Cockfighting or sabong is a thousand of years old sport that is very popular in the betting industry. Many bettors enjoy cockfighting betting in an online casino in Singapore. So, to bet on this sport, first, have a strong online cockfighting betting strategy.

Like many other sports, Cockfighting offers various betting options to modern-day bettors. However, to be a pro at betting on online sabong, you must understand which bets you need to play and when. Knowing your bets will help you create a strong cockfighting betting strategy to enhance your probability of winning.

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The Ultimate Online Cockfighting Betting Strategy for Winners

After you sign up at an online casino in Malaysia or Singapore, you might wonder how you go about betting. Although different games have different needs, almost every game has a standard process for moving forward initially. Some things will remain the same whether you choose online cockfight betting in Malaysia or any other game.

One of the fundamental needs of all betting games is a strategy. You are already a step behind if you don’t devise a plan before diving into a bet. Your cockfighting betting system is no different and equally important for a strategy. As you start your betting journey, take some time to understand the importance of strategy in online betting.

Once you learn about the value of strategy creation in chicken fighting betting, your next step is working out those strategies. Do you know how to develop an effective winning strategy for cockfighting bets? If not, then you are at the right place. Check out five of the essential Cockfighting betting strategy below:

1. Always Check the Rooster’s Track Record in Cockfighting Games

The first cockfighting betting tip for strategy creation we have for you is a no-brainer. Make sure you check the rooster’s track record before you decide to bet. During a live bet, you can easily find the resources that display the rooster’s previous wins and losses—considering those while betting will surely be helpful.

You will find a trend section with different colored circles in a cockfight. Know that the red color is for the number of wins a rooster has. At the same time, the blue circle represents the number of losses. The third type of colored circle is a yellow circle that indicates the draw fights for a rooster.

Checking and assessing these records will allow you to make a more informed decision while making the highest bet in Cockfighting. Every pro or beginner cockfighting bettor uses this online betting strategy, and you should use it too. Never bet until you have checked the records and have an idea which rooster can bring you a win.

With the rooster’s track record, don’t forget to see their current form. Sometimes, even if a rooster has a great track record, but the current form is not good, the rooster might have a higher chance of losing than winning. The more you participate in Singapore cockfight online betting, the more you will understand how it works.

2. Place your wager on multiple bets in an online casino in Singapore

Another effective and essential cockfight online betting strategy is you go for multiple bets instead of one. Multiple betting is a smart betting strategy that you can make the most of in online cockfighting bets. Previously, bettors were not allowed to place multiple bets in a cockfight which restricted their winning possibilities but not today.

Modern-day punters can place multiple bets in a sabong online and increase their chances of winning. However, don’t confuse multiple bets with uninformed guesses. Whether you make a single bet or more, you must research your odds before making every pick for the fight.

For example, suppose you want to bet on a rooster who has a great track record, but there’s another rooster who has been in red-hot form. So, if you think both have higher odds of winning, an educated online cockfighting betting strategy would be to pick both within your limits.

The key to mastering multiple betting is well-aware of your limitations. There’s no meaning in making numerous bets if you lose more than you win. Therefore, always have the number calculated beforehand. If losing a bet and winning another is profitable, that should be your bet for online cockfight betting in Malaysia.

3. Learn Everything about Online Cockfighting Betting Strategy

You might think learning how to bet in a game is obvious for creating strategy. But you would be surprised how often bettors forget to do so. You have to make sure you aren’t one of them. When you plan to sign up at an online Singapore casino to bet on a cock fighting game, what should be your first step?

You must look online for the best ways to bet on cockfights. See what mistakes others are constantly making so that you can learn from them. Don’t think that online betting in Cockfighting or any other sport is just luck and nothing else. If you find the time to develop the skills needed, you can be an expert and win more regularly.

Bettors who know experienced players of cockfight betting should spend with them and learn their techniques. The more practical knowledge you can gain on what is cock fighting, the better it will be for you when you bet. Preparation is the key to betting like a winner. If you are prepared, you will know what to do as soon as you start betting.

When you learn the art of cockfight betting inside out, you will have a clear vision of your online cockfighting betting strategy. You will not just be able to create and follow a plan but also gain fruitful outcomes. But you must invest your time and effort in educating yourself about this betting.

