Live casino game providers in Malaysia are one of the busiest places you can find since players and gamblers are constantly placing bets and playing games on the platform. In fact, so many online betting brands are willing to accept business from customers and provide them with the best possible services.

All online casino games can be enjoyed whenever and wherever the user wants. As such, it has risen in popularity recently. However, choosing the right live betting casino sites in Malaysia can be a bit tricky.

Apart from that, you must ensure that the live casinos in Malaysia offer all the features that players and gamblers need. For instance, most live casino sites should offer customers various game selection options. This allows players to switch between the games whenever they feel bored or unpassionate about a certain game.

Keeping this in mind, we at ASAA88 have compiled this blog to help you to know growth of live casino game providers in Malaysia. We have also mentioned a few factors which you can use to select a reliable live casino game provider in Malaysia.

Brief Overview Of The Expansion Of Live Casino Game Providers

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Online casino games became quite popular when they were first introduced to the mainstream gaming industry. For starters, players don’t require to travel to an establishment if they want to play a particular game. They could access their mobile devices, such as their phones and PC, and play table games wherever and whenever they felt.

Live casino game providers in Malaysia took this concept to a new level by digitizing the real-world experience of online casinos. Most live casinos in Malaysia will provide the same games as in a regular casino. For instance, baccarat, blackjack and roulette are popular games you can find on live casino game providers.

Although you might find these games on older online casinos, they still don’t provide the excitement offered by an online live casino in Malaysia since players need to play against computers. Also, the results are computed using a provably fair algorithm that offers the players a lower chance of winning.

Live casino game providers mostly partner with real people, such as a dealer, to provide a realistic and immersive casino experience to the user. Moreover, the dealers are extremely qualified and trained to work in specialised studios where the live-streamed actions are sent to the end users. Players are also allowed to interact with the dealers and other players.

In fact, live casino game providers in Malaysia are the closest place to find a real casino experience in the comfort of your house.

Types of Casino Games Played in Online Live Casinos

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In this section, we will cover some popular types of casino games offered by the top live casino game providers in Malaysia.

1. Poker

Out of all the available online casino games, poker is the most popular game option in Malaysia. In fact, players all over the world enjoy playing poker since it is thrilling and exciting. Over the last few years, there have been many variations of the game, which you can find in Malaysian online casinos.

2. Video Poker

If you are a player who enjoys playing against the computer, then video poker is one of the best options you can go for. This poker variation offers a similar feel to the real game while still being modern and fun. Plenty of special offers and bonuses make the gameplay interesting and unique.

3. Slots

In general, slots are adored by players all over the world. In fact, this lightning-paced game doesn’t take a long time to master since it has few simple rules. Online players can find different variations of slots available on live casino providers in Malaysia.

4. Sports Betting

Sports betting is a category where players can place their bets and see if their predictions are accurate for a particular race or fixture. Nowadays, players can bet on all types of sports, such as horse racing, rugby, football, cricket and many more. Nevertheless, you must be familiar with the sport to win a betting wager.

5. Live Dealer

If you love playing casino games in the real world, you can get the same experience through the live casino experience. You can play live casino games on your phone or PC while interacting with live dealers through live streaming services.

6. Roulette

By spinning the roulette wheel, you can have a chance of winning a huge jackpot. In fact, online casinos offer several variations of roulette game to make things more interesting for the players.

7. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular real money games offered by live casino game providers. Since this game is one of the oldest, many players still have an attachment to the game. We recommend trying your luck against the dealer and seeing if you are his favourite.

8. Progressive Slots

If you want to earn big money, you should definitely try out progressive slots. Slot game is well known for pooling in huge jackpots and offering players the chance to win massive money with a single spin.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Live Casino Game Providers in Malaysia

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As we had mentioned earlier, Malaysia is one of the leading places where you can find plenty of live casino game providers, such as ASAA88. However, beginners might find it troublesome to find the right live casino game provider on their first try. On that note, here are a few criteria for choosing a reliable live casino game provider in Malaysia.

1. Game Selection

If a live casino game provider wants to qualify in Malaysia as one of the top leaders, it will first need to have a good game selection as a part of its site. In fact, the overall quality of the gaming section plays a very important role in attracting customers to the site. We highly recommend choosing a live casino game provider that can offer you a wide range of game options that others can’t provide.

Providers that offer more games are usually ranked higher in the leader list. Apart from that, you should ensure that games maintain a standard quality of gameplay. If the gameplay doesn’t suit your expectation, you shouldn’t stick to the live casino provider. In addition, you should also look for providers that offer you variations of the popular game.

2. Player Safety

No matter where we go, we always look out for our safety. the same logic should apply to live casino game provider sites in Malaysia since there are a lot of scammers online. For starters, you should check if the live casino game providers offer security measures against theft, cheating and other scams. We highly recommend avoiding sites that don’t offer any reliable security to the users.

Firewalls are one of the most effective ways of protecting users from theft and scams. Apart from that, it would be best if you also were careful of fake casino game providers that cheat the users big time. One of the most effective ways to recognise a genuine live casino game provider is by checking their licenses and certifications. You can also check online reviews to see if the providers are trustworthy.

3. Special Offers By Live Casino Game Providers

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Nowadays, most live casino game providers offer players special offers, improving their overall game experience. As such, you should always look for live casino game providers offering special discounts to all users. One of the best ways to determine if the special offers are decent is by checking the size of the bonuses.

Moreover, you can check the terms and conditions of the special offers to evaluate if they are transparent and fair. If the providers offer unfair terms and conditions, the chances of winning the games will decrease drastically. Therefore, you should always look for special offers with fair terms and conditions.

