Since esports became popular, the betting market has grown. Due to global promotion and live streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, esports viewership has increased, and the betting market has more users, stakes, and bets.

Business analysts expect the global e-sports betting market to reach billions.  This massive increase is due to better technology, easier internet access, and online gambling legalization.

Beginners must grasp Singapore sports betting responsibly. Due to the market’s rapid growth, new betting sites with different bet types, odds, and user experiences are appearing. Beginners need to know how to navigate this area clearly so they can make smart choices and avoid common mistakes.

What are esports bettings?

Sportsbook betting singapore
Sportsbook betting singapore

In “esports,” or “electronic sports,” players play FPS, MOBA, and real-time strategy games.  Formal multiplayer video game events host these competitions, from small local games to large international tournaments.

Esports betting predicts competition results, such as Singapore football betting and other game forms. Players can bet on scores, in-game events, and league/tournament winners. Bookmakers, platforms, and exchanges offer esports betting.

Types of Esports Bets

Video game fans and sports bettors like esports betting a variety of bets. The following esports bets are popular:

  1. Match Winner: Predicting the outcome of a match is the most accessible type of wager of all. 
  2. Tournament Winner: Wagerers bet on a player or team to win the competition, usually before or during the competition.
  3. In-game activities
  • First Blood/Kill: Speculating on which player or team will finish the game with the first kill.
  • Map Winner: In games with multiple rounds or maps, bettors can place a wager on the winner of each map.
  • Total Kills: Place a wager on whether a game’s kill total will exceed or fall short of the bookmaker’s predetermined threshold.
  • Objective Completion: Bets on which team will destroy a tower in MOBA games or capture a point in FPS games first.
  • Handicap betting: Similar to traditional sports, this increases the profitability and interest of bets by giving one team a tiny advantage or disadvantage.
  1. Prop Bet: These are wagers on unrelated game aspects, such as the team winning the coin toss or the length of the match.

Different Genres of Games in Esports

Sports betting singapore pools
Sports betting singapore pools

Esports Singapore includes many video game genres with different challenges and gameplay styles that appeal to players and spectators. Some major genres are:

1. MOBA multiplayer online battle

  • Each player is a member of one of two teams. The objective is for both teams to take out the defensive towers surrounding the opposing team’s building. Every player controls a single character with distinct abilities.
  • Example Games: League of Legends, Dota 2.

2. First-Person Shooter (FPS)

  • This series of games focuses on first-person, weapon-based fighting. In a variety of game modes, players compete to meet team or individual goals.
  • Example Games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Overwatch.

3. Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

  • In real-time strategy games, players build bases, gather resources, and move units and structures to seize control of map regions or destroy their opponents’ assets. This kind of gaming requires rapid reflexes and thought processes.
  • Example Games: StarCraft II.

4. Fighting Games

  • These games involve close combat between characters with unique moves and skills. Games aim for players to deplete their opponent’s life bar. Most games take place in a small space.
  • Example Games: Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros.

5. Sports Simulations

  • These simulate real-world sports, allowing players to strategize and control teams or individual athletes in competitions.
  • Examples of games are the FIFA series and NBA 2K.

6. Battle Royale

  • As the play area gets smaller, many players are sent to an island to scavenge for resources and compete to be the last person standing.
  • Example Games: Fortnite, PUBG.

How to Get Started with Esports Betting?

Esports betting statistics
Esports betting statistics

Esports wagering is thrilling, but proceed with caution. This comprehensive guide assists novices in the world of online sports betting:

1. Understanding the Esports Scene

  • Research: Get familiar with esports games and competitions before making wagers. Knowledge of the teams, players, and recent game changes (sometimes referred to as the meta) can significantly impact outcomes.

2. Choosing a Betting Site

  • Reputation and Legality: Verify that the betting website is respectable and licensed to do business in your area. Look for reviews and any regulatory body endorsements.
  • Odds and Betting Options: Different websites may offer different odds and types of bets.  Some might offer more esports-specific wagers than others because they may focus more on esports.
  • User Experience: The website’s interface makes online sports betting in Singapore and tracking easy.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Many websites grant new users access to bonuses or promotions upon registration. These deals can boost your bets, so compare them.

3. Setting Up an Account

  • Registration: Sign up by providing the required personal information. Name, address, and email are usually required along with identification. 
  • Deposits: Credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are accepted. Verify any costs or required minimum deposits.
  • Security: Ensure that your account is completely safe by using two-factor authentication whenever available and creating strong passwords.

