So you’re feeling that familiar flutter of excitement—the desire to try your luck and perhaps win a fortune at the casino. But in this day and age of digital ease, you have a choice. Do you dust off your lucky shirt and travel to the glamor of Marina Bay Sands, or do you prefer to play at virtual casinos online? Here in Singapore and Malaysia, dealer games and online casino games offer advantages.

What if I told you that you could enjoy the best of both worlds from your home? Buckle up because we’re about to go on an exhilarating voyage through the world of casino games!

We at ASAA88 will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, from the social buzz of engaging with dealers and other players in Live games to the greater variety and possibility for speedier action in traditional online choices. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just starting out in the online casinos in Singapore, this blog will help you select which path will provide you with the most enjoyment (and maybe some riches!) on your next virtual casino excursion. Stay tuned because the games are about to start!

What are Live Dealer Casino Games?

Best online casino
Best online casino

Live dealer games mix online with ease with the fun of old-time casinos. Imagine this: you’re cozy at home in PJs, but you’re not just staring at a screen with computer graphics. You’re watching a live video feed from a real studio. Pro dealers work with real card decks, spin real roulette wheels, and roll dice live.

A chat tool allows you to connect with the dealers, ask questions, and even place bets remotely. The entire experience matches a traditional casino’s activity and social components but without the trip and congested tables. Classic live dealer games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are popular, with some casinos also providing varieties such as casino hold ’em or even live game shows for a really unique spin.

These games appeal to those who miss the social aspect of conventional casinos. The presence of a real dealer adds a level of intensity and realism that simple internet games cannot replicate. Furthermore, live dealer games frequently have spectacular images and sophisticated sound design, immersing you in the casino environment.

Features of Live Dealer Casino Games

Trusted online casino singapore
Trusted online casino singapore

Live casinos in Singapore involve more than simply one person dealing cards or spinning a wheel. These unique games include a variety of features meant to improve your online casino experience:

Multiple Camera Angles:

Studios generally utilize high-definition cameras positioned at multiple angles to provide a clear picture of the game from diverse perspectives. This openness lets you to see every shuffle, spin, and card deal, which builds trust and faith in the game’s fairness.

Interactive Chat Function:

Use the real-time chat window to interact with the dealer and other players. Ask questions about the game rules, engage in lighter conversation, or simply enjoy the company. This social feature provides enjoyment that traditional internet games frequently lack.

Side Bets and Game Variations:

Live dealer games are frequently built on traditional casino offers. Blackjack may have side bets such as insurance or perfect pairs, and roulette may feature thrilling variations such as “lightning roulette” with greater multipliers on winning numbers. These modifications keep the gaming exciting and appeal to various risk appetites.

Statistics and Game History:

Many live dealer games provide on-screen statistics and a history of recent game rounds. This information may be extremely useful for experienced players who use methods such as card counting in blackjack or evaluating previous roulette spins.

Flexible Betting Limits:

Live games let you bet big or small, fitting both easy-going players and big spenders. Each casino and game has its own bet range, but you’ll likely find one that feels right. This open door lets all players dive into the fun of live games.

What are Traditional Online Casino Games?

The online gambling singapore
The online gambling singapore

Let’s face it: sometimes all you want is the comfort food of the online casino in Singapore. Forget fancy studios and live dealers; conventional online casino games have been our trusted pals for years. These are the games that originally drew us into the realm of virtual wagering, providing a brief getaway and the opportunity to win from the comfort of our own couches.

Think of reels flashing with grand Egyptian pyramids or playful little green men – that’s the scene of online slots, a place of bright looks, fun add-ons, and the ongoing hope of getting those lucky icons in line. Video poker brings the classic five-card game to your screen, letting you use tactics and hold onto good hands. Then come the table games, digital takes on blackjack, roulette, and baccarat that let you hone your skill without the buzz of busy online betting in Singapore.

The easy-going nature of these classic web games is a big part of their charm. There’s no need to get the hang of complex rules or sift through tricky menus. A few clicks and you’re right in the mix. And, with loads of themes and types available, there’s something for all, from adventure-seekers to easygoing players just looking for a quick play. So, the next time you’re up for some online casino fun, don’t look past these old-school games; they might just hand you a win to remember.

Features of Traditional Online Casino Games

While they lack the authentic atmosphere of live dealer games, classic online casino games hold their own with a plethora of features designed to keep you amused and potentially winning large. Here’s a look at why these virtual veterans are so popular:

Variety is the Spice of Life:

Internet casinos provide a full-blown and comprehensive gaming suite which include all types of game choices. Spinning reels with fun and sometimes scary characters, bonus rounds, and jackpots – they are all present in online gambling, together with traditional nostalgic gaming. The regular visitors of casino table games can work on their roulette strategies, they can practice different blackjack games and you can also be influenced on baccarat or poker.

Free Play and Practice Modes:

Unsure about the rules or just want to check out a new game before betting real money? Many online casinos include free-play and practice options. This allows you to test out alternative techniques, become acquainted with the UI, and uncover hidden treasures before putting your money on the line.

Incentives and Promotions:

Online casinos have a strategy which is to seduce players by communicating with them through thening promotions and bonuses. Bonuses and offers can be provided in many forms, for instance, welcome bonus matching your first deposit, free spins on slot games and cash backs for playing quite regularly. Have a look at the terms and conditions which may dictate which best suits you, but they may be a great way of increasing your bankroll and extending your gaming.

