjack without counting cards is possible by following a few rules or using the basic blackjack strategy to decrease the house edge and improve the players’ chances of winning the game.

Q2. How do you increase the odds of winning blackjack?

Here are a few tips for blackjack players on how to consistently win at blackjack. It can also help to increase the odds of winning blackjack :

1. Play at tables where a blackjack pays 3-2 instead of 6-5.
2. Blackjack games played by fewer decks are far better than games with more numbers of decks.
3. Avoid taking the insurance bets as it has worse odds than the dealer getting a blackjack.
4. Avoid playing at tables that use continuous shuffling machines to shuffle the cards.
5. Do not make a bet based on the outcome of your previous hand.

Q3. How do you double down in blackjack?

Double down is to double your bet and receive only one more card.

This move is recommended to use when you have a hand with a total count of 11. This way, you have the chance to hit 21 or come close to it.

You can also use this move when you have a soft 16,17 or 18, and the dealer shows a lower card.
When not to make this move, the dealer is showing an ace because the chances of the dealer getting a blackjack are high or get a number count more than yours.

Q4. Do blackjack dealers always win?

In the long run, the dealer always wins more than the players. That’s the business model of casinos; otherwise, how else would casinos make a profit. But there’s still high chance of players winning in a blackjack game having a decent run in winnings.

Having a house edge is what gives the dealers an advantage over players. Apart from that, if a player gambles wisely, places smart bets, and knows when to split, double down, hit, or stand, then the player has a real chance at winning and making decent profits

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