How to play poker

As the popular belief goes- fortunes are made and fall during games of cards. If you are a poker enthusiast- you might have seen that play out more times than anybody else. If you are a rookie and want to know how to play poker ; let us have a crash course on how to play poker.

Poker- what is the game about?

Poker is the most popular card game for gamblers. It is a mainstay in most online Malaysia casinos– but poker enthusiasts play informally too with the help of poker chips. Poker is considered to be the ultimate gambler’s game, because only those who are adept at observation and manipulating others can be true poker masters.

The basic idea of poker is that you have to convince others to let you win. On a poker table, each player receives his cards and looks at it. He then evaluates how strong his hand his, and whether or not he could manipulate the other players into believing that he has a better chance of winning against them.

At the end, the player whose hand is revealed to be the strongest wins the bet. However, good hands do not guarantee a win, because poker is more of a mind game. Among veteran players- if one can convince the others to surrender before revealing his hand, he wins.

There are many types of poker. There is variety available in terms of number of players allowed to participate, how many cards are dealt to them and how many cards are face up or face down. It starts with a bet that a player makes after evaluating his hand, and subsequently, other bets pile up as the turns pass clockwise.

There are various winning combinations that can help you win the game. If you want to know about them, read on.

How to play poker- the ultimate gambling card game in Malaysia & Singapore Casino

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Poker is usually played with a standard, 52-card deck. In a standard poker game, the dealer deals each player a fixed number of cards. They look at the cards they get, and then take a guess about how strong their hand is.

Then, the player on the left of the dealer starts the game with a small blind bet or ante- which is like a forced bet. He simply takes a call on his hand and wagers a certain amount. The size of the bet gives the others an idea of what his hand may be like. Based on their own guesses, they either raise the bet or match that amount.

If they are not confident of their hand, they can fold- which usually happens when the player either wants to quit or he is forfeiting the game. In that case, all bet he has made till the point is lost to him, and he cannot participate in the ongoing game any further.

Poker rules for winning in online Malaysia Casino

The objective of the game is to win the total amount placed on the table. When the players have all matched the previous bets or folded, the game ends. Poker players who raise or match the bet can challenge others to show or reveal their hands- and whoever has a stronger hand wins the pot.

Otherwise, the game ends where all player except one has folded. This happens when other players run out of money, or are convinced that their hand is not as good as that of the remaining player. In this situation, the last remaining player does not have to show his hand.

When all others have folded- he will win the pot or the total amount bet on the table.

Learn how to play poker cards- Poker card rules –

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If you want to win at poker, you have to know what are the different types of poker played popularly; and the winning combinations.

Types of poker

There are many types of poker games that are played worldwide. We will list some popular ones.

    1. Draw poker

This is the simplest form of poker. Players get all cards together, face down. They can keep replacing the original cards by drawing new cards in order to get a good hand. Usually, this involves 5 cards.

    1. Stud poker

Its two popular varieties are the five card stud and the seven card stud. Stud poker games involve a combination of face up and face down cards. Here, players get stud cards across multiple rounds.

    1. Community card poker

In this variant, a part of the player’s hand is hidden. He is then dealt some cards face up and some face down. “Texas hold‘em poker” is probably the most popular format in this category.

Broadly, poker game bets can be classified in the following ways.

Card poker game- betting patterns

    1. Fixed limit

In this betting pattern, you have to bet or raise bets with standardized amounts.

    1. Pot Limit

Here, players can bet or raise the amount that is equal to the size of the pot. How is the maximum raise calculated? They have to count all previous bets and calls, and also the pending player’s call. The raiser can then raise an amount equal to that of the entire pot.

    1. No limit

As the name suggests, there are no limits here. Players can wager their entire betting stack at any point whenever it is their time to bet. If they do not have enough money with them to match a bet- the players can go “all in”. This is when a player shows down their hand in lieu of their remaining poker chips.

Rules of poker- know the winning poker combinations

Depending on the poker variant you are playing, your winning hand can either be a high hand or a low hand. In the low poker games, the player who has the hand with the lowest score will win. In high poker variants, the player who has the high hands, which comprises the highest ranking cards or high cards will win.

However, most popular variants of poker are of the high type. In high poker type games, the winning poker hands are the flushes like straight flush and royal flush. In low poker type games, the winning combos comprise of low ranking cards- like acey-deucey and low ball.

Here are some popular winning combinations of poker:

    1. Straight flush

A typical high card combination, the straight flush consists of 5 sequential cards of the same suit. For example, if a player has cards of pip values 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of clubs in his hands, he has a straight flush.

    1. Full house poker

A full house comprises three cards of same pip value from three different suits, and two cards of same pip value. For example, a full house can be made of three sixes- from spades, clubs and hearts; and two threes- from diamonds and hearts.

