Esports today occupy a significant part of the sports arena and are increasingly becoming mainstream. With global cyber-Olympics and esports events- they command international legions of fans- and attract a lot of speculation. If you are a fan and like to wager, you may be excited to explore esports betting tips. Well, we will cover all that and more.

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What is Esports betting in online Singapore & Malaysia Casino?

If you are a passionate gambler in Singapore, you have every reason to set your eyes on esports, which has gained vast popularity worldwide. It’s considered one of the fast-growing areas in the world of gambling. Esports betting is certainly not so complicated.
In other words, esports betting is a win-win situation for everyone, no matter your expectations.
This is why many people enjoy esports betting to a wider extent. The esports betting market is growing, and it’s expected to continue.

Ways to Bet on Esports- esports betting tips in Malaysia and Singapore casino

Ways to Bet on Esports esports betting tips in Malaysia and Singpore in game betting

If we talk about some of the competitive sports growing to a wider extent, esports comes first. So, if you are excited to place a bet on esports, you can go with the following of the most popular ways.

1. Skin betting

Skin betting is mainly related to those wagering items that one can find in video games. These items could be anything, be it weapons, gear, virtual currencies, or equipment from the game. Players can come across numerous online marketplaces that help them sell, purchase, and trade these items and currencies. Apart from this, players can also find various sites available for gambling with virtual currencies and various items rather than real money.

2. Real Money Betting

It’s one of the well-known and old betting methods used for traditional sports betting. In real money betting, an individual places a bet on several outcomes that generally accompany odds and are then paid if their bets are right. The real money wager includes handicap wager, correct score, outrights/futures, total wagers, and many more.

3. Social Betting

It’s another important type of betting in Malaysia that is known to be informal. In this type of betting, players generally bet on the game’s outcomes with one another. Here, players can also choose to include real money with virtual currency and various video games items.
Meanwhile, players need to agree to various important terms and conditions before betting since it’s an informal way of betting. Apart from this, they need to be able to fulfill their responsibility for paying those who are the winner. It involves many risks, and there’s a higher possibility of arising conflict into the same.

4. Fantasy Betting

As the name suggests, it’s just like other fantasy sports betting in Malaysia. Those who participate in fantasy betting can create a fully professional roster of professional players. Players need to buy a ticket in advance to play fantasy betting.
Participants are entitled to get an imaginary budget that they can spend on buying players for building the team. They get the choice to purchase players either for one or multiple esports games. Based on players’ performance, gamblers get points during esports matches. Those who get the most points are awarded.

5. Challenge Betting

When it comes to challenging betting, it’s one of the crucial bets popularly known as head-to-head betting. In this, gamers don’t need to place a bet on players. Rather than, they put a bet on each other and win it. Once they win, they can be awarded virtual currencies or even real money.

Is Singapore Esports Betting Same as Traditional Sports Betting?

Is Singapore Esports Betting Same as Traditional e sports betting

This is a common question that comes to everyone’s mind. The truth is that, of course, both are different. Meanwhile, you will experience similarities between them once you get used to esports betting. You will be able to find the action of esports betting is quite similar to betting on various other sports.
So- how can you make an esports bet in Singapore, and how will you win the wager? Well, esports betting is the same as those traditional making and winning bets. You need to select the best esports betting market and check out the esports odds. Make sure it’s good for you. The greatest benefit of esports betting is it’s quite interactive, be it with social media, live streaming, communities, or stats.

Top Malaysia Esports Betting Tips

Top Malaysia Esports Betting Tips learn sports betting

If you want to strengthen your chances, you need to explore certain useful tips and tricks that will help you meet your objective. Let’s discuss here some tried and tested tips for esports betting that you should always consider.

1. Get Ideas about the risk involved

Before you place your esports bet, it’s certainly important for you to know how risky the entire process is. Of course, esports gambling gives an excellent opportunity for everyone to earn money. If you place your bet with the right strategy and things favor you, it’s certainly a great platform to make a consistent and regular income.
Meanwhile, it’s also true that betting on esports in Malaysia also comes with risks. So, making money from this is certainly not easy as most people think. Rather than keeping it a discouraging factor, you should make up your mind accordingly and then step into esports betting. It’s possible that you can lose money. Quite the contrary, there are also strong chances that you will win a hefty amount of money.
You need to be fully prepared for both aspects of esports betting. Make sure you are ready to risk losing your money, as there’s no provision for getting back money once you lose. Bookmakers will never refund your money.