4. Raise Your Bets Slowly in Online Cockfighting Bets

For a new bettor, the world of betting can be very exciting and promising. But only a few bettors can use this excitement in the right way. Some very eager and enthusiastic punters start betting big with the hope of winning huge amounts as soon as they learn how to bet cockfight. Don’t be that punter, and here’s why.

In the long run, betting huge amounts, even if you are winning, is not recommended. It is so because, as a new bettor, winning a few extra dollars will not affect you as much as losing a huge amount of money. You have to be careful about your financial limitations while you bet.

The safest way forward for betting in rooster cock fighting is to make small bets first. As you join a betting site in Singapore, you should play low-risk games to assess how cock fighting bets work. With time, you will find yourself a better judge of a bet and will have some experience behind you. Then you can think about playing for big money.

Every pro bettor was once a beginner. They also started by betting small and winning small. Your goal at the beginning should be to work on your online cockfighting betting strategy, no matter if you win or lose. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take your time at first so that you can develop the skills needed to win big.

5. Choose the Best Casino in Singapore for Online Cockfight Betting

You might not realize it now, but choosing the best online casino in Singapore will play a big part when you start betting. Fair play is one of the main reasons you must be watchful when choosing a casino. You must ensure that the betting platform you choose is honest and offers a fair chance for the players to win.

Many casinos claim to be the best suited for you. But how do you know that for sure? Check out some practical tips on choosing a casino that will guide you through your search. You can also talk to other players and take their recommendations about a casino.

No matter how good your online cockfighting betting strategy is, it won’t mean a thing when you don’t play at an honest casino. You shouldn’t sign up at any random betting site online. Always be precise about what you need and what the casino site is offering. If you plan on winning an online cockfight bet, you need to bet at a place where you can win.

Some well-established casinos also offer sign-up bonuses, special discounts, and more. You can use these bonuses and rewards to bet initially without having to bet something from your pocket. It’s a perfect opportunity to gain experience at the start without the fear of losing money.


Everyone is different and might have other ways of online cockfighting betting. But these five points will surely be handy for a successful online cockfighting betting strategy. Check these out before you bet and increase your chances of winning.

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FAQs about Online Cockfighting Betting Strategy

1. What is cock fighting?

Cockfighting is a very popular and age-old sport. In rooster fighting games, two specifically bred roosters compete against each other. They are put into a small enclosed arena surrounded by spectators where the two birds fight each other.
The prime purpose of this sport is entertainment and betting. Many bettors who enjoy Cockfighting place their wager on a rooster cock fight. By getting the hang of this game and figuring out how to spot a good fighting rooster, you can bet to win at an online Malaysia betting site.

2. What are the best online cockfighting betting strategies?

You must bet carefully and with patience on online Cockfighting. The best online cockfighting betting strategy is for you to do your research first. Learn about the roosters in the match and check their records. Then you can choose the rooster with the best record and is in the best form.
Apart from the records, ensure that you understand the cock fighting rules clearly so you don’t make any mistakes. Once you know how to bet and on which rooster, start with smaller bets and make your way to big bets as you gain more experience.

3. What’s the difference between regular rooster and Gamefowl?

A regular rooster is a male chicken raised and bred to mate with hens and reproduce. On the other hand, a gamefowl or gamecock is a fighting cock grown and produced specifically for fighting purposes.
The strength, agility, and personality of a gamecock are very different than that of a rooster. Male chickens are bred by farmers for eggs and similar purposes. But gamecocks are trained for fighting purposes only.

4. Who can bet on Cockfighting after establishing an online cockfighting betting strategy?

Cockfighting is a common sport many bettors bet for entertainment and winning purposes. If you have a winning online cockfighting betting strategy, you can also bet on it. Every bettor, pro, or beginner can bet on this sport if you do it carefully.
Do you want to bet on Cockfighting in an online casino in Singapore? Then dig out a few of the most important tips to win in online sabong. You can easily find these tips online or by talking to an expert. After you know how to bet in Cockfighting, you can easily go about this betting game.

5. Where can I bet on Cockfighting online in Singapore and Malaysia?

You can bet and enjoy the best online Cockfighting betting in Singapore at ASAA88. We provide an extensive range of betting games, including game cock fighting bets. You can download our mobile application and experience the thrill of betting anytime you want and from anywhere.
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