Fast-paced gameplay and accessibility:

Traditional online casino games are quite convenient. There is no need to wait for a seat at a table or cope with sluggish spins. These games provide short bursts of excitement, allowing you to join and leave as scheduled. The convenience is unparalleled: play them on your phone during your commute, chill with a few spins on your laptop at home, or have a virtual gaming night with friends – the options are limitless.

Progressive Jackpots:

The opportunity to win life-changing sums of money is a big lure for many online casino gamers. Progressive jackpots, which add a percentage of each stake to a central pot, may reach incredible heights. With a single lucky spin, you might walk away with a fortune right from the comfort of your favorite recliner.

Live Dealer Games VS Online Casino Games: Which One To Choose?

Okay, so we’ve developed two thrilling worlds: Live Dealer and Traditional Online Casino Games. But with both clamoring for your attention, how can you choose which to take? Here are some important considerations:

Social Interaction:

Do you crave the companionship of a genuine casino? Live dealer games are the clear winner. Chat with dealers and other players to make your experience more engaging and social. Traditional internet games had little interactivity, focused primarily on the gameplay.


Live dealer games typically offer greater minimum bets than regular internet games. This is because hosting live studios with actual dealers is costly. If you’re on a tighter budget, traditional online games provide greater freedom and a larger selection of betting options.

Game Selection:

Traditional online casinos provide a large selection of games, such as slots, video poker, and a greater range of table games. Live dealer choices, while growing, may have a smaller selection due to the practicalities of hosting live tables.

Pace of Play:

Are you looking for fast spurts of excitement? Traditional internet games are your best option. They provide fast-paced gaming, allowing you to bounce in and out as you wish. Live dealer games, which feature live dealers and player contact, are often slower-paced.

Personal Preference:

Ultimately, the greatest decision depends on the type of experience you desire. Do you like the authenticity and social buzz of live dealers or the ease and quickness of typical online games?


Okay, Singaporean and Malaysian gamblers, we’ve concluded this round. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of where your gaming tastes lie: the thrilling world of Live Dealers or the comfortable comfort of traditional online games. Remember, there is no single correct solution. It all comes down to the type of event that gets your adrenaline going.

Perhaps you enjoy the social energy and real-time involvement of Live Dealer games. Perhaps you like classic internet offerings’ greater selection and possibly faster speed. The beauty is having both at your fingertips! So, why not experiment and find which one appeals to your fortunate charm?

Head over to your favorite online casino such as ASAA88 (remember, only licensed and reputable ones, folks!), fire up the games, and see what fortune awaits. And hey, if the online world leaves you yearning for the real deal, don’t forget about the majestic casinos right here in our own backyard – Marina Bay Sands beckons! But wherever you choose to play, remember to gamble responsibly in online casinos in Malaysia. Now, go forth and conquer those virtual (or real) tables! Good luck, and happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dealer games vs Online casino games

1. What is the difference between online casinos and live casinos?

It’s all about talking to real people! Online casinos have lots of games like slots and computer-based table games, which are run by software and make things happen by chance. They’re great for quick play and have lots of different games. But, live dealer casinos let you see real people dealing cards and spinning wheels, talking to players as it happens. This brings the fun of a real casino into your home, though it can cost more to play and moves slower.

2. What is the difference between online casinos and traditional casinos?

Both land-based and online casinos offer great games, but people have different predilections when it comes to picking their favorite. The sounds, sights and social atmosphere are part of the offerings in the land-based casinos. This is what makes them the ultimate casino experience. They are cool for going with your friends, but you need to arrange and to get somewhere. Moreover, online casinos are those with great convenience. Choose from your phone or computer games at convenience, the wider range of which are usually unavailable in brick and mortar shops. Although there are some substitutes for social interactions, you will find higher levels of convenience and variety in online games.

3. Do online casinos have live dealers?

Online casinos can vary a lot! Some offer digital games, such as computer-made games like slots and tabletop games. However, many online casinos also have live dealer games, where real people deal the cards and spin the wheels in a studio. You can watch this live and talk to the dealer and other players using a chat function. Live dealer games make playing online feel more like you’re in a real casino, but you can stay at home.

4. What is a live dealer game?

Imagine turning on your online casino and seeing a real person dealing cards or spinning a wheel for games like blackjack or roulette instead of a computer screen. This all happens live, so you see every move as it happens.

Think of it as a video call with a professional dealer who runs the game you love. You can even chat with them! Live dealer games let you talk with the dealer and others playing the game, making it feel more like you’re really there compared to regular online games.

5. Which live casino is best?

ASAA88 is the undisputed champion among live dealers. Forget simple blackjack; they’ve got an entire game show extravaganza (think Dream Catcher!) with smooth-talking dealers speaking numerous languages.

Furthermore, its technology is top-notch, broadcasting every spin and shuffle seamlessly. New players receive a unique live dealer bonus! It may not be the only casino available, but asaa88 offers Vegas feelings directly to your screen, with the greatest in live dealer action.

6. How do live dealer casinos work?

Live dealer casinos use video to show you a live dealer leading a game like blackjack or roulette. You see everything as it happens, from dealing cards to spinning wheels. You can chat with the dealer and other players to make it feel more like you’re there together.

The casino’s software makes sure the game works right (like mixing cards or spinning the wheel) based on what the dealer does. So, it mixes real action with computer magic to bring the casino vibe right to your screen.

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