2. Always Start Small- Easiest esports betting tips
Of course, you may want to earn huge money through esports betting Singapore. But it doesn’t mean that you should start with a larger amount, especially if you are a beginner. Hence, you should earn experience first by getting complete information regarding the way to place a bet on esports. Once you start putting more bets, the more experience you can gain, and thus it also increases your chance of winning money.
Instead of wagering a large amount in esports betting, you should implement a strategy like a percentage staking that will help you achieve your ultimate objectives.
You just need to choose a percentage of your total amount, which could be 10% to 20%, and then you could go with a series of bets. Here, your bet will be small, which minimizes the risk of losing the entire money.

3. Always Use Reputed Websites- among most underrated esports betting tips

Always Use Reputed Websites among most underrated e sport game

If you want to bet on esports, you need to find several reliable websites. While searching for the best websites for esports betting, you will come across many options; you need to opt for the right one with good reviews and a great track record. In searching the reputed websites for betting on esports, you need to keep in mind that all websites are not the same standards. You need to stay away from those fake websites.
Choosing a reliable website is the right option and offers numerous benefits compared with land-based sportsbooks and bookmakers. Some of these websites can boost your chance to earn money.

4. Know the game, its world, and its objectives
What game are you betting on? Which objectives are set forth for the player? What avatars should you deploy? What weapons will the player need? How can you level up? Are there cheats on the table?
Know about the game and the mission your favored player has to undertake.
You must properly do your homework before you play esports betting. Spend enough time doing research work. Carefully watch several esports matches and competitive games that will give you a clear idea about the game.
You should have a vast knowledge of several tactics of the various metagames that are indeed necessary to make your partnership successful. Moreover, if you are not familiar with the esports game you prefer, you should take enough time to play it carefully. It’s also useful to follow your competitors, which helps you get the game’s technical depth.
Many esports competitors in Malaysia generally make time for streaming, even during the day-to-day. Watching them on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms helps you observe their playstyle. It’s certainly helpful for beginners to learn and gather enough knowledge. This is indeed quite helpful for various pre-game betting.

5. Set your Budget- most common esports betting tips
You need to first decide about the amount you need to invest in betting on esports. It helps you make a budget that is crucial for betting. You can set your budget weekly or monthly and decide on how much money you can invest.
You should keep in mind that it should not affect your financial condition even if you lose this money. Once you set the budget successfully, you should stick to it. You need to have self-control for the same.

6. Be Aware of the Game
As we know, there are various esports betting games. So, you should have a clear idea about the game that you are seeking to bet on. You need to take your time and try to learn about different esports games.
Each game has different objectives and modes. Know them to make the right gambling decisions.


Betting on esports can be a fun and exciting way to get in on the action. You can get the best possible return on your investment by doing your research. Sign up on ASAA88 – online Singapore & Malaysia Casino and start betting on your favorite esports.


What is skin betting in esports?

Skin betting is a type of gambling that involves using virtual items, or skins, from video games. Players bet on the match results using their skins as currency. The value of skins can vary depending on rarity and demand.
Players can typically obtain skins by opening in-game loot boxes or by trading with other players. They can also be bought on third-party websites. Because the value of skins can fluctuate, some players may take risks to win more valuable items.

Are betting on both teams good esports betting tips?

Yes, you can bet on both teams to win in skin betting. This is called a “double-up.” You can also wager on different results, such as the first team to get a kill or the team with the most kills at the end of the match.

What is esports betting?

Esports betting in Singapore is the act of placing bets on the outcomes of esports matches. You can place bets on various results, such as the winner of a match, the number of rounds played, or the first player to get a kill.
The best way to start betting on esports is to find a reputable betting site that offers odds on your favorite games. You can move money into your account and start making bets. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the betting site before depositing any money.
To win an esports bet, you need to predict the match’s outcome correctly. You can do this by studying the teams and their players and the maps they will be playing on. You can also research the odds offered by different betting sites and ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.
Make sure you always gamble responsibly and do not bet more than you can afford to lose.
Malaysia esports betting is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are starting to bet on the outcomes of their favorite esports matches. If you are new to esports betting, be sure to learn about the different types of bets possible and the odds offered by various betting sites.

Is it good to bet on esports?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that betting on esports is a good way to make money, while others think that it is a risky investment. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe betting on esports is a good idea. Remember always to gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Can you draw in esports?

There is no set answer to this question. Some people believe that you can, while others think it is impossible. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe drawing in esports is a good idea. In most cases, drawing is not an option- as the advancing of the game depends on kills or tasks being completed.

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