Are you looking forward to entering the betting world in the Singapore betting casinos? We have expert guides who will make your steps sharp in the biggest betting leagues in the United States. The first thing to know is to have the sport betting lines explained. This guide will tell you every necessary detail you must know to start experimenting with different liens and odds.
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Sports betting lines in Malaysia and Singapore

It is a form of wagering whereby the bookmaker or online sportsbooks set gambling odds and determine the favorite and unlikely winning teams. This handicap leads to a margin (line) between the two groups, where there is the possibility of only two different outcomes, and sets the parameters for wagering on the game.

How do betting lines work?

How do betting lines work and betting line meaning

Let us use point spread bets as an example and say that a sportsbook believes that the Caleveland Cavaliers are a 20-point ahead of the team Washington Wizards. Our line bet is created when the bookmaker handicaps the Cavaliers by 20 points.
In such a case, there are two options available for the bettor: either the Cavaliers win by more than 20 points; otherwise, the Wizards achieve points within 20.
Let us take an example from real life: suppose, in a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Charlotte Hornets, the following handicaps are imposed on the two teams:

  • Nets + 7.5
  • Hornets – 7.5
    This line means both the teams now are on equal chances of winning the game with the handicaps imposed on them.
    Let us suppose the Hornets are the favorites in this game. Then they must be eight points ahead at last for the bet on sports to win. For a wager which is on the Nets to pay out, the underdogs must not lose by eight points or more.
    With the point spread, the odds are set to -110 unless specified by the respective sportsbook. That means if the wager is $10 on the Hornets, it will give them $9.10 if they win.

Calculation of probability through betting lines explained

how to read betting lines and Calculation of probability through betting lines explained

If you learn to read Malaysian and Singapore odds in this sport betting lines explained odds, you can easily make out how a particular sportsbook has mentioned an outcome to be.
Learning how to read odds is an important skill in sports betting. Placing the wagers on results you have determined are better than the sportsbook sees the outcome increase the value of your bets. This, however, increases your chance of winning a profit on your investment.
The chance of a particular outcome occurring that a sportsbook has calculated is known as the implied probability. To calculate the implied probability, you must convert the betting odds to percentages.
See how to convert each type of odds to an implied probability in the section below, to have each type of sports betting lines explained.

American odds

American betting odds are present with a plus or minus sign and then a number. If there are negative numbers, they signify the favorite on the betting line. This number indicates how much you’d need to bet if you want to win $100.
If the number is positive, you’re considering the underdog, and this number indicates the amount of money you’ll win if you stake $100.

Reading American Odds

Let us see Malaysian how odds work in the American format. A negative result shows a more likely outcome. The number tells you the amount you need to bet to win a $100 profit.
A positive number gives a less likely outcome in Malaysia online casino. It determines the profit you would receive on betting $100.
They calculated the implied probability from American odds using the following formula:
The implied probability of an outcome =

  • 100 / (positive American odds + 100)

Implied probability on negative American betting odds work the following way:

  • The implied probability of an outcome = negative American odds / (negative American odds + 100)

Calculating payouts

Calculating payouts from American odds uses the following two equations.

  • For positive odds:

100 / odds = wager / x

  • For negative odds:

Odds / 100 = wager / x

Fractional odds

In this type of odd, we have one number over the other represented as a fraction. The numbers are written by separating them with a hyphen or slash. UK and Ireland prefer this kind of odd which is common in soccer betting.

Reading Fractional Odds

Let us dive into the process of working with Fractional odds as a part of sport betting lines explained. The numerator represents the number of times the odds will fail, and the denominator represents the number of times the odds will succeed. If ½ odds are given, it represents that the number of successes is two and the failure is one.
For example, if the Patriots have ½ odds, the Singapore bookie predicts they will win the game two times out of three.
Formula to calculate the implied probability:

  • Implied probability = denominator / (denominator + numerator)

Calculating payouts

The following equation represents the payouts from the fractional odds.

