Online casinos are an amazing way to earn real money by playing games online. It is also an excellent way to have fun and relax. But the Malaysian betting industry is facing a problem. The biggest problem with Malaysia betting industry is the laws and regulations on betting and gambling.

Every day more and more online casinos are available on the internet. The Malaysia betting scenario has a lot to offer. They give you huge perks. It’s their method of attracting gamblers to their website. You can use these perks in your online casino’s games as well.

There will always be a struggle for the growth of the gambling industry. Resolving the Malaysian laws for betting and gambling will help cease the struggle for development.

Let’s understand the reason why laws and regulations around gambling are the biggest problems with the Malaysia betting industry.

Once we understand the issue correctly, we will be able to fix it.

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What is the biggest problem with Malaysia betting?

Biggest Problem with Malaysia Betting

To understand the problem regarding Malaysian betting, we should know its laws and regulations, it’s cultural setting, and its policies.

For starters, online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. A large section of Malaysian society does not promote gambling. About 60% of Malaysia’s population is the Muslim community. Keeping in mind the teachings of Islam, people don’t participate in any kind of gambling in Malaysia.

But even then, some individuals do online gambling. Logging onto online casino portals controlled from overseas is a good option for Malaysians. The transaction process is also more accessible for them to gamble online.

Although the laws are not clear, you may say that it falls in the grey area.

Gambling laws are the biggest problem with Malaysia betting

Before we dive into why these laws are a bane to the Malaysian betting industry, we should adequately know these laws.

The Betting Act 1953 – Is it the biggest problem with Malaysia Betting?

Gambling laws are the biggest problem with Malaysia betting

The Betting Act of 1953 refers to all types of gambling and outlaws them for Malaysians. Anyone who is breaking the law will face punishment such as a fine and time behind bars. For example, if you are operating a betting business, then the individual will face five years in jail and a fine of 200,000 ringgits. The grey area in this act is that it does not clearly define things. In reality, online betting sites can also be betting houses.

Malaysia usually targets individuals who operate betting operations locally or make large private gatherings to gamble. Such places are more likely to be the target of the Malaysian officials. They do not usually care about overseas gambling. Rarely will officials look into online sites for gambling. The Betting Act may prove to be the biggest problem with Malaysia betting as it does not allow it to happen on a large scale.

How Betting Act of 1953 defines the term’ betting house’

  1. one of the first laws states that any place kept/used for betting/wagering, whether such betting/wagering, be in cash/credit, or even any event contingency of or relating to any horse race/other sporting event/lottery to which the public/any class of the public has, or may have access;
  2. any place kept/used for habitual betting/wagering on any such event/contingency as aforesaid, whether the public has, or may have, access thereto or not; or
  3. any place used by a bookmaker for the purpose of receiving /negotiating bets/wagers on any such event or contingency as aforesaid, whether such bets/wagers reach the bookmaker by the hand of the person placing the bet/his agent/the bookmaker’s agent/through the telephone/the post/ by telegram/by any other means.

The ‘by any other means’ interpretation can go many ways and can easily put online gamblers in trouble. Luckily, Malaysian officials do not go after individual online gamblers. Instead, they focus on individuals who run betting operations in Malaysia.

The Common Gaming House Act 1953

Malaysia Betting Problem

The previous act focused on sports betting and bookmaking. This act regulates every form of gambling or betting, and it is the biggest problem with Malaysia Betting.

Under this law, you cannot form a gambling house. You can’t even be inside an illegal business. If Malysian officials catch you in an illegal business, then you face time behind bars, and you have to pay a fine.

Fine up to 5,000 ringgits and around six months in prison is the punishment if found guilty for violating this law.

The Common Gaming House Act defines gaming as:

“…the playing of any game of chance or of mixed chance and skill for money/money’s worth…”

It covers almost every aspect of the way gambling takes place, even online gambling. Malaysian officials do not pursue online gamblers. We can say that they are safer if we compare them to people gambling in other ways.

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Sharia Law – Biggest problem with Malaysia Betting

The constitution of Malaysia follows the Sharia law. All the citizens come under the Sharia law. The majority of the population is Muslim in Malaysia. According to Sharia law, gambling is prohibited by this law.

There are discussions on whether the Malaysian legal system should be religious, secular, or both. It is challenging to do justice since 60% of the population do not gamble, and other individuals belonging to different religions can gamble.

How to fix it?

As the situation stands, there are three types of gamblers in Malaysia

  1. Malaysian people gambling on overseas online casino
  2. Foreign people using Malaysian online casino
  3. Malaysians who gamble online in Malaysia online casinos.

Although the law does not allow people to indulge in gambling, many people are gambling through online casinos. Since a considerable number of people are gambling, the government can control online gambling and tax the players accordingly. This way, the government can get huge revenue from Malaysian betting industry as its a high revenue-generating landscape.

Through discussion, the laws should change in order to legalize online gaming so that it can help the country’s revenue.

The government should look out for non-muslims by creating lenient laws for them around gambling.


Malaysia follows Sharia law, and it prohibits any gambling. Apart from Sharia law, The Common Gaming House Act 1953 and The Betting Act 1953 also ban gambling in Malaysia. Although there is no specific ruling for online gamblers, that is why the officials don’t pay any heed to online gamblers. If you are looking to gamble in Malaysia, the best option is to do it through online portals like ASAA88 – Online Singapore & Malaysia Casino. The payment methods are secure and safe, and you will have many games at your disposal to play and earn real money.


Are casinos legal in Malaysia?

Do you love to bet on sports or gamble? If yes, then it’s going to be difficult for you as casinos are illegal in Malaysia. There are laws that prohibit any land-based gambling establishments. The Sharia law prohibits gambling in Malaysia, and The Betting Act 1953 and The Common Gaming House Act 1953 outlaws any person who takes part in gambling or runs a betting operation.

The majority of the population in Malaysia belongs to the Muslim community; hence the casinos are illegal according to Sharia law. If you want to bet on live games or gamble, then online casinos are a great option in Malaysia.

How do you know if an online casino is legit?

Most of the legit websites have their registration and the license number displayed on top. With the help of this information, all the players can cross-check the information provided by the gaming sites.

Illegal websites will not provide you with their certification and validation documentation. They will be coy about it, and licensed Malaysia’s online casinos will show you their documents.

The review section will be of great help to you. It will help to paint an accurate picture of how trusted the website is. You will find only legit online casinos will provide you with honest feedback about the casino.

What is the best betting site?

There are many online betting sites where you can bet on games and win money. In Malaysia, it is better if you gamble on online casinos as the officials don’t bother running behind individual gamblers. Malaysian officials are more interested in catching the individual who runs betting operations.

Although you must perform a personal check on the license of these sites before you place bets, there are numerous spam websites out there. These sites don’t have the required license to run the betting websites and such websites may harm your pc.

ASAA88 – Online Singapore & Malaysia Casino is one of the best online betting portals to place bets on live games. The website is also secure as it keeps your transactions safe and makes your experience even more valuable.

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