When it comes to sports, Tennis might not be considered one of the mainstream sports in Malaysia and Singapore. However, Tennis is still popular among many bettors around the world, and this has created a demand for tennis betting. At first glance, it might look similar to other types of sports betting, but you shouldn’t be mistaken. That’s why knowing the proper Tennis betting guide can help you increase your chance of winning in a Tennis betting system at an online Singapore Casino.

The tennis calendar is designed so that you can find matches taking place almost every day. In fact, the WTA and ATP travel worldwide, allowing the sports to reach a large audience. Moreover, you can enjoy these sports even during busy workdays in Malaysia and Singapore.

Another major advantage of placing bets on Tennis is that governing bodies possess many metrics and data that can be shared with the public. As such, the odds of winning a bet in Tennis are very high if you use the correct Tennis betting guide for placing bets in an online casino.

We at ASAA88 have spent years researching tips and strategies to place better bets in Tennis betting. That’s why we have put together this blog to help you learn all about Tennis betting and how to win betting on Tennis. Don’t forget to sign up and try out the other games and gambling options we have for you. You can also place a few Tennis bets after you have mastered our Tennis betting guide.

How Tennis Betting Works

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Tennis live betting strategy differs slightly from other ball game betting strategies since it contains no draw. A Tennis match normally contains 3 to 5 games on a rectangular court. When it comes to the main match, either single or two players are placed on opposite sides of the net, and they have to compete against each other. Each side aims to win the match by earning more points than their opponents.

Apart from that, betting on a woman’s or men’s tennis game usually involves wagering a bet on the best player that will win the game. However, there are other types of wagers, such as handicaps, first to reach a given number, margins, and many more. If a bettor’s prediction is correct, they win the entire bet money.

Nowadays, various Tennis games are organized by major countries and tournaments. This makes it easy to find the right Tennis betting system to place a wager on. You must select a particular game and market before placing a bet or deciding the amount while betting in Malaysia.

Tennis Odds Explained

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When it comes to Tennis betting odds, the odds determine the total money you can win if the bet succeeds. However, odds tend to differ from one sports betting market to another, and several factors can affect the odds of a particular bet. As such, you should carefully read the Tennis betting odds and make an informed betting decision once you are confident of winning.

In addition, all bookmakers provide odds in decimals and fractions. The decimal odds are usually straightforward and easy to calculate. You can derive the expected win by multiplying the odds with your cash.

On the other hand, fractional odds show the probability of the player succeeding or winning the game. For instance, if a player has a odds of 10/1, they have ten in one chance of succeeding and winning the game.

Here is how he can calculate the odds. (The formula is B (A+B) = Win%).

As such, the probability of winning is 1 (10+1) = 11 %.

How To Bet On Tennis Matches: Step-By-Step Tennis Betting Guide: Tennis Betting Rules

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This section will cover a comprehensive Tennis betting guide. Moreover, we have added simple steps to help beginners place good bets with their bookmakers and have a better chance of winning. Here are some Tennis betting rules you must follow while placing a bet on Tennis:

1. Choose The Right Tennis Betting Site

If this is your first time betting on Tennis, and you don’t have a betting account, you should look for a trustworthy and reputable gambling site or online casino platform. For instance, the platform should cover all tennis matches that take place worldwide. It should also cover all the major leagues and tournaments, then only it can be considered the best tennis betting site.

Another important factor you should consider is that the site accepts players from a specific region. This ensures that the transactions are smooth and hassle-free. You can also check if the platform is easy to navigate and use since it will affect your overall experience in the future. Besides, some platforms offer a dedicated tennis betting app if you are an experienced player. This can come in handy when you want to keep track of all the matches while betting in Malaysia.

2. Create Your Betting Account

Once you have found a reliable and trustworthy Tennis betting guide, you should visit the page and click the registration link on the homepage. This will automatically redirect you to the sign-up page, where you will be requested to fill up basic information about yourself. For example, you will be asked to fill in information such as currency, name, contact, and biodata.

We highly recommend not spending too long on the sign-up page since it barely takes time, and you can finish it within 10-15 minutes. Some bookmakers will send you a code or a link to verify the authenticity of your contact details. You can use the code or link to confirm the contact details and activate your tennis betting account.

3. Choose A Payment Method And Make a Deposit

After you have created an account and logged into it using your username and password, you will need to select a payment method and deposit some money for betting. You can head to the banking section of the website under the “My Account” menu. Choose a payment method given by the platform provider. Also, you should always use the method you find most convenient for online transactions.