  • Winnings = wager x (numerator / denominator)

Decimal odds

In the case of a decimal odd, there is a whole number followed by a decimal. Many international sports bets follow this format. PGA tour, a tennis tournament, Olympics are some of the fields where this odd is useful.

Reading Decimal Odds

You may be confused at first glance when you see this odd. But once you come to know the technique, it will be the easiest odd for you to read and understand. The amount of profit paid for every dollar represents by decimal. As usual, the favorites have higher, and the underdogs have Lower numbers.
The following equation represents the calculation of implied probability from the decimal odds.

  • Implied probability = 100 / decimal odds

Calculating payouts

Use the equation below to calculate your potential winnings:

  • Your winnings = (wager x decimal odds) – wager

Types of betting odds/betting lines

Types of betting odds_betting lines in money line bet

Money line bets
Moneyline odds are the simplest kind among all sport betting lines explained in this article. Here betting simply depends on a result of a match. The only criteria is whether any one team wins or the game ends in a draw.
Point spread in soccer betting lines
This one is also a popular type of odd for many sports. With these betting odds, you are staking on whether the favored team in a match will not only win but also win by more than the number of estimated points. This estimate is called the point spread.
Totals explained in football betting lines
This betting depends on whether a team’s total score is higher or lower than the estimated score.
Here, you place the wager on whether the total score between the two teams will be higher or lower than the estimated total. Learning the technique of reading Singapore odds like these and predicting which games will be high scoring are important skills as a sports bettor.
Understanding betting lines in parlays
The previously discussed types of odds were on single events. Parlays involve betting on multiple sporting events together. This increases the profit for each wager. Also, it comes with an added risk. Even on a single wrong event, you will lose the entire wager. The more the risk involved, the higher the payout on profit.
Futures involves the guessing you have made on any future event Take the example of cricket betting, you might bet on Australia winning the next cricket world cup or New Zealand being the runners-up. Predicting future sporting events
In this manner is quite a difficult task. You need to have a very high knowledge and skill for the purpose.


There are lots of betting events going on in America, as well as the other parts of the world. Having proper knowledge and skill will increase your chance of gaining from these events. Now that you have sport betting lines explained, it’s time you start betting on Asaa88.


What is a Money line Bet?

This is the most popular form of betting. It is mostly useful in sports betting. The gambler bets directly on a player or a team. He bets on the wager that the particular team or player will definitely win or not. New bettors are very fond of this wager. This is due to the absence of any handicaps on them.
Almost every game has a likely winning and a likely losing team or player. The wager adjusts their bets according to his knowledge. In the process, the higher the risk involved, the higher the profit. Favorite teams or players easily attract new betters. So betting on the likely winning team will give less payout than the underdog.
Backing the winning of an underdog with a solid reason will give more profits. It depends on what odds the bookmaker will assign to them. The payout is more for the bigger underdog.

What is Parlay Betting?

Parlay betting is a wager of betting on multiple teams and gathering the net score, determining the win. Gamblers can wager parlay bets in all leagues, but they are common in NBA betting.
Since the risk is higher in Parlay betting, the payout is also higher. A gambler can wager on three or four different matches with three to four different wins. They must predict all the winners correctly to get their pay out. This involves high risk.

What is a ‘line bet’ in roulette?

An important part of sport betting lines explained is the chips. Chips are placed between the lines representing the outer borders of the number zones. You must place the chips at the beginning of the line between two rows. You will get 5 to 1 if any of those six numbers win.

How do soccer betting lines work?

Soccer bettors have three options for their wager in Malaysia betting online. Either they may wager the match to be a draw, estimate a single team to win, or estimate a team to win by a certain number of goals. This is how one must bet on draws in soccer.

What is a sports money line?

In sports betting Singapore online, a moneyline bet is simply picking which team you believe will win the game. Moneyline bets are available for all major sports, including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and boxing. In most cases, the favored team will have a negative moneyline (-180, -200, etc.), while the underdog will have a positive moneyline (+180, +200, etc.).

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