4. Making Your Initial Payment

  • Setting a budget: Choose how much you are ready to spend. As you become more familiar with esports betting, start small.
  • Deposit Limits: Set deposit limits if available to help manage your betting habit responsibly.

5. Placing Your First Bet

  • Start Simple: Start with match winners and work up to prop bets and in-game events.
  • Bet slips: Choose your wager, indicate your stake, and write it down. 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Track your bets to evaluate your overall betting performance. This can help refine your betting strategy.

6. Learning and Adapting

  • Stay Informed: Follow the latest esports news and updates. Game patches and player transfers can dramatically affect the odds.
  • Bet responsibly: Know the signs of compulsive gambling and stay within your means. Utilize responsible gambling tools and resources if needed.

7. Engaging with the Community

  • Social media and forums: Interact with other gamblers on social media, online betting Singapore communities and online forums. This can offer perceptions and advice that could improve your betting methods.

To begin betting on esports, one must comprehend the games and acquire the emotional and financial self-control needed to place sensible and long-term bets. With this guide, you can start betting responsibly and enjoyably.

Features of Esports Betting on ASAA88

One of the top esports betting sites in Malaysia and Singapore is ASAA88. Gambling fans can bet safely. The platform offers League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, sports simulations, and battle royales like FIFA and Fortnite.

1. Variety of Games and Events

ASAA88 hosts various esports events daily, ensuring bettors can access the latest and most famous matches and tournaments. This diversity allows bettors to follow and bet on the games they know best.

2. Live Betting and Updates

With the platform’s live betting options, users can wager on games as they are happening. Real-time updates and statistics that support this dynamic betting style assist bettors in making wise choices.

3. Mobile Betting

ASAA88 offers mobile betting services. All you need to do is visit their official website and check out all the games and esports available. Their site has good mobile responsiveness which is why it is easy to play while using an Android or iOS. 

4. Bonuses and Promotions

Different bonuses and promotions are available to both new and returning users. These can improve the betting experience by offering extra value and chances to bet or win more.

5. Safe and Fair Betting Environment

ASAA88 prides itself on maintaining a fair betting environment. The platform keeps a close eye out for fraudulent activity and quickly rectifies irregularities to guarantee that all users are treated equally.

6. Customer Service

The platform’s customer service is available 24/7. They are always ready to help you with any queries or issues. If you have a wager or technical question, message or call us.


Esports betting combines thrilling betting with a love of gaming. This guide explains that potential bettors should learn about bet types, esports genres, and odds formats. 

Websites like ASAA88 cater to Malaysian and Singaporean esports bettors with a wide range of games, betting options, and features that make betting easy and fun.

Esports betting can improve your gaming experience if used wisely. When betting, know when to quit and stick to your budget. Establishing and upholding boundaries keeps activity enjoyable while preventing debt and addiction.


1. How will esports betting develop in the future?

Esports betting appears promising. The market is expected to grow as tournaments and viewership increase in esports. AI and blockchain could improve betting security and transparency. Esports may gain legitimacy and growth if they compete in major events like the Olympics.

2. How do I start esports betting?

Take these actions to begin betting on esports:
Get familiar with the teams, players, and games to understand esports.
Select a website with many betting options, competitive odds, legitimacy, and security.
Register, provide identification if needed, and use your chosen payment method to make a deposit.
Start by placing wagers on events that are easier to predict, like the outcome of specific matches. 

3. Is it possible to profit from esports betting?

While there are chances to make money with esports betting, there are no guarantees. Bankroll management, strategy, and game knowledge are necessary for successful betting. Gambling always risks financial loss, so be careful when betting.

4. Is esports betting good?

If done right, esports betting can be a profitable and enjoyable pastime. It allows you to connect with the esports community and makes watching competitions more exciting. However, betting requires caution and awareness of risks.

5. Is betting on esports easy?

You can make esports betting as easy or complex as you like. Despite simple betting procedures, successful betting requires strategy, expertise, and research. Beginners should progress to more complicated betting options as they gain experience.

6. How do you start winning bets?

To start winning bets in esports, consider these tips:
Educate yourself: Know the games, teams, strategies, and recent performances.
Stay updated: Follow the latest game patches, team changes, and other news that could affect match outcomes.
Use data and analytics: Performance analytics and statistics can help you place wise bets. 
Handle your money: Only place bets you can afford to lose, and avoid chasing losses. 
Acquire knowledge through your experiences: Evaluate your wins and losses to improve your betting techniques. Ideally, betting should always be done within your means and should improve the esports spectator experience.

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