You can then locate the deposit section within the cashier menu and choose a method for depositing the money. Add your deposit amount and finish the transaction using our payment gateway services.

4. Place A Bet

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Now that you have completed all the important steps, you can place a bet on a tennis match of your liking. Normally, placing a bet requires you to select a specific market and bet that you would prefer to wager. You can start by checking the tennis section of the sportsbook and find the game or match which catches your attention the most.

Once you have selected the particular match, you should proceed to choose a market and enter it. You should then proceed to the bet slip you have just created and enter the amount you would prefer to wager as a bet.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bettor in Tennis betting, you will still encounter a lot of new information and changes in the rules since it differs from other sports betting. We hope you found our blog extremely informative in helping you learn how to bet in Tennis and win.

Sometimes, experienced tennis bettors make huge blunders while pacing a bet since they don’t keep themselves updated with the latest trends. That’s why it is important to consistently research and keep yourself updated regarding the sport and the latest Tennis betting guide.

You can also check out various sports betting blogs on our ASAA88 site.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Bet On Tennis And Win?

1. What Is Set Betting?

When it comes to set betting, gamblers are allowed to place wagers on specific expectations of how a match will play out. For instance, some popular options are betting on competitors to win 3-2,3-1 or 3-0 for ATP matches and 2-1,2-0 for WTA matches.
To make things simple, let us take a simple ATP match to demonstrate how this betting works. If you look closely at the money line, Player A has a -130 favorite, while player B has a +120 underdog. Based on this information, you can have the following set of betting odds:
1. 3-0: Player A (+300), Player B (+500)
2. 3-1: Player A (+333), Player B (+450)
3. 3-2: Player A (+500), Player B (+430)
According to this information, the bookmaker assumes Player A has a better chance of winning the straight sets. However, Player B has better odds of forcing a grueling and long match.
Suppose a particular player is -600 to win outright, and you are sure that they can demolish the opponents, then you should bet on them to win the straight sets. This is a good example of better value.

2. How To Bet On Tennis And Win?

One of the best ways to bet on Tennis and win all the time is by estimating the possible odds that a bookmaker can place for a wage. For starters, you shouldn’t think about the odds offered by the bookmaker. Instead, you should spend the time and try to find the actual odds for a particular event.
Normally, 15 to 20 minutes is plenty of time to set the game’s odds. In some cases, you will notice that bookmakers make huge mistakes while setting odds for a particular game. A rare case is when you have odds of around 2.50(3/2) -2.80(9/5) for the favorite sets.
This method allows bettors to find a significant price and capture bookmakers’ mistakes. However, the correct stacking method would be best since sports are uncertain. You can also find many useful articles on the same topic and other related topics at ASAA88.

3. How Does Betting On Tennis Work?

Unlike most ball games, Tennis is different since it has no draws. A simple tennis match usually has around 3 to 5 games on a rectangular court. Apart from that, either one or two players are placed on each side of the net, and they are made to compete against each other. The team that earns the most points at the end of the game win.
Regarding Tennis betting, bettors usually place bets on male and female players with a high chance of winning the game. Moreover, some bettors bet on other factors, such as handicaps, who made the first point, and who hit the given number and margins.
In general, tennis games are planned by the countries and major tournaments to make them accessible to everyone. As a bettor, you must select a particular game and market to place a bet and win the bet amount.

4. Is Tennis Betting Legitimate?

Since sports betting is not a team-based concept, it does have its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you place a bet on an individual player, there is a high risk of encountering a fixed match. You can find information about fixed matches from popular sports games such as football and Tennis. 
You should always assume that cheating can take place in every Tennis match. On that note, you should consider that a fixed match can also destroy the best ROI and value bet. Thus, if you don’t want to take the high risk, we recommend choosing other sports betting options that provide better odds of winning.

5 What Is Parlay Betting?

Like other sports betting options offered by online casinos in Malaysia, parlay works in Tennis similarly. Apart from that, you can find plenty of matches at a particular time. In fact, if a bettor places two or more bets on the same bet slip, it will be extremely lucrative and productive.
You must select two or more outcomes from various matches and create a parlay by placing the bets with your favorite bookmaker. In addition, you will need to win every stage of the parlay if you want to win the full payout. As such, the winning potential is very high since there are multiple outcomes you can bet on.
On the contrary, some bookmakers offer insurance for the parlay. But you can only recover the amount lost in the first leg of the bet. Thus, we highly recommend you do careful research before placing any parlay bets. 

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