4. Mobile Feature By Live Casino Game Providers

When it comes to online casinos, we all prefer to play games on our mobile devices. As such, we should always ensure that the live casino game has responsive mobile features that improve the overall user experience. For starters, you should check if the live casino providers offer a downloadable app version of their site. This way, you can enjoy the games through a click of an app.

On the other hand, some sites can adapt their layout according to the device and browser size. This ensures that the users don’t miss out on the overall experience. Some live casino providers even ensure that the users can interact with the dealers from the comfort of their houses.

5. Customer Care

No matter which lives casino game provider you will use, you will always encounter an issue later on. This has always been the case for many users, and some players find this frustrating since it ruins the overall experience. Nevertheless, it would help if you didn’t let this cloud your judgement while looking for a live casino dealer.

Most of the top live casino providers, such as ASAA88, are extremely reliable when solving these technical issues. In fact, you can contact them personally, and they will resolve the issues. Sites that offer quick coverage hours are also a good indicator of good customer care.

Final Thoughts On Live Casino Game Providers

If you have never tried any live casino game providers in Malaysia, you shouldn’t feel discouraged since there is plenty of time to try new things. In general, computer-run games do remain enjoyable, but they lack the element of interaction and excitement.

On the other hand, live casino games offer a level of immersion that let the players enjoy the game and feel more connected to the platform. Moreover, players can find all kinds of live games on casino game provider sites in Malaysia.

Some live casino sites hire the best-qualified dealers and studio services to ensure the players get the best immersion casino experience. That said, feel free to check out some of the games we have at ASAA88.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Live Dealer Casino?

Online casino games in Malaysia were revolutionary in the old days since they saved a lot of time and energy. For instance, players didn’t need to travel to a physical venue if they wanted to play and enjoy a certain game. In fact, they can enjoy the game on their mobile devices such as laptops, PC and mobiles.
Live casinos, on the other hand, took this concept to a whole new level. The digitalized real-world experience of online games provides an immersive casino experience to the players. However, you will not find all the games on a live dealer casino. Some popular games you might find are baccarat, roulette and blackjack.
As the game suggests, online live dealer games are hosted by real human dealers. These dealers are highly skilled and professional. Most operations are live-streamed from a specialised studio to the site in real time. This allows the player to interact with the dealer and other players involved in the game.

2. What is Evolution Gaming?

When it comes to online casino games, no live casino in Singapore & Malaysia will ever create them. Instead, the games are developed by a specialist developer. This way, punters can ensure the players that the games are meeting the required quality and fairness standards. In fact, the industry has plenty of developers who design such games for online casinos.

Out of all the developers, Evolution Gaming is one of the best developers you can go to if you want games for an online casino. Moreover, Evolution Gaming provides the automatic seal of approval to the punters. Evolution Games was first launched in 2006 and has gained an excellent reputation.
When it comes to games, it takes care of all the boxes which a live casino game will require. As such, many developers have challenged Evolution gaming and tried to win the title of best online casino games provider in Malaysia.

3. Can I Play Live Casino Games in Malaysia on an Andriod Device?

Malaysia is one of the top countries encouraging users to play live casino games on their mobile devices. The country has millions of smartphone users, and around 75% use Android devices. As such, if a live casino wants to operate in Malaysia efficiently, they need to ensure that the users can access the services from their mobile device.

Keeping this in mind, we are pleased to inform you that our recommended live casino game providers provide their services on mobile devices such as Andriod. Some of these provisions allow the users to download the mobile app or use the browser for easy access.

In fact, the quality of their services has increased tremendously when it comes to reliability, performance and immersion. Moreover, you can find useful features such as account management, games and special offers on these mobile sites.

4. How to Register and Play Live Casino Games in Malaysia?

Nowadays, betting sites are extremely easy to use since it doesn’t require the users to have any prior experience. Here are the steps you need to follow while registering and playing live casino games in Malaysia:

A. Choose a Live Casino Game Provider

Before playing any online live casino games, you must select a trustworthy and reliable live casino game provider in Malaysia. In fact, we have already listed the top ten live casino game providers in this blog. You need to choose one that suits your personal preference.

B. Complete the Registration Process

After finding a reliable live casino game provider, you can open the homepage and hit the “Create account” option to register for the first time. Most sites ask for basic information such as phone number, name, and address. In addition, you will need to set your username and password before finishing the registration procedure.

C. Fund Your Account

Once you have logged into your account, you will need to provide funds which will be used for betting. Most sites offer users either upload the funds through Cashier or Deposit options which are a part of the main menu. You can find numerous payment options, such as debit cards, credit cards and many more.

D. Play and Withdraw Your Winnings

After you have registered and funded your account, you can play the online casino games available on the casino sites in Malaysia. If you have earned money from the games, you can withdraw them from the eWallet and transfer them to your main monetary account.

5. What are the Two Types of Casino Games?

Nowadays, most casino games fall under two main categories. They can either be a chance-based casino game or a skill-based casino game. When it comes to chance-based casino games, the results are very random. As such, players can’t easily influence the game’s chances of winning or losing. This allows all players to have an equal chance of winning the wager.
Some popular examples of chance-based games are roulette, bingo and lottery. On the other hand, skill-based casino games rely on the player’s skills and abilities to influence the game in their favour. In fact, the odds of winning the game are not equal for all players since the player with the best skills has the higher odds of winning.
Betting on horse races, blackjack and poker are some of the most popular examples of skill-based live casino games. Their odds vary depending on the variant you choose and how familiar you are with the game. 

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