    1. Royal flush

This is among one the highest hands in the high poker type. This comprises the picture cards in a sequential order. The highest card is the ace, and the lowest the 10 pip. So, a royal flush consists of Ace, king, queen, jack and 10. The royal flush is an unbeatable hand is one of the most coveted winning combinations in the high poker variants.

    1. Quads

These comprise of four cards of a kind. Like four Kings or four nines.

    1. Ordinary flush

This comprises five cards of the same suit- it doesn’t have to be a sequential hand.

    1. Three of a kind

This is probably most of us are familiar with- since it is what we see being played in the movies. This comprises three cards of the same kind.

    1. Pairs

As the name suggests, it comprises two cards of the same rank. Like two queens- from spades and hearts.

Poker card rankings in Malaysia & Singapore Casino

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Poker is a game of comparative rankings. So, if two players have the same type of winning combinations- the ones with the more valuable pip values win.

For example, in high type poker, if someone has a full house that consists of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of spades- he will lose to the player whose hand comprises 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of hearts.

Poker game rules for winning in Online Singapore Casino

Here are some popular rules that decide the winners in a poker game.

    1. Lowball

The player with the lowest hand wins. Depending on the game, aces here can be counted as either high cards or as ones.

    1. High-lo split

The pot is split between the highest and the lowest hands. The lowest hand is usually subject to qualifications- in some games, the winning low hand should not have any card above seven, for example.

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Poker game rules you should know about in Online Casino

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You should know about some poker rules that may determine the outcome of the game.

    1. Wild card

Cards at random can act as jokers- or overall represent other card pip values.

    1. Kill game

If a player wins two pots consecutively, stakes will be double. If it is a split-pot, a player winning both types of split can kill the game.

    1. Passing cards

In some cases, players can pass certain number of cards to others. This may be a one-time happening or may be continuous.

    1. Twist cards

Twists allow players to buy a card from the poker deck. Players can do so by adding money to the pot.

    1. Stripped deck poker

Stripped deck is a poker deck that comprises only 20 cards.

    1. Role your own

In these games, the players have the right to decide which cards will be face up and which will be face down.

So, now with the basics all covered, here are a few tips for the aspiring poker kings.

Tips for poker

    1. Know the rules very well

In poker, your winning hand depends on the type of game you are playing. So, know the rules inside out. Know when you can bet what, when to raise, fold or show.

    1. Remember the winning combinations

The winning combinations in poker come in a wide variety. So when you start playing, be sure that you know all of them by heart, so that you can play your hand accordingly.

    1. Be aggressive

Veteran poker players advice that you should play fewer hands and play aggressively. This is because you can test out your luck in a short time- and win or lose fast. This minimizes losses.

    1. When unsure- fold

If you are not sure about the hand you have- fold. It is better to quit than keep going raising the stakes and then come crashing down.

    1. Attack when you get the chance

If your opponents show weakness, attack. Don’t let them recover if you want to win.

    1. Maintain the poker face

And finally- you have to master the “poker face”. Poker is a game of bluffs and observation. Every player watches the others for tells. If a player can successfully interpret your expressions- you might as well just hand over the game. A seasoned poker player never betrays any emotions.


Now you have a basic idea of how to play poker- you can start by playing poker online. You can find online poker on many websites- try learning the rules and get some hands-on experience playing there. Then, if you are serious about gambling, you can try playing poker games online on a secure betting platform like ASAA88.

All the best to you!


How do you play poker rules?

As we explained earlier, before the games begin, it starts with an ante or blind bet. Players chip in with an ante. The game then progresses clockwise- and players are dealt cards, or they draw and pass cards, match or raise the bets until they decide someone has the winning hand. If you are playing poker, you base your bet on evaluating your hand. The better hand you have, the more you can bet.

Can you play poker with 2 people?

Of course, you can. Poker is ultimately about beating your opponent with a comparatively better hand. Two players can play- it is called a heads up. Usually, the dealer posts the small blind bet and the other one posts a bigger blind. The two players take turn being the dealer. The non-dealer gets the first card during dealing of cards.

What is the objective of poker?

In poker, the ultimate aim is to win the pot. The pot consists of all the wager that have been accumulated throughout the game. To win the pot, you either have to accumulate a winning hand- which has the highest winning combination on the tables; or you have to convince the other players to fold before you. If you can endure because you have enough money to match and raise the bets; or you are a master manipulator who can wait till the others believe that their hands are no match for you- you will win.

How to win at poker?

In poker, you have to play tight and aggressive. If you have good cards, attack when there is chance and play aggressively. This ensures faster wins and minimizes chances of losing. You should also try observing others- look for tells and check their betting behavior. You can then use your position in the gaming circle to your advantage. Don’t rush- things will work out when they will, so be patient until you build your winning hand. Do not play when you are in a bad mood; you will make rookie mistakes or wrong bets. Also, try not to bluff too much- you may be called out any time. Underestimating your opponents by continuous bluffing does not work. Last but not the least- never give away anything via your expressions or body language.

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