Visiting a casino to play various games and bet real money is an experience in itself. But since the pandemic has struck, it has made it impossible to visit casinos or any other public place. The Internet has made it possible to shift many opportunities online, including casino games, to reach an even greater audience with just a few clicks. We will explore and understand the perceptions regarding online casinos and discuss online casino – expectations vs reality.

Online presence is a necessity of today’s world, and the casino world recognized it and shifted their business online to give better exposure to the players. The shift of offline casino games to online casinos is undoubtedly remarkable, but there are still some stereotypes and perceptions that players have set in their minds regarding online casinos.

We can all agree that Malaysia & Singapore online casinos have made gambling more accessible and more straightforward for the players. As a result, people can have fun as well as earn money by playing online casino games from the comfort of their homes. Once you have a complete understanding of the discussion of online casino – expectations vs reality, then you will have a clear idea of the reality of online casinos.

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The Expectations vs. Reality of online casinos

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Number of games available on online Malaysia & Singapore casinos

The best part of creating an Singapore & Malaysia online casino website is that it is straightforward to add new games to the website. However, if you compare it to adding games in real-life casinos, adding casino games online is a cakewalk. Casinos save enormous costs of setting up games in casinos by introducing games on Malaysia & Singapore online casinos.

Because it is easy to introduce games online, players expect to see thousands of exciting games on the site on a daily basis. Players constantly search for new games on online casinos as new games come with new features and reward points.

But what happens, in reality, is that every online casino has 200 -300 games of its own. They pick the remaining games from other websites as they will have the same features and format as the online slot. Each platform will have a specific set of their original games, while other games will have a similar design from games on other websites.

Expectation: Players expect to see new and exciting games every day.

Reality: Most of the online casinos have only 200 – 300 games of their own.

Online casino games access from any device online casino – expectations vs reality

Usually, you can easily play casino games online on any device. Accessing the online casino website from any device does not raise any issues as most sites are compatible with different devices. So if you wanted to play casino games on a tablet or smartphone, it wouldn’t be an issue.

But not every Malaysia & Singapore online casino website allows all types of devices to access the websites. Some online casinos have developed dedicated apps for smartphones, whether it’s an android or an apple phone. The casino apps to play games are available on the android play store or apple play store. Asaa88 can provide you both the options for playing online casino games.

Some online casinos do not have apps present on either of the play stores; there is a high chance that they provide the app on their website in such a case. You can visit their website to get the apk of the app and download it from the website.

You should be aware while downloading apps from a 3rd party as it can harm your device. If the app is not present on the android play store or apple play store, it means that the 3rd party app has not undergone safety checks, leaving your phone vulnerable to it.

Expectation: Online casinos will be compatible with all devices.

Reality: Online casinos provide apps for smartphones for a better game experience.

Game license: online casino – expectations vs reality

Online casino expectations

License is a necessary aspect to run a casino business, whether it’s online or offline. A casino must possess some specific requirements to get a license to run the business. Possessing a license means that they are checked, tested, and approved to offer casino games to gamblers.

Although some online casino sites may look professional, legitimate, and loaded with games, they could be missing licenses. Unfortunately, such sites are rare to find, and they are usually available as spam sites.

Always keep an eye out for licenses. If you are playing online casino games at a website with a license, you are gambling at a safe site. Avoid any place that doesn’t have a license.

Expectation: Gamblers expect online casinos to possess licenses.

Reality: Some online casinos may look legitimate and contain all games, but they may not possess the required license.

Various bonuses: online casino – expectations vs reality

casino games on any devices

One of the major attractions for gamblers is the various bonuses and rewards which the online casinos provide. Casinos use these bonuses to attract gamblers. Online casinos compete against one another based on how many bonuses they provide the gamblers.

Although you may get free rewards and free spins, you may earn some credit throughout them, but you must consider the wagering amount. The bonuses work based on how much you can provide them in return for the bonuses.

All the credit in your account will not amount to anything if you can’t withdraw it. It is because online casinos maintain a required wagering amount in your account. Once you reach the desired wagering amount, then you can withdraw your credit and winnings from the site.

Expectation: Huge bonuses and free spins

Reality: Reach a specific wagering amount to withdraw your credit and winnings.

Winning chances in online casinos

People usually expect that the winning chances in online casinos are less than in real-life casinos, but that’s not the case. Online casinos have the same winning chances as real-life casinos. That is why luck plays an essential role in winning any game in online casinos and real-life casinos. There is no bias in online casinos as it is always fair to the players.

The service rating of online casinos

online casino reality

People often judge an online casino based on their customer service. They expect excellent customer service from online casinos, and those who provide it are considered a reliable and prestigious casino by the gamblers. But in reality, online casinos do not focus much on customer service but focus on the service they provide. By focusing on their service and putting maximum effort into it, they minimize the chances of customer service use. Such an online casino organization is, in fact, a reliable and prestigious casino.

Now that you have reached the end of the article, you must have a good understanding of the topic: online casino – expectations vs reality.


The topic of online casino – expectations vs reality, gives you a reality check on the current situation of the online casinos. Online casinos are a great way of winning money, but you should keep in mind that it is precisely the same as real-life casinos. So, luck still plays an essential part while playing casino games. Always check if the casino website has the necessary license so that you can enjoy playing games without any worries of your credit not coming through or your device getting affected by the virus.

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Can you win money on online casinos?

The main attraction of online casinos for gamblers is the significant number of games available at their disposal. However, with the massive number of games comes the various ways of winning money. After all, potential payouts and huge bonuses attract many players to play online casino games for real money. Since the winning chances are the same on online casinos, just like similar casinos, players have an equal opportunity to win at games and earn real money.

Does anyone ever win online slots?

Usually, the probability of winning a tremendous amount of money in online slots is relatively small. However, you must keep one thing in mind: the more straightforward the slot game is, the worse the odds are. Since online casino slots are played at a much faster rate as compared to other casino games, the chances of your bankroll depleting quickly are high. Therefore, always keep a regular check on your bankroll while playing online slots. Most slot sessions will result in losing money. Online slot players have tried system plays for generations, but the odds are the same at every spin; that is why no system works on online slots.

Can you cheat on online slots?

Online casinos provide many bonuses and free spins to attract more gamblers to their site. These bonuses are available in different games, and the more games you play, the more bonuses you can get. The easiest way to cheat/ take advantage of online casinos is to abuse the bonus offer. But online casinos are clever, and they don’t let you withdraw your credit which you have claimed until and unless you reach a specific wagering amount. Online casinos give you bonuses based on how much you can give them back.

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